Kilrogg Dead Eye Strategy Pure Yin Body (10)


One day when I came home from school, as soon as I stepped into the door, I saw Jiang Chenxi shaking his head at me and telling me to leave quickly.

His body slowly became transparent and his spirit became increasingly depressed.

My heart tightened when I saw the talisman attached to his body.

This is my teacher, how could I abandon him, and he was obviously coming for me, so there was no way he could escape.

I took out a mahogany sword from the door, executed it with one hand, and quickly recited a spell from my mouth.

Suddenly a white-haired old man came out of the house. He snorted coldly: "You are raising a ghost at such a young age. Don't you know that this is against common sense?"

With a "click", the talisman fell from Jiang Chenxi's body, and he quickly floated behind me.

"I told you to leave quickly. Why are you coming back? This guy is not a good person."

I glared at him, then turned to look at the old man: "I only know that you broke into a private house and broke the law. Also, who asked you to come here?"

The old man burst out laughing: "There is no law in my eyes. Your mother asked me to take you home. I calculated your horoscopes for you when you were a child. I didn't expect you are still a member of the Ke family now."

It turned out to be him. I was so angry that I kept chanting spells at the corners of my mouth, and threw a bunch of spells at him.

"You're such an immoral girl, you actually did it before me."

After the old man finished speaking, he struck me directly with his sword.


I flew out directly and hit the big tree at the door. A mouthful of blood flowed from the corner of my mouth.

As soon as he got up, he was knocked back. Jiang Chenxi looked at me with a worried face, as if he had made up his mind.

"Remember in October, you can't use Maoshan magic to harm people in the future. You should do more good deeds to accumulate merit."

He chanted a long series of spells in his mouth, his body slowly became transparent, and a red fireball in his dantian grew bigger and bigger.

I yelled, "No!"

The fireball rushed directly towards the old man, and he couldn't avoid it.

Then there was a loud bang and the entire yard was in flames.

My tears were falling down. I was indeed an ominous person, capable of defeating not only people, but also ghosts.

Jiang Chenxi was the best to me in this life, and he just disappeared before my eyes.

Later I found out that a relative of his needed a kidney transplant, and mine was just right. He agreed to give me 50,000 yuan as a reward, and he specially found an expert to take me back.

That family deserves to die, I will never let them go.

I cast a peach blossom spell on my own mother to make her like more old men.

A few days later, everyone was running in the same direction.

Someone shouted loudly: "Old Chen's house is busy. Come over quickly."

There was a sneer on my lips and I quickly walked over there.

Before arriving at Chen's house, I heard a woman's miserable cries.

I am very familiar with this voice, the one who often beats and scolds me, saying that I am only worthy of being around a dog.

Look, it's just a peach blossom spell. If you use it well, you can get help from noble people, but those with evil intentions will be entangled by rotten peach blossoms.

The front door of the Chen family has long been surrounded by a large group of gossips.

Fortunately, I was a child, so I followed the crowd and pushed left and right, and finally came to the best viewing spot.

She was beaten beyond recognition, her clothes were in pieces, and a large area of ​​skin was exposed to everyone.

I heard a man next to me say, "I didn't expect this old lady to have a pretty good figure. No wonder she was spotted by a factory director."

After the man finished speaking, many people followed him.

I had a faint smile on my face. I used to call me a bitch, but now everyone calls her a bitch.

My own grandfather, holding a whip in his hand, kept beating the woman on the ground.

That technique was so skillful that I will never forget it. They used to practice it on me.

"If you dare to make me a cuckold, I will beat you to death today and throw you into the back mountain to feed the wolves."

Opening his confused eyes, he saw the exaggerated howling sounds of those people through the gap.

My mother was wiping away non-existent tears with her right hand, and the corners of her mouth couldn't help turning up. I could tell that she was in a very good mood now.

Those relatives said loudly: "October is so disobedient that she ran away by herself. Although she is a naughty girl, we are very reluctant to let her go. We hope that everyone can bring her back after seeing her."

My fists were clenched tightly, and they were chatting loudly at the door of the dormitory about my disappearance. I didn't see the sadness in their eyes, nor did I see any trace of their search.

