Haunted House

But people who went to the scene later easily understood what made the owner of the first car suddenly turn around.

It was a small pile that suddenly jutted out from the middle of the road. The same color and material as the road, but it has the outline of an adult man's body.

The ground was dug up and there was a body inside. The corpse and the road have become one and inseparable. It was as if he was not buried here, but grew out of the ground alive.

It is a coincidence that one corpse grows out of the ground, but it is not that simple if many corpses grow out of the ground in the same manner.

In the next two or three months, the missing men returned to the world in this strange way without exception. Unfortunately, what returned to the world were only their unrecognizable corpses, and their souls – no one knew the pain they had endured before their deaths, and there was no way to verify them.

It's just that some good people discovered that this ending seemed to echo a certain version of the legend.

In that version, the missing men were just seeds one after another.

There is a lonely woman who collects these seeds and plants them in the ground. Then when the flowers bloom in the spring, she can harvest bits of hope and love.

And that song goes like this:

I have a beautiful wish, to be able to sow men when I grow up. It is not enough to sow one seed, you must bear many, many lovers…


The person in charge of this case is Qiao Ming. According to eyewitness reports, these men had appeared in Baihua Lane, a famous red light district in the city, before they disappeared. They all had a conversation with a woman, and then they followed the woman toward the end of the street…

There must be a bait to lure out that woman. But who to send? This is a headache.

The bait must be a man, young, handsome, and well built.

Qiao Ming looked in the mirror and it seemed that he was the only one in the team who met this standard.

The night is already deep. Neon has invaded the entire night sky. Qiao Ming was worried in his heart, but he still wanted to explore the way. But outside the door, the doorbell suddenly rang.


After get off work that day, Ge Feng went to the girl's place without a moment's rest.

The door opened and he cooperated and said the predetermined lines. She nodded vaguely and said: Wait for me. Then closed the door.

The moment she closed the door, Ge Feng's eyes swept into her room. The room is small, and you can have a clear view of the inside just by standing at the door. In such a house, sunlight seems to be a scarce resource, and there is a cold feeling in the house, as well as a strange smell. There was no one else inside except her. Ge Feng was very surprised. Who was she going to tell him the story she had agreed with him?

He waited for more than ten minutes, thinking that she was dressing up inside and getting ready to go out. But when the door opened again, she was still dressed as before. He was a little curious about what she was doing in the past ten minutes, but after all, it was their first date, so he wisely held it back.

He took her to a western restaurant. As soon as she sat down, she said: Take me away, okay?

He was a little stunned: Don't you like it here?

She shook her head: I mean, leave this city as far away as possible.

The lemonade in my mouth almost spurted out: Elope?

The girl bit her lip and almost cried. He saw her embarrassment and guessed that there must be something hidden in it. Stretching out his hand and holding it on the back of her hand, Ge Feng said tolerantly: Speak slowly, I'm listening.

He was listening, but the girl did not continue talking. She clutched her chest tightly with her hands, and a painful expression appeared on her face again. He thought she must be in pain.

The woman left in a hurry, leaving only one sentence: Don't tell others what happened today, otherwise we will all die, he will kill us, he will definitely…

Regarding the woman's background, Ge Feng had imagined nearly a hundred possibilities.

She was probably sick, something very serious physically. It is very possible that she is still a mental patient, which is why her behavior is so abnormal and her speech is so incoherent.

It is also possible that she has a dark lover who has been controlling her all year round. She really wanted to escape, but she was worried that she would be discovered, which would not only harm herself, but also harm others. So, could the chronic illness in her chest come from years of brutal abuse?

Ge Feng didn't want to pursue it too much, but couldn't help but continue to speculate. Because she is not someone else, but the woman he has a crush on.

Such feelings may never see the light of day, or may have no future at all. But no matter what, he wanted to take it seriously enough and give himself an explanation.

So, when he was tossing and turning in bed, he finally got up, picked up a few bottles of wine, and rang the doorbell of his old classmate Qiao Ming.

He said, I'll buy you a drink and help me investigate a person.

Qiao Ming grinned and replied calmly: You don't have to drink wine, people can help you investigate, but tonight, you must accompany me on a night walk.

Take the bait

Two men were wandering around Baihuajing. They came from both ends of the street, far away from each other, without even exchanging a glance. According to Qiao Ming's plan, he was the bait, and Ge Feng only played the role of informing his teammates before he encountered an unexpected incident.

A woman really came. Wearing a sexy cheongsam and a voluptuous bun, her red high heels hit the pavement, creating a fragrant charm.

The woman smoked a slender lady's cigarette and approached Qiao Ming with the rich aroma. The woman smiled lazily: Brother, can you borrow a fire?

Qiao Ming smiled softly, took out a lighter and lit it for her diligently.

The two whispered for a while, then linked arms and walked towards the end of the street.

Ge Feng was stunned, not sure if it was time to tip off the news.

Because Qiao Ming is not in danger yet, but he is obviously preparing to leave his sight.

He was so anxious that he quickly chased after him, shouting: You two——

He wanted to say: Guys, please, I want to know how to get to Huayu Building.

Then, he could see Qiao Ming's expression and act according to his eyes.

But when they turned around, he stayed there. Even though Qiao Ming kept winking at him, he couldn't see it at all. He only saw that face that was once pale and thin, that face that was so pure that it was discolored, was now covered in thick smoke and bright blush, making it indescribably bright and soul-stirringly enchanting.

When the woman saw him, she was also stunned. His eyes were frightened.

The woman suddenly shook off Qiao Ming's hand and staggered away.

Old things

All that information comes from the woman named Xiangtan.

