Chapter 135: The Great Nightmare Falls From The Sky

The blue sky is clear, and the midday sun shines brightly and dazzlingly on the Mingyong Glacier.

Mingyong Glacier, also known as (Nainuo Geru), is a low-latitude glacier below Kawagebo Peak in Meili Snow Mountain. The winding tongue of ice stretches thousands of meters all the way to the Lancang River, like a swimming dragon with silver scales and jade armor, majestic and majestic.

Han Sheng and his party climbed up the glacier. Standing on the ice cap were Daoist Jia and the ancestors. When they saw Han Sheng and others, they waved their hands and everyone took a rest on the spot.

"Everything is ready." Daoist Master Jia came to him and whispered in a low voice.

Han Sheng nodded, took a sip of water, and then said to everyone: "This battle is extremely dangerous. In order to avoid unnecessary casualties, all women, children and those with weak martial arts must retreat into the valley first. Is Xiao Yichang dead in Qingyun Zhi ? Here Only me, Youliang, Senior Hu Bugui, Master Weng and Mr. Ghost Claw are left."

"I'm not going." Shen Caicai shouted loudly.

"I'm not going either." Mo Mo agreed.

Han Sheng's face turned serious and he said solemnly: "Talent, you and Mo Mo discovered the 'Thirteen Kingdoms of the Jade Dragon'. Children can often observe things that adults easily ignore, so you two have more important tasks to do after entering the valley." It’s done, do you understand?”

Shen Caicai and Mo Mo looked at each other and nodded reluctantly.

"Taoist Master Xu Feng, you are known as the 'Five Elements Tracker' in the world. How about you take your two children to find new void signs and passages?" Han Sheng smiled at Xu Feng. This man was extremely thoughtful. Now is the most suitable candidate.

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"I must do my best as a poor man." Xu Feng cupped his hands and said.

"Dao Zhang Jia," Han Sheng turned around and whispered, "After you and your wife take everyone into the valley, please ask your father-in-law Lan'er and the others to prepare as soon as possible. Once a new void passage is discovered, evacuate as soon as possible."

"No…" Daoist Master Jia waved his hands quickly when he heard this.

"Don't worry, even if we lose to the Gu people, we should still be able to escape unscathed. Besides, there are still Elder Fang and others." Han Sheng said with certainty.

"Doctor Zhu, the old woman and Mr. Gushu have all decided to stay," Qiu Bo, the old woman, stepped forward and smiled, "The old woman still has a few disguise talismans on hand, which may come in handy at critical moments."

Han Sheng had heard that her talismans were very magical and could be mistaken for real ones. Secretary Xing used this to pretend to be a good person and successfully deceived the ghost pot from Lan'er.

"Okay." He nodded in agreement. It's always good to be prepared.

At this moment, Erya was holding Youliang tightly. She was determined to fight the Gu people side by side with her husband, just like fighting the heroes on the top of Lintong West Mountain. The couple would live and die together and never separate.

Daoist Jia and the ancestors immediately called for everyone to set off, leading the ghost infant Shen Caicai, Mo Mo, Dudu and Daoist Xufeng, Secretary Xing and Ke'er, Master Dang Tongmeiniang, Mr. Yan and his son, Professor Wu Deng, Taiguan Lu, Mr. Wu and Kappa, as well as Mingyue, Ping'er, and Yuanmu got into the narrow crack under the ice cap.

There were only eight people left on the glacier: Han Sheng, Youliang and his wife, Hu Bugui, Master Weng, Qiubo old woman, Gushu Yunping and Guizhu.

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Han Sheng looked at Ghost Claw. This person came from Japan. The city was extremely deep and unpredictable. The secret of Blue Moon Valley must not be leaked to him.

I hope Taoist Master Xu Feng and Cai Mo Mo can find new clues to the void without the help of ghost pots, Han Sheng prayed in his heart.


As the sun sets, under the blue sky, Kawagebo Peak is bathed in a golden afterglow, and everything between heaven and earth is completely silent. One can't help but sigh at the depth and desolation from ancient times.