I knew they didn't want me to go back at all, so how could they be worried about me being abducted.

Followed by the blood-red baby boy, he stuck out his tongue at me, made faces, and even took off his head to play with it.

I can feel his happiness, finally no one will compete with him for his mother.

I squatted in the cardboard box and cried silently. They just didn't have a punching bag.

The old man outside smiled and said, "As you can see, without me taking you away, you will be beaten all the time. They don't want you to exist at all, and maybe they will celebrate your departure tonight."

I hummed softly, and then he stepped on the tricycle and walked swaggeringly in front of the group of relatives.

Two days later, we stopped in a deep mountain, where trees were shady and even the air was free.

Looking up, a crumbling thatched house appeared in front of me.

There is a large group of Ah Piao around 10 years old wandering nearby. There are boys and girls, but they are all wearing red skirts and have a weight tied to their feet.

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There was also a middle-aged man named Ah Piao, who was wearing Taoist robes. He looked at me and shook his head.

I was so frightened by their tragic situation that I stepped back and looked at the old man in horror. Could it be that he had killed all these people.

The old man chuckled: "I know you can see them. I will definitely cherish the pure yin body that is rare in a thousand years. You can eat and drink enough every day, all I need is a little blood contribution from you."

After the old man finished speaking, he took out a pile of fragrant food from the package.

"Come here and give me an answer after dinner, do you want to make this deal with me?"

I have never seen such sweet food. In the past, it was my turn to eat the leftover food from my relatives.

I glanced at the old man, touched my stomach that kept growling, smelled the fragrant roast duck, and swallowed involuntarily.

But I know that as long as I eat it, I will be his blood slave from now on.

I couldn't eat, so I turned my head slightly and looked away.

The old man laughed so loudly that the wrinkles on his face could kill a fly.

"You're a little girl with an unusually stubborn personality. Do you think I can't cure you in my territory?"

He muttered something quickly. For a moment, my mind went blank and I sat obediently eating next to him.

After drinking and eating, he set up a formation on the ground, placed a wooden sign next to it, inserted three sticks of incense, and burned paper money as an offering.

A trace of blood floated from my heart, slowly flew into the wooden sign, and then disappeared.

The whole process only took ten minutes. I felt so tight in my chest that I almost fainted.

People are dying here, so we must find a way to escape.

In fact, after seeing so many red dresses, Ah Piao shouldn't have the idea of ​​staying here.

Maybe I will be their next one.

A satisfied smile appeared on the man's face, and the wrinkles on his brow seemed to fade a bit.

"That's right. That's it for today. I'll come back in a few days."

I saw that person leave so casually, not caring that I would escape.

Touching his chest, even a fool knows the importance of this place.

Until I couldn't see the old man, my head suddenly felt sober.

When I started to recall bits and pieces of the past few days, I seemed to have entered a nightmare-like place.

I slowly walked outside, trying to see if I could escape.

But I was obviously walking forward, and after more than ten minutes, I returned to the dilapidated hut.

I tried three times, but the final result was still back to where it was.

This place is too weird. If you stay any longer, your life will most likely be lost.

The middle-aged man in Taoist robes, Ah Piao, floated gently in front of me: "This is the Qimen Bagua Array. You can't get out at all now."

I quickly asked: "How can I get out? I don't want to stay here. I feel like he will kill me sooner or later."

He sighed: "You must study Maoshan Taoism seriously before you can break out of the formation."

Hearing what he said, I nodded vigorously, for fear that he would suddenly change his mind.

He looked at me seriously: "I want to make it clear to you first. I don't know what your qualifications are, and whether you can learn how to break up the formation before he drains your efforts."

I nodded seriously, no matter what, I would try it.

He looked at me deeply: "I have one more request, find ways to kill him. Don't worry, he has done too many evil things. If you kill him, you can get a lot of merit points."

I thumped and looked at my thin arms and legs, which could be blown away by the wind when I walked.

He pointed his finger at himself and said doubtfully: "You see me like this, can I kill him? Do you have any grudges?"

He nodded without saying anything, waiting for my answer.

Touching my chest, I looked at him leisurely. Even a Piao does things that take advantage of others.

