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man who loves flowers

After a grand and romantic wedding, Zhou Xinyu finally became Sun Han's legal wife. The latter is the general manager of a large company. He is mature, steady, handsome and rich. He is the out-and-out diamond man in the hearts of all women.

The married life is peaceful and happy, but occasionally there are a few shadows floating in the happiness. Zhou Xinyu discovered that her husband seemed to have some unknown quirk.

He loves flowers very much. A flower, to be exact.

Zhou Xinyu has never seen such a strange flower, a solitary one, planted in a black clay pot, always looks like it is about to bloom, but it has never been seen in full bloom, and it has never withered. The color of the soil under the flowers was an unusual grayish white, which was a bit weird. On weekdays, Sun Han was never seen watering, and she was not allowed to water it, but the buds still grew well, gorgeous and huge, and the color was as bright red as the rouge on a woman's lips.

"What kind of flower is this?" Finally, Zhou Xinyu couldn't help asking Sun Han once.

"It's called 'Samsara'." Sun Han was staring at the flower in ecstasy, with an almost obsessive tenderness in his eyes.

"'Reincarnation'?" Zhou Xinyu had never heard of such a weird nickname, and wanted to ask, but the other party refused to say a word again.

Zhou Xinyu had seen Sun Han gently stroking the red flower bud more than once, muttering to himself, with a gentle expression she had never seen before, as if he was speaking beautiful words of love to the person he loved.

Could it be that he fell in love with a flower?

Sometimes Zhou Xinyu would have such weird thoughts in her mind, but even she herself felt it was ridiculous, because Sun Han was normal except for being fascinated by this flower. Knowing that she has been feeling unwell recently, he asked her to resign and recuperate at home.

Zhou Xinyu didn't know what was wrong with her. She was always lethargic these days, always felt tired and dizzy, and her face was getting paler and paler. At first she thought she was too tired from work, but her condition didn't improve after a few days of rest.

"Am I sick?" She asked Sun Han worriedly.

"Don't think about it, I think you are too tired, just take a rest." Sun Han always answered her like this, and then bought her various supplements. But she was always lazily unable to whet her appetite, and her whole body became more and more lethargic. Most of the time she lay on the bed, not even bothering to open the door.

Finally one day, a best friend of hers came to see her, and exclaimed as soon as they met: "How did you become like this?"

"What's it like?" She asked in a daze, with an expression like sleepwalking.

The girlfriend was so angry that she dragged her to the mirror in the bathroom: "Look at your ghost!"

The hair of the person in the mirror was messed up like a chicken coop, his eyes were dull, his eyelids were blue, his complexion was pale, and even his lips had lost their color.

is this me? She was stunned.

"Hurry up and go to the hospital for a checkup!"

The best friend dragged her to the hospital, and the result of the examination turned out to be "severe anemia".

"Why am I severely anemic?" In the evening, she told Sun Han about going to the hospital for an examination.

"Who told you not to eat well, talk about losing weight all day long, and even refuse to eat the supplements I bought for you!" Sun Han's voice was faintly angry.

The voice of the Six-Eyed Demon God_Does the Demon God Have Eyes of God_The movie Demon Eye and the Battle of God Eyes

Zhou Xinyu lowered her head in shame. When she first got married, she did reduce her diet in order to keep her slim figure, but now her appetite is getting worse and worse. Could it be that I have anorexia?

Zhou Xinyu suddenly became frightened, "My husband, I was wrong, and I will never go on a diet again." She hugged Sun Han coquettishly, and the latter's expression softened, and he brought out a bowl of red dates, longan and wolfberry soup, scooped a spoonful of it in the She said, "This is the blood-enriching medicinal food I stewed for you, eat more, and make up all the lost blood!"

"Thank you husband!" Zhou Xinyu said emotionally, the sweet taste melted on the tip of her tongue, making her heart sweet.

beautiful face in flowers

In the middle of the night, Zhou Xinyu woke up suddenly.

The cool night breeze blows in through the half-opened windows, the snow-white curtains twist strangely in the wind, and the pale blue moonlight is shining on the flowers on the window sill. The flower unexpectedly opened slowly, one by one, blooming charmingly and bewitchingly, like a beautiful woman stretching her limbs lazily.

The color of the flowers was so bright red that it was about to drip, and there was a faint fishy smell in the air, not the smell of flowers, but the smell of blood.

