Deadly Curse

"How could that be!" Shen Ju narrowed his eyes, "I like you even when you look your ugliest."

"Really?" Xiao Fei smiled sweetly and suddenly slowly unbuttoned her shirt.

There was nothing inside her, really nothing!

A flat body.

"You…you…" Shen Ju pointed at her, too scared to speak.

"Hehehe!" Xiao Fei smiled charmingly. Her right hand touched her left breast and reached in. After a while, she took out a heart, a moldy heart that gave off a disgusting stench.

And on her snow-white chest, blood was flowing, the red color was shocking and soul-stirring.

"Brother Shen, my heart is not in good condition. My mother finally lent me money for the surgery, but you got it so easily. Now, you have almost spent all your money and it is impossible for you to pay me back. Then, I can only use your heart to pay off the debt."

Shen Ju's throat made a gurgling sound, his eyes were bloodshot, his whole body was trembling, and he couldn't utter a word.

He saw Xiaofei's soft little hand reaching out and suddenly inserted into his body.

The first curse is for those inhumane thieves. If they don't stop their evil hands, then…

2. Give me back my money

Fu Ming felt that something was wrong, and an indescribable panic was surrounding him.

Two days ago, he lay down on the bed after taking a shower, and felt something pressing against him uncomfortably. Fu Ming climbed down and lifted the bed sheet. A black leather bag was lying there quietly. He was shocked. He remembered clearly that he had thrown away the bag, which was in the trash can on the street. But now, it appeared on his bed again. Fu Ming took it up with shaking hands and lit it with a lighter.

The next day, which was yesterday, was the same time. Fu Ming felt a little nervous because of what happened on the first day. So, he played outside all day that day. Walking down the narrow and dim stairs, he felt uneasy for no reason. When he finally reached the door, he breathed a sigh of relief. He opened the door with the key, and heard a "clang" sound, as if something fell to the ground.

Fu Ming turned on the light and saw the object on the ground clearly – it was a walking stick. It was purple, wooden, shiny, and had a dragon head on the top. Yes, it was this walking stick, right under his feet, like a poisonous snake, emitting a cold laugh. Fu Ming's heart suddenly tightened. Could it really be him?

No! He is dead, Fu Ming said to himself, calm down, maybe it is just a coincidence! He has always been tough and did not believe those ridiculous claims. He took a kitchen knife and chopped the cane into pieces.

Although he denied his delusional thoughts, the two things kept flashing before his eyes. The scene from a few days ago flashed through his mind like a movie.

That day, he waited for a long time at the Construction Bank, but could not find a suitable opportunity. He decided to "work overtime" at night. If he did not have any income, he would have to eat steamed buns tomorrow. He waited for a long time in a dark alley, and finally saw a figure walking under the street light. It was an old man with wrinkles on his face and white hair, carrying a black leather bag. The crutches fell on the bluestone slabs, making a crisp "thump" sound.

Fu Ming's eyes lit up immediately. When the old man came closer, he suddenly jumped out, made a beautiful move with incredible speed, snatched the briefcase from the old man's hand, and ran away like the wind.

The old man was stunned for a moment, then he came to his senses and shouted, "Hurry up, robbers are stealing things." He ran up without paying attention to his feet. Then, he stepped on a piece of watermelon rind.

With a bang, the old man fell to the ground, and the crutch in his hand also fell out with a clang, rolling several times before stopping. His head just hit the tip of the stone next to him, and blood gushed out immediately, and he fainted.

Fu Ming opened the bag, but found only over 200 yuan in it, and was very disappointed. He took out the money and threw the bag into the trash can. As for the walking stick, he certainly didn't touch it. However, for two days in a row, they appeared in his room inexplicably. He suddenly thought that these things appeared at the same time that the old man fell to his death, and he felt guilty again. In any case, he must not stay at home tonight.

Fu Ming went out and decided to find a lively place to spend the night.

When he was drinking happily in the bar, the power suddenly went out. He was so angry that he cursed his mother and had no choice but to walk out. He drank a little too much and felt dizzy until he heard the familiar "knock knock" sound.

He suddenly woke up and found himself in that alley again. What was even more terrifying was that a figure walked under the street light: a very old man with white hair. He lowered his head, carried a black leather bag, and leaned on a cane! My God, isn't that the old man who fell to his death a few days ago? Fu Ming felt cold all over, and his hair stood on end.

The old man approached and raised his head. This time Fu Ming saw his face clearly. Blood was constantly flowing from his forehead, dripping down drop by drop, flowing across his wrinkled face, which was indescribably weird and terrifying. His eyes stared straight at Fu Ming, filled with disgust, resentment, and viciousness. His lips split apart, and he said coldly: "Give me back my money!" As he said that, he opened his chicken claw-like hands and slowly stretched them towards Fu Ming.

