Fuck Me To Death, Top Scholar, Read Online

Old man Liu was heartbroken and felt guilty when he found out that the champion melon was not real. The audience was impressed by the wit of the actors and held their breath to hear what kind of injustice the old man had committed. 10 years ago, his son Liu Fu accidentally ate the champion melon on the Talent Hill outside the village. Whoever eats this melon will definitely win the first place in the imperial examination. Old man Liu revealed an astonishing secret: this melon vine is not a champion melon at all! … Continue readingFuck Me To Death, Top Scholar, Read Online

Deadly Curse

The first curse is for those inhumane thieves. If they don't stop their evil hands, then… Yes, it's this crutch. It's right under his feet, like a poisonous snake, making a cold laugh. He's dead, Fu Ming said to himself, stay calm, maybe it's just a coincidence! The second curse is for those unscrupulous robbers. If they continue their evil behavior, then… … Continue readingDeadly Curse

Author: Haunted House

The old people in the village said: the souls of pigs that died after eating poison will not disperse and become wandering ghosts, and come to the world to spread swine fever and kill more pigs. This is the pig ghost. However, the pig ghost generally does not go to villages with few pigs. The purpose of the pig ghost is to spread swine fever and kill more pigs, so it generally goes to villages with more pigs. The blind Tu Ye in the village has also seen the pig ghost. When Tu Ye was young, he was not blind and often went out to do some small business. … Continue readingAuthor: Haunted House

Rural Ghost Story Crying At Night Online Reading

Finally, when the police station arrived, it was already dawn, and her family members were crying so hard… Originally, this matter should be considered over, the person died and was cremated. Afterwards, no one heard about it again, and many people were frightened from the bottom of their hearts when they mentioned it. —Wonderful ghost stories are all in the Haunted House: guiguaiwu.com—Overall, this is a wonderful ghost story that can arouse readers' horror and curiosity. … Continue readingRural Ghost Story Crying At Night Online Reading

Ghost Story Video Drops Of Water In The Corridor Read Online

The room was too dark and I couldn't light the props, so I took out my phone on the bed and prepared to use the phone's light for lighting. Only then did I realize that I had only turned off the steady flash the night before, but the unlock keypad was still stuck in the shooting interface, with the above display There is a newly filmed video. The mirror on the back of the door reflected the same face as in the cell phone video. —Wonderful ghost stories are all in the ghost house: guiguaiwu.com— … Continue readingGhost Story Video Drops Of Water In The Corridor Read Online

The Ghostly Tombs Part 3: The Remnant Eyes

"Ghost salary" "My name is 'Ghost salary', and the one in the house is 'Baican'." According to the Qin Dynasty's legal system, "Ghost salary Baican" is a three-way ritual in which male prisoners are sentenced to go up the mountain to chop firewood and female prisoners choose rice for worshiping ghosts and gods. Years of imprisonment, but after the Sui Dynasty it was changed to migration with a stick." Guixin pushed open the two wooden doors and led Huang Laoxiang inside. "These 30,000 people are all elite soldiers who have been on the battlefield for a long time. After being poisoned by Li Si with mercury, their souls were trapped in 30,000 pottery figurines and sealed with blessing witchcraft. … Continue readingThe Ghostly Tombs Part 3: The Remnant Eyes

Kilrogg Dead Eye Strategy Pure Yin Body (10)

He said lightly: "You are a body of pure yin, which can be used to extend your life. Jiang Chenxi asked me to learn various spells with amazing destructive power and specializing in defeating evil cultivators. Jiang Chenxi looked at me speechlessly: "Little girl What are you talking about? Talking to an Ah Piao about whether you will die or not. The formation eye must use the blood of Zhiyin to anger those A Piao. Jiang Chen hoped to tell the group of red-clothed Ah Piao to stay away so as not to be accidentally injured. Jiang Chenxi gave an order, and all the red-clothed Ah Piao pounced directly on his body. … Continue readingKilrogg Dead Eye Strategy Pure Yin Body (10)

Chapter 135: The Great Nightmare Falls From The Sky

Daoist Jia and the ancestors immediately called for everyone to set off, leading the ghost infant Shen Caicai, Mo Mo, Dudu and Daoist Xufeng, Secretary Xing and Ke'er, Master Dang Tongmeiniang, Mr. Yan and his son, Professor Wu Deng, Taiguan Lu, Mr. Wu and Kappa, as well as Mingyue, Ping'er, and Yuanmu got into the narrow crack under the ice cap. … Continue readingChapter 135: The Great Nightmare Falls From The Sky

Hanged Man

The Hanged Ghost is a big warlord who does all kinds of evil and is known as General Dogmeat. Look at how many people have died, but I am the only one who is safe. No ghost will take me away first. The hanged ghost quickly said: He died suddenly and could not be reborn, so he could only wander around the house. When the plague broke out, many ghosts came looking for a substitute. In order to repay her kindness, she told the ghosts that her friend was the substitute she liked. The new ghost didn't dare to argue with her, so her friends were safe. The hanged man was overjoyed and saluted.

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