Zhou Xinyu couldn't help feeling a chill in her heart. At this moment, a gust of cold wind blew by, and the huge flower bud suddenly slanted towards her. At that moment, under the pale blue moonlight, she saw a woman's pale and cold face suddenly emerged from the flower stamen, with a pair of The bewitching and mysterious eyes, with a dark green light, stared at her coldly like a poisonous snake.

Zhou Xinyu opened her mouth wide in horror, wanted to shout, but couldn't make a sound, she seemed to be in a nightmare, unable to move, she could only watch helplessly, watching the woman's face sneer at her like a poisonous snake, looking at the flowers The color of the flowers is getting redder and thicker… Finally, the bright red color drips from the petals.

It turned out to be blood, drop after drop, dripping continuously, and the bloody smell was so strong that it was suffocating!

Zhou Xinyu's eyes darkened and she passed out.

It was already noon when she woke up the next day, and the sun was shining brightly on her face. Everything that was terrifying last night disappeared like morning dew, leaving no trace.

Maybe it was just a nightmare.

Zhou Xinyu had just comforted herself, but the next second, her eyes suddenly widened in horror.

The flower on the windowsill is really blooming!

The frightening scene of last night rushed into her mind like a hurricane, and she couldn't help screaming. Hearing the cry, Sun Han hurried in from the kitchen, hugged her frail body into his arms, and asked worriedly, "What's wrong with you?"

"Flower, flower… that flower…" She was so trembling that she couldn't speak.

"What happened to that flower?" Sun Han asked strangely.

"The flower… bloomed…" Zhou Xinyu buried her head firmly in Sun Han's arms, not daring to look at the flower again, but she still felt a chill down her back, staring at her coldly like a poisonous snake.

"What's so strange about the flowers blooming?" Sun Han seemed a little dumbfounded, "This flower has been grown for so long, it should have bloomed."

"But last night… I saw…a woman's face in Huali…"

"Are you sure?" Sun Han was shocked and looked at her strangely. Not knowing if it was his own illusion, Zhou Xinyu felt in a trance that a trace of uncontrollable joy flashed in his eyes.

A deeper fear, like a poisoned finger, suddenly pinched her heart. Zhou Xinyu was speechless, and suddenly felt that the person in front of her was so strange, as if she had never known him before.

Seeing her distraught appearance, Sun Han sighed and said, "Your health has been poor recently, and your spirit may have been affected as well, causing hallucinations. So I decided to ask for leave and take you to the villa in my hometown for a while. The fresh air there must be It can help you recover quickly."

The voice of the Six-Eyed Demon God_Does the Demon God Have Eyes of God_The movie Demon Eye and the Battle of God Eyes

"The villa in my hometown?" Zhou Xinyu felt very strange. She had never heard the other party mention that there was a villa in her hometown.

"It's the old house left by my grandfather. I haven't been back for many years. But I asked someone to repair it a few days ago. I wanted to surprise you. You will like the beautiful scenery there." Sun Han said gently.

Seeing the other party's concerned expression, Zhou Xinyu was a little moved. Sun Han is a very ambitious person. She leaves early and returns late all day busy with company affairs. Now she is willing to give up work because of her. She feels a little ashamed. It seems that she is thinking too much. Maybe it is really just a nightmare. The bloom is just a coincidence.

Lake House

Three days later, they finally arrived at Sun Han’s hometown villa—a garden-style residence in the mountains, with a natural lake beside it. The lake water is constantly changing colors in the afterglow of the setting sun, shining like a perfect gem .

"It's so beautiful here!" Zhou Xinyu admired sincerely, and she fell in love with this place almost immediately.

"As long as you like it." Sun Han smiled dotingly.

The villa is very large, divided into upper and lower floors. The furniture and floors are all made of solid wood. It can be seen that it has been a few years old, and it is elegant and simple. Originally, an old lady was hired to take care of the house, but Sun Han said that he thought about the world of two people, so he let the old lady go back. Anyway, they have purchased food for a week, so staying here for a few days is not a problem.

But Zhou Xinyu always felt a little scared when two people lived in such a big house. There are no other houses around here, and it takes nearly half an hour to walk to the nearest village. It’s okay during the day, but it looks gloomy when it gets dark at night, because it’s close to the lake, the humidity is heavy, and the vegetation is dense, when the wind blows, there will be an uproar of the waves, which makes people feel terrified.