Fu Ming screamed like a ghost and howled, and ran for his life. Then he stepped on a piece of watermelon rind.

The next day, a telephone news report said: In the same place in a certain alley, two people slipped on watermelon peels and fell to their deaths within a week. I hope that the general public will pay attention to public morality while walking carefully.

The second curse is for those unscrupulous robbers. If they continue their evil deeds, then…

3. I want to work for you

Zhou Xin is a very cute little boy with thick eyebrows, big eyes and a chubby face. He is very good at his studies and is always willing to help others. The teachers like him very much and his classmates also like to play with him. Zhou Xin lives a happy life and the person he loves most is his mother.

Zhou Xin thought his mother was the most beautiful woman in the world, with shiny black hair, fair and tender skin, and bright red lips, just like a star on TV. His mother loved Zhou Xin very much, spoke gently, never yelled at him, and tried every means to satisfy Zhou Xin's various requests.

Mom works in a 30-story building. Zhou Xin has been to her office. Snow-white walls, spotless floors, and luxurious tables and chairs. Mom's colleagues are all very friendly. Men wear suits and women wear shirts and short skirts. They all look high-quality. Zhou Xin has never learned the word "high-quality", but the teacher once said when he saw Zhou Xin's mother – Zhou Xin's mother must be a high-quality white-collar worker.

But Zhou Xin always felt something was wrong. The offices he saw on TV were always busy. The desks should be piled with UU1001 word replacements, filled with paper and pens, and flashing computers. But his mother's office was empty, with only the business license and other documents posted on the wall. And his mother was very idle, drinking tea, occasionally flipping through the newspaper, or chatting with Aunt Chu next to her. The other uncles and aunts were the same.

When Zhou Xin asked the question in her mind, her mother smiled and said, "Silly child, the company's business has been bad recently, so naturally there is less work."

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, and a tired-looking uncle walked in. He held a piece of printed paper in his hand and asked modestly, "Excuse me, who is Miss Lin Yu?"

My mother quickly stood up and said enthusiastically: "It's me. Come on, please sit over here."

She then said to Zhou Xin, "Xinxin, Mom is busy now. Go play with Uncle Zhang by yourself. Don't come out to disturb Mom."

Zhou Xin nodded obediently and ran to Uncle Zhang's office, but Uncle Zhang was not there.

Zhou Xin was a little curious after all, because his mother rarely let him come to the office. Was his mother like the aunties on TV, doing things neatly and speaking decisively? He opened the door a crack and peeked in.

The uncle sat on the chair opposite my mother, his eyes full of desire: "Ms. Lin, are you hiring a driver here?"

Mom nodded and said kindly, "Yes, you are interested in this position, right?"

My uncle nodded desperately: "Ms. Lin, I have been in this city for almost half a month and I haven't found a job yet. My family is waiting for me to send money back to make a living. I really need this job."

"Well, I can ask our boss for a favor. However, our company has a rule that in order to prevent workers from breaching contracts or other accidents, they must pay a deposit. What do you think?" Mom said slowly.

Uncle asked anxiously: "How much do you want?"

"Not much, only three hundred and twenty, and I'll refund it three months after the contract is signed."

"But, I… now a few dozen yuan is also very important to me." The uncle looked very embarrassed.

My mother smiled and said, "But think about it. If you get this job, you can earn more than a thousand dollars a month. You can start working tomorrow, and you will get paid on the 10th of next month. There is only one vacancy, and there are many people competing for it. I am planning to help you because I think you are in trouble."

"Thank you, Miss Lin. But…" Uncle lowered his head embarrassedly: "I only have 30 yuan on me."

"We will be colleagues tomorrow. I will be a good person to the end. You pay thirty first and I will pay the rest for you. You just need to pay me back when you report for work tomorrow." Mom suggested enthusiastically.

The uncle was very happy. He immediately took out two crumpled banknotes, stuffed them into my mother's hand, and kept thanking her.

Zhou Xin was very happy to see this. It turned out that her mother's job was to help others find jobs, and she was so kind to help the uncle in need, which really made Zhou Xin very proud.

After school that day, Zhou Xin waited for his mother to pick him up at the school gate, but after a long time, there was still no sign of her, and he became a little anxious.

Just when Zhou Xin was feeling uneasy, a older sister about sixteen or seventeen years old came up to him.

"Are you Zhou Xin?" The elder sister's tone was very kind.

