"Taiping Guangji" Folk Ghost Stories

This is a story told by the old man about his teacher.

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When the teacher is not teaching, he likes to go for a walk. One day I saw a child by the river outside the village, who is it? The only son of the old Wang family in Qiancun. Lao Wang is considered a landlord, but he does not deceive others with his wealth. He devoutly believes in ghosts and gods, and even the husband who sits at home is found by the temple in the town—he thinks that such gods will bless his son Wendao Dachang. The teacher also knows this gentleman. He is a good man and knowledgeable. The two are friends of poetry and wine.

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Let's talk about Xiao Wang. He is squatting on the ground playing with a big turtle. Seeing the teacher coming, he was a little nervous. The teacher asked him what are you doing? Xiao Wang said that he came to take a bath in the river, and met this big turtle coming ashore to bask in the sun. Played out of curiosity. The child was neither serious nor serious, but tossed the big turtle to death.

Sitting dead rabbit_beauty sitting dead rabbit_sit rabbit dead

The teacher went over to have a look. This tortoise was about the size of a pot lid, so it might not be ordinary. The teacher asked if anyone saw you playing? Xiao Wang said that there were several children who came with him just now. The teacher knew that if Lao Wang knew that his son had tossed to death such a big turtle, he would definitely make a mess. Tell the child, if your father beats you when you go back, ask him to ask Mr. Taiping Guangji to read.

As the teacher expected, Lao Wang heard from the villagers at night that his son had killed a huge turtle, and he went home to settle accounts with Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang was so frightened that he ran and said what the teacher asked. Lao Wang has always admired the teacher's ability, so he went to the study to see the teacher. The husband asked why he came here (he knew that the host was illiterate). He lowered his head and thought for a while, then suddenly laughed. Sir please sit down. Don't blame the kids. Lao Wang is worried, what does it mean to say Teacher X? So what if a big tortoise has no spirituality and comes to my house?

Sitting dead rabbit_Sit rabbit dead_Beauty sits dead rabbit

The gentleman knows that Lao Wang admires the words in the book the most. He regards everything written in the book as the golden rule. So he took down the Taiping Guangji beauty sitting dead rabbit , and told him: There was once a fisherman named Zhang Huzi who caught a big fish in his net every day. There are red words on the belly of the fish, "Climbing Longmen Mountain nine times, drinking Dongting water three times. After all, if you don't become a dragon, you will die with a beard."

Lao Wang seemed to understand a little bit after hearing this. The gentleman comforted him again. It is most difficult for animals to practice Taoism. Tongziguan is very sad (Tongziguan refers to the boy who kills, and the underworld is not guilty). This is probably because the heavens faked Xiaowang killing the big turtle. Pharaoh left happily. It was just cheaper for Xiao Wang, and he had a delicious meal that night.

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