However, it turned out that her worries were unnecessary. The days here are very peaceful, and the scenery in the mountains is also very beautiful. The two of them climbed the mountain hand in hand and watched the sunset side by side, and they also found some sweetness of newly married.

It's just that sometimes Sun Han would leave her for a while, stay alone in the basement of the villa, and she was not allowed to see it, saying that he was preparing a special gift for her.

Although Zhou Xinyu was very curious, she didn't dare to disobey the other party's wishes. Although Sun Han was very gentle most of the time, he was quite scary when he got angry.

Before coming here, she had suggested throwing away that strange flower, but the other party was so angry that she was too frightened to say anything again.

woman in purple

On the afternoon of the third day here, Sun Han proposed to go boating on the lake. Zhou Xinyu had just followed him to the lake when she suddenly remembered that she forgot to bring her umbrella. It was midsummer, and her delicate skin would definitely peel off after being exposed to the scorching sun.

Sun Han was untying the boat tied to the lake, and it seemed unreasonable to ask him to go back with her at this time. Zhou Xinyu hesitated for a moment, then greeted Sun Han, and went back to get the umbrella by herself.

She had just taken an umbrella out of the utility room on the first floor, when she suddenly saw a purple figure flash past at the corner of the stairs.

"Who?" Zhou Xinyu asked loudly with a trembling voice.

The purple figure didn't seem to hear it, and still walked up the stairs unhurriedly, with a graceful figure and light steps, it could be seen that it was a woman.

Could it be someone who came to play in the mountains?

The scenery in the mountains is beautiful, and occasionally tourists come and go, but it is too rude to break into other people's homes without permission. So Zhou Xinyu said loudly again: "Hey, this is a private residence, please don't intrude!"

The woman in purple still turned a deaf ear to her and continued to walk up unhurriedly. Zhou Xinyu had no choice but to quickly chase after her. She ran up to the second floor, but lost the trace of the woman in purple. The door of the innermost room was half open, faintly Hearing the whimpering of the wind, shaking the bamboo forest behind the house, Xiaoxiao is like rain at night.

Zhou Xinyu's heart skipped a beat, and she suddenly remembered that the innermost room was where the strange flower was placed. This time when he came to the villa, Sun Han also insisted on bringing the flower, but instead of putting it in the bedroom, he put it in the innermost room on the second floor and locked it. Sun Han kept the key himself.

But why is the door open? Where did the woman in purple go?

Cold sweat broke out from his back, and was blown by the wind, chilling to the bone. Zhou Xinyu felt her legs go weak, and instinctively wanted to escape, but the open door seemed to have a strange magic power, which made her walk in step by step involuntarily.

The voice of the Six-Eyed Demon God_Does the Demon God Have Eyes of God_The movie Demon Eye and the Battle of God Eyes

The room was very dark, covered by dense bamboo forests, and no sunlight could penetrate. As soon as she entered the door, the hem of her hair and clothes was blown up by the wind.

The windows are clearly closed, but there seems to be a whirlwind blowing in the room, the curtains are pulled messily by the wind, and there are constant "slapping" sounds, there is no one in there, only a table, and the flower is on the table. On the table, it was shaken by the strong wind, but strangely, such a strong wind could not break it, but the petals were slightly closed, as if a little scared.

Zhou Xinyu stood dumbfounded, as if her whole body was paralyzed, unable to move or think at all.

"Xin Yu──Xin Yu──" At this moment, Sun Han's voice suddenly sounded outside the house. It turned out that he had not seen Zhou Xinyu for a long time, so he came back to look for her.

As soon as the sound sounded, the wind in the house suddenly stopped, and the curtains fell with a "squeak" and stood still for an instant. The flower also stopped shaking, and the bright red petals were fully unfolded again, as if they were blooming with an incomparably gorgeous smile.

Zhou Xinyu regained consciousness all of a sudden, let out a shrill scream, turned around and ran away.

She only heard the door close behind her with a bang, followed by the sound of the lock being locked, but she didn't even dare to turn her head, and ran out of the house all the way, and threw herself into Sun Han's arms, her face full of panic and trembling, and she saw the girl she had just seen just now. The horrible scene was repeated intermittently.

"There is such a thing?" Sun Han seemed surprised, frowned tightly, and walked upstairs quickly. Zhou Xinyu didn't want to go back, but she didn't dare to stay outside the room alone, so she followed her into the room.

