Black Buddha

Chinese Valentine's Day passed several days ago, and Ming came home. He didn't look very good when he came in. After he came back, he called me and asked me to pick up something from his house in the afternoon! I went to Ming's house in the afternoon. , he was sitting on the sofa in a daze! After I went in … Continue readingBlack Buddha

Deaf Mother-in-law Read Online

There used to be a deaf woman in the village. Although she was deaf, she could hear ghosts. Her eyes were like mirrors, and she could see things that others couldn't see. Since the deaf mother-in-law can see ghosts, if a child in the village is possessed by a ghost, she will be invited to drive the ghost out, and it works every time. The deaf-eared mother-in-law said: "This little green snake died because of it. It has a lot of resentment, and people in the world still can't hold it. Now the only way to subdue it is to use ghosts to catch ghosts. In the middle of the night, it will call the baby." One person (Note: The old people in the village say that ghosts are afraid of crowds, so the deaf mother-in-law will let the child go to her house by herself. … Continue readingDeaf Mother-in-law Read Online

A Story Heard

This is a story I heard. To be honest, it would be difficult for him to attract people's attention if he was sitting in a crowd. What interests me is the scar on his back, a scar like a crimson snake crawling on his back. I think he should be the kind of person with a story, so I deliberately approached him, as if approaching a mystery. He said, with an expression that seemed to be asking me, but also about himself. On the contrary, he started to feel powerless within a few turns, his feet felt inexplicably weak, and he was sweating profusely. … Continue readingA Story Heard


Once upon a time there lived an old rich man in the county town. His family was worth tens of thousands of dollars but he was a miser. Although his family lived in the bustling central area of ​​the city, he dressed like an old farmer in the countryside every day, and what he ate every day was vegetarian dishes and rice that never tasted meaty. One day, an old shoe repairman came from the countryside. The old man had no children and the couple depended on each other for life. The family’s source of income depended on his shoe repair for a living. “Yan Wang saw that he was dissatisfied, so he asked the two Wuchang to take him to see their food store.” These words of the old rich man also stopped Yama, and Yama asked the two Wuchang about the situation and had to let him go. return. … Continue readingDestined