Every Midnight Lives A Crazy Story: Marriage Fraud (5)

Grandpa squatted down, looked at me very seriously, and said earnestly: “Liangzi, you have also seen that grandpa has caught ghosts a few times, and I don’t know if he will encounter more powerful ghosts in the future. I know you are a hangman.” Ghost, your neck is not afraid of pain, but is your face also not afraid of pain? Grandpa said: “The swollen face can be cured. If you are strangled, you will have no second life!” Qi, evil spirits and thieves all perish. My grandfather more than ten years ago had much fewer wrinkles than my grandfather when I was in college, but the wrinkles of my grandfather who had just exorcised the hangman at that time suddenly became much deeper, and they were more serious than the wrinkles I saw after I went to college. … Continue readingEvery Midnight Lives A Crazy Story: Marriage Fraud (5)

The Ghost Of The Weird Classroom

Before Xiao Wang walked over, he saw that the fog was getting bigger and bigger, and finally covered everyone. When the fog disappeared, Xiao Wang was surprised to find that the class was gone again, and the lights in the classroom were back again. Off immediately. As a school, it naturally doesn’t believe in the theory of ghosts and gods. No matter how real Xiao Wang described last night, the school did not believe him. It was rumored among the students that they were killed by those ghosts. Since then, the news has spread, the school finally demolished the teaching building under pressure, and later invited several Taoist priests to do it. … Continue readingThe Ghost Of The Weird Classroom