Before coming to the previous room, the door was closed tightly. Sun Han pushed hard, but before pushing it open, he took out the key and opened the door. Zhou Xinyu felt that he seemed to be very nervous. As soon as he entered the house, he checked the flower first, and he was relieved imperceptibly until he was sure that it was safe and sound.

"Honey, let's get out of here quickly, I don't dare to stay here any longer." Zhou Xinyu tugged on Sun Han's sleeve, crying in fear.

Sun Han sighed, shook his head and said: "Xin Yu, everything is just your illusion. Besides, tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, and the gift I want to give you hasn't been finished yet. I have to wait until tomorrow before I leave. Let's go, okay?"

"Wedding anniversary?" Zhou Xinyu asked suspiciously, they have only been married for more than a month, so where is the anniversary?

"There is a custom in our hometown that after forty-nine days of marriage, the husband should give his wife a gift made by himself, so that their marriage can be happy and last forever."

"Forty-nine days?" Zhou Xinyu felt even more strange. He had never heard of such a custom, and this day sounded too weird. She was about to say something, but Sun Han frowned in displeasure: "Xin Yu, don't you think we can last forever?"

Seeing that he seemed to be angry, Zhou Xinyu didn't dare to say anything.

midnight bell

After this fright, neither of them had any interest in swimming in the lake.

Zhou Xinyu felt dizzy again, so Sun Han helped her back to the bedroom to lie down, gave her a glass of water, and promised again and again that she would not leave her for half a step, so she fell asleep in peace.

When he woke up, it was already dark, the room was empty, and Sun Han was missing.

Zhou Xinyu suddenly became frightened and called out Sun Han's name, but there was no answer.

She couldn't help but got up and went out to look for it. To strengthen her courage, she turned on all the lights. It was bright everywhere, but there was no one in sight.

The strong sense of fear made Zhou Xinyu couldn't help crying. At this time, the wind suddenly blew in the corridor. The wind seemed to have a huge force, pushing her forward involuntarily until she reached the innermost room. forward.

The door opened with a "snap", and a strong force came from behind, pushing Zhou Xinyu into the room.

The lights in the room were not turned on, but there was a faint blue cold light, like a phosphorous fire lit in the dark night.

With this dim light, Zhou Xinyu vaguely saw a woman in purple standing in the room, her long hair covered most of her face, only revealing a pair of mysterious and beautiful eyes.

"You, who are you?" Zhou Xinyu asked tremblingly.

"I'm──Sun Han's ex-wife." The woman's faint voice was like the wind, like a sigh.

Zhou Xinyu took a step back in horror, and said in amazement: "Isn't Sun Han's ex-wife dead? You, you are a ghost!"

"Yes, I'm dead, but do you know how I died?" The woman turned her head to look at the flowers on the table, and said sadly, "The soil under the flowers is my ashes. The body and your blood feed this flower together, and the immortal soul attached to it."

"What's going on here?" Zhou Xinyu asked in shock.

"Sun Han found this kind of weird flower somewhere. After death, as long as the ashes are used to plant this flower, then the soul of the deceased will be attached to the flower, and then find a living person to water the flower with her blood. , watering once every seven days, and after seventy-seven forty-nine days, an evil ceremony will be held to drain the blood from the person and pour it all on the flower, and the soul of the flower will be transferred into the person's body, Reborn."

"Be, the person whose blood was drawn, what will happen in the end?" Because of the extreme fear, Zhou Xinyu's already pale face lost any color.

"Of course it's death." The woman in purple said coldly, "I was the one whose blood was drained before you. Sun Han's wife was resurrected with my body, but unfortunately she died in a car accident within a few years So, Sun Han found you again."

"Then what should I do?" Zhou Xinyu asked bewilderedly.

The woman in purple looked at her sympathetically: "How long have you been married?"

"Tomorrow is the forty-ninth day." Zhou Xinyu's eyes were full of panic, she thought of the anniversary Sun Han said, and suddenly felt shuddering.

"Then your time is running out. The clock will strike midnight soon, and you must destroy this flower before tomorrow!"

Zhou Xinyu looked at the flower, the gorgeous flowers shrank slightly in the dim light, as if feeling the impending crisis.

The voice of the woman in purple rang faintly beside her ears: "My power cannot destroy this flower, break it quickly, maybe you can save your life!"

Zhou Xinyu took a deep breath, her survival instinct made her suppress her fear of the flower, she walked to the table step by step, and stretched her hand towards the flower.