The ancient tree's face was reddish, and he timidly walked up to the old woman Qiubo, and said hesitantly: "This battle is very dangerous. Although the ancient tree has low martial arts, he did not hesitate to fight with his life to protect Miss Xing Zhouquan. There is only regret in this life. However, I was unable to hear with my own ears the lost piece of Ji Kang's "Guangling San" played by the girl with her own hands…"

The old woman Qiubo let out a deep sigh and bowed her lower body slightly: "In the high mountains and flowing water, it is difficult to find a close friend. Xing Yuan is grateful to the young master, so I will play "Guangling San" for you." After saying that, he took the piano case from behind and held it out. I got the Lingnan "Qiubo Guqin".

At this moment, a person suddenly jumped out from under the ice cap. He was wearing a yellow military cap and a first-class military attache's Qilin square patchwork slit robe with a large collarless collar and slits. The green chest hair was still exposed in the damaged hole in the front. It's Mr. Feizhiang Wu.

"Hey, old man, why are you back again?" Han Sheng looked at him in surprise.

"Hey, Xiao Hansheng," Mr. Wu stroked the green fur on his chest and shouted seriously, "I have been on the battlefield for a long time and have cut off countless long hairs. What should I fear from a mere 'white-haired Gu man'? I don't have any fear at all." Never took it seriously."

Han Sheng smiled bitterly and shook his head. This old man's thinking was still stuck in the Qing Dynasty and he couldn't correct it no matter what.

Qing Yun Zhi 1 Xiao Yicai_Qing Yun Zhi novel Xiao Ding

"Hey, pretty boy, have you learned my 'skill of controlling women' yet?" Mr. Wu asked Gushu Yunping angrily.

The old woman Qiubo and Gushu Yunping looked at each other and smiled.


Han Sheng took the two of them to an ice waterfall, where dozens of large and small ice caves were hidden. It would be difficult to discover them unless one was close.

The largest cave among them is Xiao Yichang Death in Qingyunzhi , with a row of crystal ice skates hanging above it. The entrance of the cave is square and quite imposing.

After entering the cave, there was a huge stone hall in front of them. In the middle stood a thick stalagmite more than two feet high. Elder Fang was sitting on it, holding the M82A1 Barrett sniper rifle in his arms and closing his eyes to relax. The four walls of the stone hall are made of smooth ice mirrors, inside which are vague images of the twelve Buddhas, all sitting cross-legged with their palms together, like a mural.

"Doctor Zhu, is the White Light Nightmare coming?" Qing'er emerged from behind the stalagmites, holding a green bamboo staff and bowing to salute.

"It's not there yet, but it should be soon," Han Sheng smiled slightly, "Miss Xing wants to use the place of Elder Fang's demon statue to play the piano. Is it possible?"

"It doesn't matter, it's boring for me to stay here. Since Miss Xing is willing to play the piano, that would be great." Elder Fang suddenly opened his eyes and said with a smile.

The old woman Qiu Bo then walked to a corner of the stone hall and sat down on the ground with her guqin on her knees. She let out a long sigh and said faintly: "Back then, when Ji Kang was about to be executed in Dongshi, there were three thousand students from the Imperial Academy. Please be my teacher. I will give you permission." Kang Gu looked at the shadow of the sun and played the harp, saying, "In the past, Yuan Xiaoni tried to learn "Guangling San" from me. I have always studied Guangling San, and "Guangling San" is now complete!"

Qing Yun Zhi 1 Xiao Yicai_Qing Yun Zhi will Xiao Yichang die_Qing Yun Xiao Ding

Elder Fang was shocked when he heard this, and was astonished: "Isn't Miss Xing going to play the long-lost "Guangling Stop" by Ji Kang, a genius from the Wei and Jin Dynasties?"

"Exactly." Gushu Yunping said proudly.