"Yes, but it must be within my capabilities."

He glanced at me and said calmly: "October, do you know why he brought you back?"

I shook my head, maybe it was because I didn’t have any relatives around and it was convenient for him to take me away.

He said calmly: "You are a body of pure yin, which can be used to extend your life. The final result will be the same as Ah Piao behind you."

I glanced behind me and secretly decided to study hard and kill that man.

Learning can be boring, especially with a long list of stinking terms.

Fortunately, my memory is amazing, and Teacher Jiang said that I have very good qualifications.

In a few days, I memorized two Maoshan magic books and learned simple spells.

Jiang Chen hoped that I would make great progress and teach me more carefully. He seemed to see a glimmer of hope in me.

As the sun set, the man slowly walked over and chanted the spell softly, and I became that obedient person again.

He put on the life-sustaining formation, and my blood went into the Buddha amulet.

Teacher Jiang told me that this is the pattern life-extending method, which is a method commonly used by evil cultivators.

This time I feel more uncomfortable in my chest than last time. I must seize the time, otherwise if I try again a few times, I will just wash my hands.

The man left a bunch of delicious food for me, but I had no appetite.

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"Teacher Jiang, will I die? Did all those Ah Piao die because of his extension of life?"

Jiang Chenxi nodded, a trace of sadness flashed in his eyes.

"Almost one person can be used by him 10 times, so you have less than two months. If you can't learn the formation, you will just be like them, floating in this place unconsciously."

I looked at him firmly: "Teacher Jiang, please arrange more classes for me, I can bear it."

In the following days, except for sleeping, eating and going to the toilet, I studied seriously the rest of the time.

The man seemed to know that I was studying and also knew who was teaching me.

He looked behind me and said unscrupulously: "You are still the same, always like to make fearless struggles."

After he left, Teacher Jiang told me that he had personally taught every child who came here. It's a pity that the qualifications are not very good, and no one can learn the formation to escape.

After this conversation, I studied hard and didn't dare to neglect it at all.

Jiang Chenxi asked me to learn various spells that were extremely destructive and specialized in defeating evil cultivators.

I also saved a thick stack of talismans, hoping to bring me some good luck.

Late at night on July 15th, I was woken up from my sleep by Jiang Chenxi.

"October, hurry up and run to the due east 'Shengmen'. That man will be here in ten minutes. Now he is being attacked and will have to drain all your blood to survive."

When I heard what he said, I quickly put on my clothes and ran towards the woods due east.

"Teacher Jiang, come with me, what if he goes crazy and hurts you?"

After Jiang Chenxi thought for a moment, he nodded slowly and floated next to me.

Recently, Teacher A Piao taught me a set of Bagua moving ground boxing. My physical fitness is much better than before, and he knows the terrain of Fali very well.

Without him by my side, I would most likely have accidentally broken into the Bagua Array and ended up with no bones left.

I obeyed Jiang Chenxi's command and ran for more than ten minutes. Still at the edge of the formation, I stood under a big tree and heard angry yelling.

"Teacher Jiang, I feel that he is very angry. The injury may not be as serious as you think."

Jiang Chenxi made a gesture and asked me to "close the door" to the southwest and fight my way out.

"October, believe it or not, he is older now than when you first met him. There are injuries all over his body. Your small body is not enough for him to work hard. You will definitely die this time."

I shivered with fright and touched my aching chest. I prayed silently in my heart that it would be great if I could lead the teacher to get rid of this demon.

"Teacher Jiang, should we escape now, or take advantage of his illness to kill him."

Jiang Chenxi's eyes flashed with appreciation: "October, do you know why he wanted you to see your parents for the last time?"

He paused for a moment, and then Youyou said: "This is so that after you die, the debt will be placed on your parents. He never thought of letting you out alive."

I nodded slowly, my determination to kill the man even stronger.

There was a smile on Jiang Chenxi's lips: "Let's go out from Xiumen, and then enter due north. There is an "open door" there, and we can go out. Taking advantage of today being the Half-Ghost Festival in July, we will use those children he has hurt to clothe A ghost gate."

I continued to run in the southwest direction, Jiang Chenxi was always telling me the direction of my feet.