The flower lowered its head in fear in her palm, the slender flower stem was like a woman's slender neck, Zhou Xinyu tightened her fingers unknowingly, with just a little more force, it could be broken──

"Xin Yu, what are you doing!" Sun Han's stern voice suddenly sounded outside the door, full of exasperated anger.

Immediately following the sudden bright lights in the room, Zhou Xinyu turned her head subconsciously, but the figure of the woman in purple was no longer there.

Sun Han rushed over angrily, grabbed Zhou Xinyu's hand, and almost immediately made her cry in pain.

"Let go, let me go!" Zhou Xinyu struggled desperately, but couldn't free the opponent's fingers like iron pincers.

"What are you doing here? No wonder you made up that set of lies to deceive me earlier. It turns out that you have been secretly trying to destroy this flower, haven't you?"

Under the rage, Sun Han seemed to be a completely different person, and his handsome face was also distorted into a ferocious face.

Zhou Xinyu was so painful that she couldn't speak, she suddenly lowered her head and bit Sun Han's hand hard, and Sun Han let go in pain.

She took the opportunity to run out of the voice of the six-eyed demon god , and ran down the long corridor, only to hear Sun Han swearing and chasing after him.

Suddenly the clock struck midnight, and the crisp sound from the old-fashioned wall clock was particularly thrilling in the silent night!

Zhou Xinyu ran to the gate desperately and pulled the door hard, but it was locked tightly.

She turned around in despair, and watched Sun Han approaching with a smirk, "It seems that the dose of sleeping pills is not enough today, which made you wake up so early. But don't worry, you won't have any more pain soon, We will be together forever!"

After finishing speaking, he waved his hand fiercely and knocked Zhou Xinyu unconscious.


In the eerie basement, a strange star array was formed with human bones. Zhou Xinyu, who had been drained of blood, lay motionless in the center of the array, like a lifeless puppet. Beside her was the flower soaked in blood. Among them, the "samsara" flowers bloom more and more beautifully.

"You must really want to know why." Sun Han looked at her, smiled and began to explain, "A long time ago, how long ago? Probably in the late Qing Dynasty, my father and I went to Nanyang to do business. Once, Our ship encountered a storm and drifted to a deserted island. There is a mysterious tribe on the island. They have the art of immortality, but they have to borrow the body of a living person, so all of us are locked up. After a while, there will be people The blood from our bodies was drawn to raise a strange flower, and then people among us disappeared continuously, and their bodies were used as containers for moving souls. Finally, one day, I took the opportunity to escape and brought back A flower, I named it 'Reincarnation', with this flower and the ritual I secretly learned on the island, my wife and I can have immortality!"

After finishing speaking, he smiled triumphantly and began to recite a strange spell. After a while, the lifeless Zhou Xinyu opened her eyes. Her expression was no longer that of a young girl's innocence, but a mature one charming.

"Jiayi, you are back." Sun Han embraced her affectionately, "We can finally be together again."

Beside them, the flower named "Samsara" has returned to its budding appearance and has entered a period of dormancy until it regains fresh blood before it blooms again.

Sun Han walked out of the basement with "Jiayi" in his arms, but when he fell asleep, he found that he was firmly tied to the bed.

"Jiayi, you, what are you doing?"

"I'm not Jiayi." The woman replied calmly.

Sun Han's face changed drastically, and he stared at her in disbelief: "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Shi Surong, your last wife." The woman raised the corners of her lips coldly, "Have you forgotten? It was my former body that was used to raise 'Samsara'. So my soul can easily Attached to the flower, and with the help of the magic power of the flower, drove your Jiayi down and became a lonely ghost, but I was reborn through your ceremony."

There was a loud thunderbolt, which made Sun Han's face pale, "What do you want to do?" He asked anxiously.

"For the sake of the so-called reincarnation, you selfishly and cruelly killed many innocent people, so you have to pay the price. I think Xin Yu probably wouldn't mind borrowing your body──"

She turned her head to one side, and Sun Han followed her line of sight. The flower named "Samsara" on the bed was gently swaying its bright red body. A woman's face appeared on the flower, with a sad face but eyes stared at him coldly.

That is, Zhou Xinyu.

Sun Han suddenly understood something, and struggled in panic: "No, you can't feed 'Samsara' with my blood, please, don't!…"

"This is the retribution you deserve!" Shi Surong said without a trace of emotion.

Fear diffused in Sun Han's eyes, and from the suddenly dilated pupils, he saw Shi Surong walking forward step by step with a blood-drawing needle…

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