The old woman Qiubo sighed quietly, tears welling up in her eyes: "Back then, Nie Zhengqi was a powerful man. He swallowed charcoal to change his voice, knocked out his teeth, hid his knife in his harp, and assassinated the King of Han. Then he used the knife to destroy his face and cut off his body. So much so that he abandoned the market and no one knew him. A woman hugged his body and cried, "My son Nie Zheng avenged his father. I am afraid that he will harm his mother and destroy his appearance. How can I hide my body in order to protect the area?" What’s the heroic name of my son?’ Then he fell into a trap and died because of his severed blood vessels…”

The stone hall was quiet, and everyone looked at her silently.

"Master Gushu, please listen carefully. "Guangling San" opens with one paragraph and three small prefaces, all named "Zhixi". Five major prefaces: Jingli, Shencheng, Shunwu, Yinshi, Qianshi. Zhengsheng Paragraph 18: Take Han, Huyou, dead body, make Qi, hold ambition, meditate, return to the soul, hide things, rush to the crown, Changhong, cold wind, get angry, fierce woman, accept people, make famous, hold light, sink Name, Throwing the Sword. Ten paragraphs of random sounds: majestic traces, keeping pledges, returning to power, ending the hatred, final thoughts, comrades, using things, resigning to ministers, Qi titles, Wei Xing. Eight paragraphs after the preface: the meaning of meeting to stop, the meaning of ending, Sadness, sighs, sighs, sadness, resentment, and plans for death.”

"Ding dong…" Qiu Bo, the old woman's fingertips, lightly teased the strings of the piano, showing a simple and desolate sound.

Han Sheng silently exited the stone hall and returned to the glacier. At this time, he heard a vague "buzzing" sound in his ears, as if coming from the distant sky.

Looking up, he saw a Black Hawk helicopter flying rapidly towards this direction in the afterglow of the setting sun.

The helicopter circled twice overhead, the roar of its motor deafening, and then slowly landed on the ice tongue. The red "August 1st" logo can be seen on the fuselage. This is an Air Force aircraft, the same as the one Uncle Fei took two years ago.

Qing Yun Zhi 1 Xiao Yicai_Qing Yun Zhi novel Xiao Ding

The propeller stopped rotating, and then the hatch opened and a few people jumped out. The leader was an old man of medium build, wearing a grass green military coat, a sheepskin cotton military cap, a pair of black-rimmed glasses, and a large mask covering his face. Covered up tightly, the Gu man finally came…

Behind him were Director Zhang of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, Ah He and Zuo Zi. The last girl who came down was Xiao Jian. She was also wearing a small military coat and her face seemed a little pale.

"Well, Youliang, you are indeed here," the Gu man stepped forward and stared directly at him with his sharp eyes, "If I guessed correctly, Song Laoguai must be dead, and it should be you who did it, right?" "

"Yes, I killed him." Youliang shrugged and admitted.

The Gu man's eyes immediately turned and he sneered twice: "Mr. Ghost Claw, it turns out you are here too."

"I'm here to avenge the death of Shuizuma and Spider Hand." Ghost Claw said angrily.

The Gu man snorted and ignored him at all. He looked at Han Sheng and the others, with doubts in his tone: "Are these the masters of the Blue Moon Valley?"

"Ouch, how brave!" Mr. Wu shouted suddenly, "Who are you, a monster? I am here, the admiral, why don't you surrender quickly and avoid death…"

The Gu man looked at him in surprise, looking at his attire, he looked like a part-time actor in an opera. When he took a closer look, his heart moved slightly, and he realized that this guy was actually a flying zombie drought demon that he hadn't seen for many years.

"Where are you from, Admiral? Let me tell you." The Gu man looked at him mockingly.

"I am the Wu Jiabang of Shashan Mountain. I was the admiral of the Yangtze River Navy in the Qing Dynasty. I was a first-class official in the current dynasty. I commanded and controlled the five provinces of Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Anhui, and Jiangnan. I killed countless long-haired people…" Mr. Wu took the opportunity to brag. The majestic energy remains the same as before.

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