Hanged Man

★ Hanged ghost

This is what the old man said. He also heard his cousin retell it.

At that time, the people of Shandong were suffering from a disaster. What disaster was it? Zhang Zongchang was in charge of Lu. This man is a big warlord who does all kinds of evil and is known as General Dog Meat. He didn't know three things, one of which was that he didn't know how many concubines he had. With supervision like this, how can the discipline of the soldiers be improved?

A friend of the old man's cousin was looking after the house of a wealthy family in the suburban area (no one in the family was here, so he hired a person to look after the house for the purpose of looking after the house). That evening, a woman suddenly ran into the house. He was startled, and the woman asked him for help, saying that soldiers were chasing her. This is too much. The friend placed the woman in the woodshed. The firewood in the woodshed was piled almost to the roof, so my friend thought it was safe.

As soon as they were settled, the soldiers arrived. Cursing and telling him to hand over the women. He said no one was coming. The soldiers didn't believe it and searched everywhere. My friend stepped forward to stop him, but was knocked to the ground several times by the soldiers and then tied up. The soldiers searched around and found the woodshed, and my friend was upset. Unexpectedly, the soldiers went in and turned around, kicked him several times and walked away. He slowly pulled away the rope and went in to take a look. It turned out that the woman heard him being tied up and knew it was inevitable. Hanged in the woodshed.

My friend couldn't bear it, so he bought a rag mat and asked a few poor friends to bury the woman in a mass grave.

A few months later, a plague broke out in the area. Many people died. My friend looked at the house and couldn't leave. He thought he was waiting to die. I didn’t expect that I would always be in better health and eat better.

After the plague passed, as mentioned earlier, the old man's uncle who knew how to cure ghosts came to the city and stayed with him. As soon as he entered the house, he said there was a ghost spirit. My friends who don’t believe me tell me, uncle, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. Look at how many people have died, but I am the only one who is safe. No ghost will take me away first. Uncle said, well, it’s a bit strange.

In the evening, the uncle set up a formation and the two of them watched. After a while, something floated outside the door and was about to enter. Another one floated out somewhere. Later, this person said to the person outside the door: This is the substitute I am looking for. That one just floated away. The uncle jumped out to activate the formation, and then the thing was suddenly trapped. When the old man was about to kill the evil man , his friend stopped him: it was the woman who had hanged herself. The hanged ghost quickly said: He died suddenly and could not be reborn, so he could only wander around the house. When the plague broke out, many ghosts came looking for a substitute. In order to repay her kindness, she told the ghosts that her friend was the substitute she liked. The new ghost didn't dare to argue with her, so her friends were safe.

Her uncle thought that she was repaying her kindness, so he calculated the time and direction for her and told her that she could rush to reincarnate at that time and be a Xiaobin in the next life. The hanged man was overjoyed and saluted.

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