Born twenty-seven years ago, lost his parents twenty-three years ago, entered an orphanage twenty-two years ago, was admitted to college ten years ago, graduated seven years ago, fell in love six years ago, fell out of love five years ago, two years ago, He became a well-known T-shaped household in Huayuan Street. Two months ago, he became the biggest suspect in a mysterious disappearance.

That house was the only inheritance left to her by her parents. After falling out of love, she could hardly leave the house and stayed indoors all day and night. No one knew what she was doing, and no one knew what she did for a living.

She was like a plant growing on the bottom of the sea. Through a large expanse of transparent water, she saw the warm and bright life on the water. But it just can't be crossed.

Ge Feng and Qiao Ming, old classmates, had a dispute for the first time.

Ge Feng stubbornly said that she was just an angel who fell into the mortal world, and her occasional loneliness made her make mistakes. He could save her, or at least give it a try.

However, Qiao Ming determined that she had an inescapable relationship with the sudden death of the men who died, and even the people who had persuaded or threatened her to move two years ago.

After arguing like this, the two knocked on Xiangtan's door together.

No one thought that the bleakest ending had quietly peeked out from outside the curtain of life.

Flower Tomb

Xiangtan was huddled in the corner, with tears on her face.

It was already early morning, but the sunlight was still blocked by the thick curtains, and it still felt as cold as late at night. There was only a little light to let Xiangtan know that another day had come.

The room is still so messy. The house was very dilapidated, with a lot of paint peeling off the walls, and some areas even showed light mildew stains due to water damage.

There is a line of small words on the wall, dark brown, like the color of blood after solidification:

Once the spring is over, the beauty will grow old, and the flowers will fall and people will die without knowing it.

Xiang Tan shed tears and reached out to rub the handwriting. Whispering softly:

Let me go, okay? I've had enough.

I know, in your opinion, I want to betray. But I never thought that the price of staying together would be this…

Even if I can stay here and accompany you for the rest of my life, I am no longer willing to be an accomplice to harm others. There are so many young men who have no grudge against me…

Let me go, okay? Or, just kill me. (Haunted House: Please keep reprinting!)

I am willing to die for you to repay you for everything you have given me. However, I can no longer live like this and continue this life…

She held a boning knife in her hand and lightly scratched her wrist. Blood dripped down and fell to the ground, leaving a bright red stain.

On the wall, more blood flowed out, one drop after another, like tears of blood.

A whimpering sound reached my ears. Xiangtan lowered his head and saw in pain: the wrist that had been split just now had quietly closed again, and there was no trace of any injury.

The blood stains on the wall gradually condensed together into lines of small words:

I love you, so I stay here with you. I need nourishment, and I need you to help me collect those souls. I protect you, love you, heal your pain, and take revenge on all those who have hurt you. You can stop loving me, but you can't leave me. Never for the rest of your life…

Xiangtan stared at these lines of bloody words with despair, as if he was seeing five years ago again.

Five years ago, she was wearing a long cotton skirt and a high ponytail. Even with a sad face, it is difficult to hide the traces of sunshine.

She was back here, back in this cold hut. She spent the whole day and night huddled on the bedside or in the corner, weeping. She tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrists more than once, but stopped because of the pain. The blood flowed all over the floor.

When she was the saddest, she dipped them in them and wrote seriously on the wall: Once the spring is gone, the beauty will grow old, and the flowers will fall and people will die without knowing it.

She leaned against the wall and cried bitterly. She faced the wall and shouted in her heart: Let me forget all this, let me never get hurt again. I would rather stay here for the rest of my life, never see anyone again, never work, never wander in the city and love.

Time and time again, Laozhai finally responded.

It was written in her dripping blood:

Well, let me love you. Only love you.

Xiangtan closed his eyes and fell slumped in the corner with a dying expression on his face. More desperate than dying, even more heartbroken.

She finally understood that this was not an old house, nor was it her palace. Even if she is not his flower and he is not a human being, he is destined to become her grave. And she was alive, living forever, but it was as if she had died long ago.


When the door opened, Xiangtan stared numbly at the two men in front of him, as if he already knew the outcome.

Qiao Ming's expression was grim, but Ge Feng smiled at her awkwardly.

No matter how Qiao Ming pressed her, she still refused to speak and remained motionless.

Qiao Ming finally got angry and left Ge Feng.

Ge Feng smiled nonchalantly at the love ghost story and wanted to squeeze into the room. But suddenly I heard a harsh brake sound behind me.

Turning around, Qiao Ming had fallen into a pool of blood.

Ge Feng didn't have time to be surprised before he was dragged into the house by Xiangtan.

Since you are going to die eventually, Xiangtan said, it would be better to bury your body in the ground.

I once hoped that you could save me and take me away. Because I know you like me, you have the ability and the courage.

But I underestimated the enemy too much. We are no match for him, I have created a curse for myself.

You guessed it right, I do have a perverted lover, but he is not rough, he is even very gentle to me. And, he is not human. He was just a room, an old house that had contained all my pain and tears. He thought he could love me and take care of me for the rest of his life and never leave me…

Before Ge Feng could understand her words, he already felt dizzy. He was horrified to see that when the door was closed tightly, the walls in the room were already twisting, moving, and squeezing towards him…

Bright red tears slowly dripped down Xiangtan's pale cheeks. The hair all over his head was also dyed the color of frost and snow in an instant.

There was no wind, but her white hair was floating gently, accompanied by her deep-throated sobs, which foreshadowed an irreversible fate.

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Rating: This story is full of mystery and suspense. Through the character of Xiangtan, it shows the strange connection between a lonely woman and the house. The missing cases in the story and Xiangtan’s request for help add to the tension and complexity of the story. The investigations of Ge Feng and Qiao Ming gradually revealed the secret behind Xiangtan, and also revealed the profound themes of love and fate. Overall, this is an emotional and thought-provoking ghost story that makes people think more deeply about fate and human nature after reading it.

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