"Yes, who are you?" Zhou Xin asked cautiously. His mother had told him many times that there were many scammers nowadays, and it was best not to talk to strangers. As for food given by others, it was even more forbidden to touch it.

"I'm your mother's new nanny. My name is Xiao Huan, and your mother asked me to pick you up from school!"

"Mom said that I can't trust others easily. No, I have to wait for mom." Zhou Xin's big, intelligent eyes flashed.

"You are really smart, little guy. Let me tell you a few stories and you will believe it. Your birthday is December 21st, your idol is Superman, your favorite foods are durian and stinky tofu, and the things you hate most are haircuts and baths."

Sister Xiao Huan lowered her voice and said, "Also, there is a red birthmark the size of a soybean on your butt. Is that right?"

Zhou Xin's face flushed: "Okay, okay, I believe you." In his heart, he blamed his mother for telling others about his birthmark. It was really embarrassing.

Xiao Huan carried Zhou Xin on his bicycle and they soon got home.

The door was open, so his mother must have come back. Zhou Xin put on his slippers and rushed to his mother to ask for an explanation. He ran to the kitchen first, but why wasn't she there?

A grandmother in her fifties was busy working, and when she saw Zhou Xin, her face lit up with smiles.

"Xinxin, are you back?"

"Who are you and why are you in my house?" Zhou Xin frowned.

"You naughty boy, you even play tricks on Grandma Wang. I've been working as a cook in your house for more than a year, and now you come to ask who I am." Grandma Wang scolded, looking at Zhou Xin lovingly.

Grandma Wang, you have been cooking in my house for more than a year? Zhou Xin thought it was funny, he had never seen this Grandma Wang before. Maybe she was a relative, joking with him, Zhou Xin thought and calmed down. When he was about to run to his parents' room to find his mother, he suddenly heard someone calling him.

"Zhou Xin is back, come to the room and review your lessons."

It didn't seem to be her mother's voice, but Zhou Xin still quickly ran into her study.

Sitting in front of the desk was a pretty and quiet lady, wearing glasses and looking bookish. She was also a stranger. Zhou Xin was stunned: "You…"

"Zhou Xin, you just think about playing as soon as you get home. How can this be okay? The teacher hopes that you will work hard in the future." Auntie looked at him with dissatisfaction.

"You are not my teacher, I don't know you." Zhou Xin said angrily.

"You are like this, kid. I have worked hard to teach you at your home for almost half a year, but you have never called me teacher."

I have been teaching for half a year, what on earth is going on?

Looking at the serious look of the "teacher", it seems that you are not joking. Zhou Xin suddenly felt a little scared. Could it be that I have forgotten the past like Superman? He almost cried.

At this time, footsteps were heard at the door.

"Mom!" Zhou Xinhuan shouted and ran out.

It's not mom. But luckily, Zhou Xin knew this person. He was the uncle that mom had seen in her office last time. He no longer looked sad. He looked energetic and full of spirit.

"Hello, Xinxin! I have picked up your mother and she will be up soon." said the uncle with a smile.

"Uncle, how do you know me?" Zhou thought, did my uncle see me in the next room that day?

"You naughty boy, I've been your family's driver for half a month, how could I not know you? You're such a naughty boy, you always make fun of your Uncle Wu."

Yes, Zhou Xin recalled, Uncle Wu came to look for a driver job that day, and his mother agreed. So, he was driving for his mother. But his mother didn't have a car at all, and he had never really met Uncle Wu.

Zhou Xin felt as if he was dreaming and couldn't make any sense of what was going on. He became more and more scared.

"Xinxin, what's wrong with you? Why are you so pale?" Uncle Wu then shouted, "Auntie Wang, Teacher Zhao, Xiao Huan, come quickly, Xinxin is not right."

"What happened, Xinxin, what happened to Xinxin?" Another anxious voice came from outside the door.

"Mom, it's mom who's back!" Zhou Xin wanted to shout happily, but he found that he couldn't make any sound at all.

Sister Xiao Huan held his left hand, Teacher Zhao held his right hand, Grandma Wang stood behind him and put her arms around his neck, and Uncle Wu stood aside leisurely and looked out the door proudly.

Outside the door, my mother's face was distorted and her eyes widened in horror.

"What…what do you want to do?" Zhou Xin had never seen her mother in such a terrible state. She was as fragile as paper and was shaking.

"We just want to work for you. Didn't you take our deposit? We will follow you forever and want you to be our boss. Xinxin is so cute, we are even more reluctant to leave him."

Four mouths spoke at the same time, with sinister smiles.

The third curse is for those notorious scammers. If you don't want the ghosts to haunt your innocent child until he goes crazy, then…

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