"Taiping Guangji" Folk Ghost Stories

Lao Wang is considered a landlord, but he does not deceive others with his wealth. The child was neither serious nor serious, but tossed the big turtle to death. The teacher knew that if Lao Wang knew that his son had tossed to death such a big turtle, he would definitely make a mess. Tell the child, if your father beats you when you go back, ask him to ask Mr. Taiping Guangji to read. As the teacher expected, Lao Wang heard from the villagers at night that his son had killed a huge turtle, and he went home to settle accounts with Xiao Wang. So what if a big tortoise has no spirituality and comes to my house? So I took down Taiping Guangji and told him: There was once a fisherman named Zhang Huzi who caught a big fish in his net every day. … Continue reading"Taiping Guangji" Folk Ghost Stories