"October, you have to hurry up, he has already entered the Qimen Bagua Formation."

The sweat on my forehead has blurred my eyes, and my little heart is beating.

"Teacher Jiang, will we die?"

Jiang Chenxi looked at me speechlessly: "What are you talking about, little girl? Talking about death with an Ah Piao. The most I can do is be wiped out in ashes, and now that you have angered him, you will not die well if you are caught."

I stared at the sky speechlessly, already beginning to miss the days when I was beaten.

At least I have something to eat, and my life is not in danger.

"Don't be discouraged in October. We still have a chance to go due north."

I turned to look at him, and at some point, a group of Ah Piao in red dresses followed him not far behind.

I wiped my sweat and ran forward quickly. How could I die here at such a young age?

I don’t want to be one of those people in red who died miserably.

"Stop in October, right here. I'll teach you how to set up a ghost gate formation."

I nodded, opened the package on my back, and followed Teacher Jiang's instructions, using stone powder to lead a path, and setting up a white marble stake for controlling ghosts in the center.

"In October, bite the Zhongchong point on your left middle finger and let the blood drip on the jade pile."

I sighed and bit down hard. The formation eye must use the blood of Zhiyin to anger those A Piao.

As the blood dripped down, the group of Ah Piao in red dresses followed the path of the stone powder, and the evil energy on their bodies became stronger with each circle.

The old man raised his head and looked at me, "Jie Jie Jie!" and smiled.

There was a loose skin hanging on his face, falling directly to his collarbone. The whole eyeball is particularly prominent, and the facial features are not in their normal position, which makes people's hair stand on end.

"You think they can stop me?"

I curled my lips and said, "Why are you talking so much nonsense? I'm just sitting here. Come over if you can! What's there to say about an old guy who's over two hundred years old?"

The old man gave me a vicious look: "You little heartless kid, I brought you out of that home, so you should repay me with your hard work."

I sat next to him and ignored him. Anyway, Ah Piao in the ghost gate array would become more and more powerful.

And more and more Ah Piao regained consciousness and looked at the old man fiercely. As long as he dared to step into the formation, they would pounce on him and bite him to death.

That man wants my hard work and must break through the ghost gate.

I sat outside and used it as a tool to lure him into the battle.

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I just don’t know whether he will choose to give up or enter the ghost gate to fight.

The old man coughed violently, and a large amount of blood clots spit out from the corner of his mouth.

When I saw it, I felt sick to my stomach.

Jiang Chenxi floated next to me with a faint smile on his face: "Those are the organs in his body, a bit like lungs."

When I heard what he said, I immediately vomited.

"It seems that this backlash is particularly serious. This is the best time to eliminate him."

I rolled my eyes wildly at him, this is really a good teacher for me.

The old man gave me a cold look and slowly walked into the ghost gate.

In an instant, all the red-clothed Ah Piao rushed towards him, biting his body continuously.

His face became increasingly ugly, and he walked towards me with difficulty.

"October, have you forgotten all the spells I taught you? Hit him hard."

Jiang Chen hoped to tell the group of red-clothed Ah Piao to stay away so as not to be accidentally injured.

I took a deep breath, stood up, and executed a quick one-handed attack. First, I cast a Five Thunder Curse on him.

I recited in a low voice: "The heaven and earth are infinite, and the universe is borrowed from the law. I serve the founder of the Sanqing Dynasty. Give me divine power, and five thunders will fall from the sky. Those who obey me will live, and those who go against me will perish. The urgency is like a law. The five thunder curses!"

"Boom!" There was a loud noise.

A thunderbolt appeared on the man's head, and his messy white hair was directly chopped black.

He groaned and spit out a large lump of blood clots from his mouth. He didn't know which organ it came from.

I saw that the effect was pretty good, so I continued to recite the spell and used all the attack spells I had learned on him.

At this time, he was paralyzed on the ground motionless.

Jiang Chenxi gave an order, and all the red-clothed Ah Piao pounced directly on his body.

It took a lot of energy for me to sit down against the tree and enjoy the man's painful screams.

More than an hour later, the man's voice became quieter and quieter, and when I looked over again, there was only a pool of dark, smelly blood.

