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"Damn, here we go again." I cursed harshly.

I rented on the first floor of an old dormitory with a long history, and the first floor was all single rooms without a living room or balcony. Therefore, having no place to dry clothes and quilts became one of the worries of the residents on the first floor.

Until recently, a resident in the middle of the first floor installed a strong steel pipe on the ceiling of the corridor. From then on, he often hung clothes on the roof of the corridor to dry. That's all. The most annoying thing is that sometimes the water is not wrung out of the clothes he hangs out. After a while, if such a drop falls, the residents passing by will be affected. Sometimes the trousers and skirts hung out to dry are too long, and residents often touch their hair when passing by, which inevitably makes them angry.

The reason why I still rent in this building is because of the legend that an old resident of the building hanged himself. The rent is almost cheap, which is very attractive to a poor atheist like me who has just graduated. But after moving in, I regretted it.

That night, I drank and chatted with old classmates whom I hadn’t seen for a long time, and didn’t return to the dormitory until midnight. Since the corridor light broke a few days ago and I didn’t have time to replace it, I turned on the shooting function of my old-fashioned mobile phone and relied on the dim long flash to illuminate the path. However, I still didn’t see the underground water beach. When I passed by, I felt several drops of ice on my head and neck. The water penetrated all the way up to my back, and I shivered with the cold in the winter. If I hadn't been a good drinker, I would have knocked on that resident's door.

I just cursed a few words to vent my anger, and then I went back and fell on the bed. That night, perhaps because of the influence of alcohol, I didn't sleep well all night. I always felt like there was someone dangling outside the crack of the door. When it finally got close to dawn, I was deeply sleepy, but I was distracted by the noise outside the door. Not long after, someone knocked on my door hastily.

There were two policemen standing outside the door, and the corridor was full of people, all residents of the building. The police asked me about my trip last night and whether I saw any suspicious people or encountered any unusual situations. I told the truth and said there was nothing unusual. However, what the police said next made me sleepless, and a chill ran through my body.

The resident who installed steel pipes on the corridor ceiling hanged himself last night.

The time of death estimated by the police was not long before I returned to the dormitory. I heard that the death was very horrific. The rope strangled the tongue out. When the deceased was suffocating, he struggled instinctively and bit off the tongue. Blood dripped down the body to the floor.

I couldn't help shivering several times, and looked back at the pillow. Sure enough, the snow-white pillow cover was stained with bright red color. The water droplets I mistakenly thought when I returned to the dormitory were actually the blood of the deceased.

Things didn't just go away like that. The resident who lived next door to the deceased said that after the time of death last night, he clearly heard sounds in the deceased's home, and it seemed like someone was walking back and forth in the corridor all night long. After listening to the video of a ghost story with numb scalp, I realized that the black shadow I saw outside the crack in the door was not a dream or hallucination.

The news exploded in the crowd. Some people said that the dead residents of the past were resurrecting their bodies, and some said that the figure last night was the soul of the deceased looking for the bitten tongue. The more I listened, the more frightened I became, and suddenly I noticed that an old man over eighty years old who lived on the top floor looked at me with strange eyes. After the police left, the old man walked up to me and said seriously: "You are next."

I quickly asked about the situation, and the old man said that there was the miasma of the deceased on my head. If the soul of the deceased really wanted to find his tongue, he would definitely come back to me. Even though I was an intellectual who had studied in college, at that moment, I felt that maybe I should believe it.

According to the old man's instructions, I bought all kinds of props from several places in the city. It was already night when I got home. I hurriedly hung the mirror on the back of the door, followed the old man's instructions without turning on the lights, and burned the prepared props. In this way, when the undead appears, the mirror will reflect its appearance and scare it away.

The room was too dark and I couldn't light the props, so I took out my phone on the bed and prepared to use the phone's light for lighting. Only then did I realize that I had only turned off the steady flash the night before, but the unlock keypad was still stuck in the shooting interface, with the above display There is a newly filmed video.

I opened it and saw that it was taken last night when I went back to the dormitory to light up. After seeing the picture, I was so scared that I couldn't speak.

At that time, the mobile phone captured a person on the ceiling of the corridor, but it was not the dead resident, but the murderer who was caught on the steel pipe and mixed in the clothes because I came back suddenly and had no time to hide. The white shirt was soaked in blood, slowly dripping down the hem. The murderer turned out to be the resident next door to the deceased, and he had a big quarrel with the deceased over the debt issue that afternoon.

Maybe he cut off the deceased's tongue because he didn't keep his promise to pay back the money. Maybe he hung the deceased in the corridor to cover it up with legends in case I noticed the blood dripping on him. Maybe the murderer wanted to find out if I found out last night. Strange and lingering outside the door.

"Sure enough, I was discovered by you." A familiar voice came from behind. The mirror on the back of the door reflected the same face as in the cell phone video.

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Rating: This story deftly combines the inconveniences of everyday life with the supernatural to create an atmosphere of tension and mystery. The protagonist's experience makes people sympathize, and it also triggers readers to think about their own living environment. The police investigation and neighbor's prophecy in the story add to the suspense, and the eventual revelation of the truth via mobile phone video is an eye-catching ghost story video that reflects the unexpected role of modern technology in solving traditional puzzles. On the whole, this is a ghost story with a compact structure and twists and turns, which contains both horror elements and the fun of reasoning.

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