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The village is not big, with a population of more than 200. To the south of the village is a small river. The water in the river has dried up now. It is said that it used to be a living river. This morning, at dawn, there was an old man in the village who couldn't sleep and got up early. He just walked eastward along the river. As for why he walked eastward at that time, he didn't even know.

After walking about 200 meters from the village, he saw something shaking on a big tree by the river. The old man thought whose clothes had been blown here by the wind. Let’s go and take a look.

When I came to the side, I saw a person. Judging from the color of her clothes, she should be a young woman. It was obvious that someone had committed suicide! The man was still swaying gently with the wind, and the branches were "squeaking". The old man dared to look at this man's face!

The old man was so frightened that he rushed towards the village, shouting, "Whose family is short of people! Go to the east end of the village and have a look!"

Many people got up in a hurry when they heard it, and many people gathered in a short while. When everyone came there again, a few brave young people put people down. But the person was already stiff and had obviously been dead for a long time.

It turned out that this person was a girl from the village, about 20 years old. In the past few days, she has not spoken to anyone. I heard that it was because of emotional disputes. When the police station finally arrived, it was already dawn and her family members were crying to death…

Originally, this matter should be considered over, the person died and was cremated. But on the fourth day after the cremation, I kept hearing someone crying loudly in the middle of the night in the east end of the village. The first one I heard was an old widow who lived in the east of the village. Because this girl was easy to chat with, the widow could distinguish her voice very clearly. The next day, this matter was widely circulated…

It was even more terrifying that night. The crying sound came from far to near, all the way around the village. He even knocked on her door. Her brother was the only one at home at that time. He would never forget the girl's voice! Her brother went to live with relatives the next day and did not dare to come back.

Many young people in the village didn't believe it. A few bold ones carried kitchen knives, sticks and mining lamps and prepared to see what happened that night. They lived in Lao Qi's home in the east, because Lao Qi said that he heard the crying sound passing by his door every night.

Late at night , where will I go if I am no longer a human being? Where will I go if I am no longer a human being after I turn off the lights? They lie at the window and look out. It was very quiet outside, with only the sound of the wind. Because of the tension, you could hear each other's heavy breathing.

Suddenly they heard what seemed like a faint sigh, followed by small and large cries, which sounded particularly harsh at night! In the end, it turned into a heart-rending scream, which was simply not like the sound that a human could make!

After a while, the sound moved this way, and two timid ones ran into the back room in fright. Because they had spoken to that girl before, and they knew whose voice it was.When the sound approached the side of the house, there was only one person left at the window, let alone a light to see.

When the crying sound had gone far away, they dared to run to the window and found that the last remaining person had fainted.When he woke up and asked him what he saw, he just trembled and refused to speak.

The crying continued for a week, and several people even knocked on his door. As soon as it got dark, every shop would close early. They will never forget that sound in their lifetime. They know what it means to cry like a ghost and howl like a wolf.

Afterwards, no one heard about it anymore, and many people were frightened from the bottom of their hearts when they mentioned it.

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Evaluation: This story creates a tense and terrifying atmosphere by describing a series of strange events in the village. Starting with the young girl's suicide, to her cries and phantom-like appearance on the night after her death, every detail adds to the horror of the story. The author skillfully uses environmental description and character psychological description to enable readers to personally feel the fear and despair of the village residents. The end of the story leaves a suspense, and this incomplete explanation adds to the mystery and appeal of the story. Overall, this is a wonderful ghost story that can arouse horror and curiosity in readers.

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