"Teacher Jiang, is this demon dead? Where is his soul?"

Jiang Chenxi looked at the blood indifferently: "Oh, the soul was eaten clean by those red-clothed A Piao. This can be regarded as karma."

I looked at the group of Ah Piao who were still spinning in circles: "Should we break this ghost gate? We are worried that the Ah Piao inside will be too powerful and endanger other people."

Jiang Chenxi looked at me speechlessly: "Of course we have to break the formation. I will stop them while you destroy the ghost exorcism pile in the center of the formation."

I nodded and started chanting spells to attack the pillar. After a few spells, it fell apart.

The teacher is so smart. They are trapped with stone powder. As long as they continue to recite the rebirth mantra, they will become better sooner or later.

Feeling his hungry stomach, he sat cross-legged and started chanting.

"Namo. Amitabha Night. Duotaga Duo Night."

A week later, I slowly walked outside with a package on my back.

"Teacher Jiang, I still don't want to go back to that home, even though they probably can't beat me now."

Jiang Chenxi looked at the blue sky outside and said softly: "If you don't want to go back, don't go back. You are not an ordinary person now. It's not up to you to decide how you want to live."

I touched the talisman placed on my chest and felt relieved immediately. These are all money.

If you are free and have money, whoever goes back will be a fool.

I used a few good luck charms and returned to the small county town easily.

After helping a lady solve a problem, she helped me apply for a household registration book.

The head of the household is Jiang Chenxi. I changed my name to Jiang Xiwei. I am his granddaughter.

Now, I have nothing to do with the old Chen family.

I found a small courtyard near them and begged Jiang Chenxi for help to check on their recent situation.

"In October, your mother is pregnant, this time it's a son."

There was a sneer on the corner of my mouth. They lived so happily without me as a burden.

Fortunately, I didn't choose to go back, otherwise my mother would definitely try to throw me out.

However, I still want to know the expression on her face after touching me.

The next day, I cleaned up and showed up on time at the market where she bought groceries.

We just broke into each other's eyes. She looked at me in shock, then turned away.

I heard her whisper, "The old man clearly said he would never come back. What's going on now? I will never return the 500 yuan to him. It's not me who asked her to come back."

My little face was full of shock. My biological mother put on a show and sold me to a big pervert for 500 yuan.

I stood there blankly, my mind filled with the murmurs of my biological mother, Li Lanfang.

"Wake up October, it's not a big deal. Don't forget, we crawled out from the devil's hands." Jiang Chenxi's voice rang in his ears.

I sniffed and quickly followed in the right direction.

Anyway, I want to know the real situation.

I walked over and stopped her: "Why are you running so fast? Are you afraid that I will go back?"

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She turned to look at me, with deep hatred in her eyes.

"Who are you? Why are you following me? Believe it or not, I will beat you up like a thief."

I almost laughed out loud when I heard what she said. This is the so-called biological mother.

Now he still wants to beat me up, thinking that I am as easy to bully as before.

"I just want to ask, do you know that human trafficking is illegal? Believe it or not, I will go to the police to arrest you right now."

When the woman heard what I said, she was stunned for a moment. It seemed that she had never thought that I would dare to talk to her like this.

The people around us slowly came closer and looked at us with gossipy faces.

She wanted to pull me towards the alley next to her, but I stopped in front of her and remained motionless.

It's better to have more people, and it's better for everyone to see her true face.

She glared at me fiercely: "I am your biological mother, so what can I sell or not? It is the hard-earned money given by others. After raising you for so many years, is 500 yuan a lot?"

I was so disgusted by her that I almost wanted to vomit. How could there be such a mother?

I looked at her coldly: "You tell me honestly, or I will go to the police station to sue you now. And that pervert is not an ordinary person. If he comes here to trouble you, don't blame me."

Li Lanfang seemed to remember something, and she couldn't help but shiver.

She looked at me doubtfully, still unable to believe that I could come out alone.

She looked around nervously, fearing that the man would suddenly appear and ask her for money.

"Why don't you live a good life with him? Go back quickly, or I'll beat you to death."

The people next to me were confused, but the eyes they looked at my mother were full of scrutiny.

