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Pig Ghost

The old man in the village said: The soul of the pig that ate poison and died will not disperse and become a wandering ghost. It will come to the world to spread swine fever and kill more pigs. This is the pig ghost. There are several ways to defend against the pig ghost: if you hear its voice, it is best not to look at it. Let it keep calling. It will not take the initiative to hurt you. When it gets tired of calling, it will automatically leave. If you really see it, pour a bowl of cold water on it and curse it loudly, which will also scare it away. In addition, the pig ghost is afraid of the crowing rooster. If you feed a rooster at home, the pig ghost generally dare not come in, because most ghosts are afraid of the crowing of the rooster, so the pig ghost is no exception. However, the pig ghost generally does not go to villages where there are few pigs. The purpose of the pig ghost is to spread swine fever and kill more pigs, so it generally goes to villages where there are many pigs.

In the past, many villagers in the village raised pigs. Sister Li from the next door raised a fat and strong sow. Sister Li liked this sow very much and gave it a nice name, Ah Hua. One day, Sister Li went to the river at the east end of the village to cut grass for Ah Hua, but she accidentally cut poisonous grass. Ah Hua died after eating this poisonous grass.

Just after Ah Hua died, one night, while Li Sao was sleeping soundly, she suddenly heard a pig-like "woo woo woo" sound coming from the yard. Li Sao felt that this sound was very familiar, very much like Ah Hua's cry, and thought that Ah Hua was not dead and was alive again, so she ran to the yard to find it in surprise. When Li Sao came to the yard, she found that except for the cold moonlight and the cold wind, she could no longer hear Ah Hua's cry, let alone see its trace. Li Sao thought that she had just mistaken the sound of the wind for Ah Hua's cry, and did not think much about it , and turned back to the house to rest.

In the middle of the night of the second day, Li Sao was awakened by the "woooooo" sound coming from the yard again. She listened carefully for a while and found that this time it was not the sound of the wind, but Ah Hua's cry. Li Sao wanted to put on her clothes and go to the yard to see what was going on. At this time, her husband was also awakened by this strange sound. Seeing that Li Sao wanted to go to the yard to take a look, he stopped her and said, "Xiang (Li Sao's nickname), don't go! Our flower is dead, and now the cry is the ghost of the flower. If you go, it will hurt you."

When Mrs. Li heard his words, she realized that she had encountered a pig ghost. She was so scared that she crawled into her quilt and dared not sleep. At the same time, the pig ghost in the yard kept calling until the rooster in the village crowed before it would leave. Mrs. Li also fell seriously ill because of this.

A few days later, the pigs around Mrs. Li's house began to contract swine fever and died in large numbers.

However, after this strange encounter with the pig ghost, Mrs. Li fed the pig ghost a big crowing rooster, and the pig ghost never dared to come to Mrs. Li's house to make trouble again.

The blind Tu Ye in the village had also seen the pig ghost. When Tu Ye was young, he was not blind and often went out to do some small business. Generally, people who go out to do business often walk at night and encounter some strange things. Tu Ye is no exception.

At that time, Tu Yeye was young, strong and courageous. He was not afraid even when he encountered those unclean things. However, every time he traveled at night, Tu Yeye always drank some wine, because wine could give him courage and drive away the cold.

Once, Tu Ye Ye was on his way back from a distant market when his cart got stuck (Note: At that time, the countryside was still very backward, most people did not have tricycles, and business people used carts to pull goods). Both wheels were flat, but fortunately his goods were sold out, otherwise it would have been really troublesome for him. He had no choice but to pull the cart to a car repair shop in a nearby village to fix the tires.

The tire repairer was an old man, his hair and beard were completely white, but he was in good spirits. He looked at the moon that had risen and asked Grandpa Tu: "Young man, where are you going so late?"

Grandpa Tu said, "I have sold all my goods and I am going home."

The old man asked again: "Where is your home? Is it far from here?"

Seeing that the old man was amiable and had no ill intentions, Grandpa Tu told him where he lived.

After hearing this, the old man frowned and said with concern: "Your home is still far from here, and it's so late. You still have to pass by an old cemetery. That old cemetery is often haunted. Many people have seen ghosts there. Don't leave tonight. Stay here with me. It won't be too late to continue your journey tomorrow."

Grandpa Tu thought of his sick mother who needed his care, so he declined the old man's kindness. After repairing the tire, the old man gave Grandpa Tu a bowl of Erguotou, asking him to drink it to drive away the cold and strengthen his courage, and gave Grandpa Tu a torch to light to light the way.

In this way, Tu Yeye said goodbye to the old man, pulled the cart in one hand, held the torch in the other, and hurried home with full energy.

After walking for about half an hour, he came to the road to the old cemetery, and something strange happened. There was no wind, and the torch was burning brightly, but suddenly and inexplicably it was about to go out. He quickly stopped the cart, and while there was still a flame on the torch, he wanted to blow it to light it again.

But at this moment, he suddenly felt something behind him helping him blow the fire. He didn't have time to think about it, so he pushed the torch behind him. Then he heard the screams of a pig being burned by the fire. Grandpa Tu turned around and looked behind him. At this moment, there was only a cold wind blowing behind him, and there was no trace of the strange thing.

Grandpa Tu knew that he had encountered a pig ghost, but he was not afraid. He knew that after he burned the pig ghost, it would not come to trouble him again, so he pulled the cart and returned home safely.

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