"Are you really not going to confess? Believe it or not, I asked my uncle and aunt to help me pull you and go to the police station together."

She looked at the people around her with gossipy eyes.

Just waiting for a word from me, I can take her to the police station right away.

She thought for a moment and whispered: "He came to me and said he would take you to live a good life so that I can have another son, 100% a son. You know, our family needs a son, and you can still live a good life." , the best of both worlds.”

An aunt next to her couldn't help but said: "How did you become a mother? Give away your daughter just to have a son? A cruel person like you doesn't deserve a son."

There were constant scoldings coming from all around, and Li Lanfang looked at me with even colder eyes.

If there weren't too many people around, she would definitely beat me up.

I cried quietly: "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu distance, 500 yuan, I was sold, am I only worth 500 yuan? I really worked so hard to give birth to a son."

As soon as I finished speaking, everyone started to accuse my mother again, and a few enthusiastic ones had already dragged her away to the police station.

The woman screamed in fright, and there were more and more people around.

There was a sneer on my lips. She cried loudly: "She has a son in her belly now. There is no place for me in that home, and I can't go back at all."

The more I talked, the sadder I became, then I turned and ran away.

A few days later, I heard the news: My biological father and mother both lost their jobs and were kicked out of the staff dormitory.

One night, while I was sleeping soundly, Jiang Chenxi shouted loudly in my ear.

"October, wake up, your parents are chatting with a man at the gate."

I opened my eyes wide and quickly stood up and dressed. They must have bad intentions when they come here in the middle of the night.

Just as I was about to open the door and go out, I heard their small conversation.

Quickly got myself a few lucky spells.

Li Lanfang, the biological mother, whispered: "Don't worry, I can take it back and raise it for a few years. I guarantee that I will give you a fat and white son."

A hoarse voice came: "I can only give you 300, you are too young, I will support you for many years."

His biological father Chen Qiang said coldly: "Although he is young, at least he is a youngster. At least 500, love or not."

Then there was no sound, and I don’t know if they reached an agreement.

After a while, a strange man climbed into the yard and opened the door to let two other people in.

I sat in the shadows of the yard, with a sneer on my lips, and said in a long and sinister voice.

"What are you doing here?"

The three of them were so frightened by me that they jumped on the spot, patted their chests and ran out.

For a moment, Li Lanfang was pushed in front and walked in slowly. The people behind did not allow her to step back. Then they saw me.

The woman looked at me fiercely: "You damn girl, you are scaring people in the middle of the night. Believe it or not, I will kill you."

I said coldly: "Who are you? Is it against the law to break into a private house? I can let you go to jail now."

Chen Qiang glanced at me and snorted coldly: "You are my daughter, why can't I come."

I looked at them coldly: "You three thieves should be beaten for illegal intrusion and stealing items."

He picked up the stick next to him and swung it at them. The first stick hit Chen Qiang hard on the calf. He immediately fell to the ground and screamed loudly.

"You unfilial son, I am your father, you dare to hit me, aren't you afraid of thunder from the sky?"

I sneered: "They say a tiger cannot eat its venom. You sold me out over and over again. Aren't you afraid of going to the eighteenth level of hell?"

The man next to him coughed lightly and said: "Your daughter is too fierce. I can't sell her for 100 yuan. If you agree, I will take her away now."

The two people looked at each other and kept saying yes, yes, yes, for fear that the person wouldn't want it.

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The man rubbed his hands and walked over with a lewd smile: "Are you going to walk back with me or be carried back by us?"

Jiang Chenxi said from the side: "October, he has practiced, you have to be careful."

I was stunned for a moment, not realizing that such a slender person knew martial arts.

A stick was swung at him, but he dodged slightly.

My parents seemed to see hope and kept cheering me up.

With a bang, the door was opened, and a group of strong men appeared in front of us.

My eyes lit up, the spell just now was not in vain.

"Uncle, help me! These people suddenly broke into my house and wanted to kidnap me and sell me."

Li Lanfang came over holding her stomach: "Comrade, don't listen to her nonsense. She is my daughter. I have found a good husband for her."

I secretly pinched my thigh and looked at those people with tears in my eyes.

"Uncle, I have been sold by them once, and now I want to sell it to an old bachelor in his forties or fifties. Ah! How could I have such parents?"

The more I talked, the sadder I became, and I was out of breath crying.

The group of people looked at them coldly: "Is what she said true?"

Li Lanfang glared at me and said confidently: "This is our household matter, you'd better leave it alone."

The few people looked at each other, and with a few swipes, they were subdued to the ground.

"What are you doing? Believe it or not, I will go to the police station to sue you."

A few people shrugged: "Okay, I'll send you there now. Alas, I already got off work, but now I have to go back and work overtime."

Several people kneeling on the ground looked at them in surprise. This luck is outrageous.

After arriving at the police station, at first the three of them tried to kill each other and refused to admit that there was a transaction. I gave each of them a truth spell before they confessed.

In the end, it was determined that they were influenced by the idea of ​​​​preferring boys over girls. They secretly gave me to others to raise me for a small "thank you fee". This was an act of private adoption and could not be punished as a child trafficking crime for the time being.

But this caused serious harm to me, and they wanted to give me away again. The circumstances were very bad and it was a crime of abandonment.

I refused to go back with them, and the police gave them a profound ideological education, fined them 1,000 yuan, and detained them for 14 days before letting them go.

When they came out, I started to take revenge.

That old bachelor didn't even spare a few years old girl, he was so heartless. Use the prescription provided by Jiang Chenxi to ensure that he will never be able to get hard in his life.

I made a peach blossom charm for my biological father at a wall away from Chen's house, and arranged the most beautiful girl for him.

I asked Jiang Chenxi to help track Chen Qiang.

He told me that he had met 5 beauties in the past few days and had sex with 2 of them, one of which was arranged by me.

They also met to get divorced and then got married.

A few days later, my biological mother Li Lanfang discovered from clues that there was more than one person outside her husband.

She dragged a group of sisters and blocked them in a rental house.

The sound of screaming and cursing alarmed the surrounding neighbors, and I followed them quietly.

I saw with my own eyes a group of women swarming up and punching and kicking the mistress.

Li Lanfang was beating and scolding: "You stinky bitch, you even dare to rob me. Believe it or not, I will put you in a pig cage today. Even if I beat you to death today, no one will dare to say a word."

The woman covered her head tightly and looked at Chen Qiang pitifully.

A trace of pity flashed in the man's eyes, and he strode over.

"You shrew, you are so ruthless. I will be unlucky for eight lifetimes by marrying you. Get out of here."

After the man finished speaking, he pushed Li Lanfang to the ground with a palm.

She said "Ouch" and fell to the ground, covering her stomach with her hands.

"Husband, my stomach hurts so much, our son!"

A trace of blood slowly flowed out from Li Lanfang's body. Chen Qiang trembled, picked up the woman and ran outside.

With a faint smile on my lips, I went to the market and bought a bunch of ingredients.

I'm in a good mood today, so I should celebrate.

Jiang Chenxi came back and told me that Li Lanfang had miscarried a baby boy. This time it was extremely harmful to her body and it would be difficult to conceive another child.

I nodded, the smile on my lips getting a little deeper.

With a few lucky charms, I successfully entered the best primary school in the county.

I was too young and the teacher was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

As a result, after a few months, I became an outstanding student in the eyes of teachers, a child of other people in the eyes of parents, and a cold academic leader in the eyes of classmates.

Teacher Jiang is bored and will often tell me about their current situation.

Chen Qiang is starting his own business, and the beautiful woman I found has already started giving him advice.

He kept asking relatives to borrow money, and his investment projects were guaranteed to be perfect.

Many relatives invested with him.

His slogan is: get back your capital in one year, make a small car in two years, and buy commercial housing in a big city in three years.

A gold necklace as thick as a pinky finger hung around his neck, and he held a big brother in his hand, showing off the posture of a successful man.

Everyone thought he had made a lot of money, and they were willing to give him their own money for investment.

Li Lanfang had a miscarriage, so she stayed at home and watched her husband go out and have a good time.

She clutched her aching stomach Kilrogg Dead Eye Raiders and kept insulting me in various ways.

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