Green Ghost Tori’s Strength Chapter 288: Familiar Operations

A good meeting was originally intended to praise Yang Jian, hold a personal celebration party, and let Yang Jian show up among other Interpol police officers, so that he could be a key training target in the future.

Little did he know that these ghost masters were more difficult to deal with than imagined.

It's okay to be unruly, but a bit arrogant to the point of being arrogant.

Although the identity of the ghost controller is very special and powerful, and he has weird abilities that are superior to ordinary people, it is very stupid to maintain this attitude when facing Yang Jian.

Regardless of Yang Jian's identity as a newcomer, he himself is also a person who has controlled two ghosts.

He is not the weakest among the group of ghost controllers present. Lin Long can look down on Yang Jian as a newcomer, but he must not look down on this ghost-eyed detective who has controlled two ghosts.

"Can't you stop it?" Li Jun looked solemn at this moment,

It was also a ghost realm, but his ghost realm was actually suppressed by Yang Jian's, and it was suppressed in all directions.

This shows that Yang Jian's ghost realm is far above him.

It has only been a while since the last ghost coffin incident in Huanggang Village, probably no more than three months. It is really extraordinary that this Yang Jian has grown to such an extent.

"If you can't invade his ghost domain, you can't bring Lin Long out of it. If you can't suppress Yang Jian's ghost domain, any action will fail." Li Jun's eyes moved slightly. He wanted to use the second weapon Only ghost abilities.

But Wang Xiaoming on the side stopped him: "It's too late. With Yang Jian's ability to move, the matter may be over at this time. What we see should be just an illusion, and you may not be able to lock Yang Jian. You can't do it for a person." Lin Long dragged you into the water."

Out of his understanding of Yang Jian, Wang Xiaoming knew that this guy had a very violent personality. Once he got started, he would be a ruthless person and would risk his life at every turn. He did not have the maturity of an adult to stop at the slightest sign and give up when things get good. and steady.

But it is precisely because of this character that has not been sharpened by society that he is still sharp and sharp, which makes him unique.

With the defeat of Li Jun.

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and the hands-off, wait-and-see attitude of others.

The little friction in the conference room ended quickly.

Everyone saw Lin Long in the ghost realm being strangely controlled by the headless ghost, unable to move freely. Finally, he walked into the box and locked himself in.

When Lin Long was imprisoned by him with a look of despair.

The box disappeared with the people.

Yes, he disappeared right in front of everyone, not in the conference room, nor in this stadium.

"Yang Jian, where did you take the people? I have no objection to you teaching him a lesson, but you can't just kill the people. It will be difficult for me to give an explanation to the headquarters." Zhao Jianguo was shocked and angry.

Yang Jian looked at him, and then said: "I think this Lin Long will definitely find ways to retaliate against me in the future. This guy is petty, so I sent him to a very safe and private place. Don't worry, I didn't kill him. I I'm not that kind of narrow-minded person. I have the strength of Qinggui Dongli . Others just scolded me and threatened me a few times. How could I kill someone."

You still have the nerve to say that others are petty, so you are the one who is petty~!

The other people watching in their eyes thought to themselves.

However, after thinking about it, everyone was still very shocked by the fight between Yang Jian and Lin Long.

There was no so-called three-hundred-round battle between the two. It was a collision between ghosts. Lin Long's terror level was not enough, so he was crushed directly without any reason.

If Yang Jian was a ghost, he would be dead now.

"Since you didn't kill him, what are your plans?" Zhao Jianguo breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that Lin Long was okay.

Yang Jian said; "I just want him to avoid appearing in front of me as much as possible in this life. The box is just a layer of insurance to prevent his ghost from accidentally running out and causing harm to me one day, so I have to think carefully." One thing, don’t be nervous, that Lin Long is nearby, um, probably about 10,000 meters away.”

Ao Oni Tori's strength_Ao Oni Tori and Red Oni Ploki_Ao Oni Tori and Red Oni Bloki Ji

Ten kilometers away?

Everyone's eyelids jumped when they heard this data.

Ten kilometers doesn't seem very far, but it's incredible that Yang Jian's ghost domain can cover it to such an extent.

A ghost that can affect such a large area, once revived, will definitely be an A-level supernatural event, or even an S-level supernatural event.

"Hurry up and send someone to retrieve Lin Long."

At this time, Deputy Minister Cao Yanhua, who was hiding in the corner and shivering and did not dare to participate in the fight between these ghost masters, said hurriedly.

Yang Jian said; "No need, the ten thousand meters I said are not on the ground, but…underground."

After speaking, he looked at his feet.


Everyone was stunned for a moment, and then almost jumped up.

Sent to a depth of 10,000 meters underground, is this possible?

Cao Yanhua also froze suddenly.

If the person is ten kilometers away, he can still be found, but how to find him underground?

Dig with an excavator?

Stop making trouble, that is simply unrealistic. Although it is possible to do this with human technology, who would do it?

Ao Oni Tori and Red Oni Broki_Ao Oni Tori's strength_Ao Oni Tori Red Oni Ploki

"If you can rescue him from underneath, then just treat what happened today as if it never happened. I won't care about it. After all, you all saw it just now. He was the one who made the first move. I just fought back in self-defense. Even if it's If you go to court, I can argue with your arguments." Yang Jian said.

"This is a cruel person."

Detective Cao Yang's mouth twitched slightly.

What is 10,000 meters underground? This is a complete display of strength. I am confident that no one here except him can save Lin Long.

"Li Jun, can you do it?"

Although Zhao Jianguo looked ugly, he couldn't accuse Yang Jian of being wrong. Instead, he looked at Li Jun.

"I can't reach a distance of 10,000 meters, at most 8,000 meters." Li Jun told the truth.

Yang Jian smiled and said nothing. He had already estimated the limit of Li Jun's ghost domain before. His one layer of ghost domain could not resist Li Jun, but his two layers of ghost domain could crush him. However, he used two layers of ghost domain to send him away. It is impossible for Li Jun to send things to the extreme distance that can be achieved. If he could do it just now, he would not be defeated.

Zhao Jianguo was even more helpless after hearing this.

There was a distance of two thousand meters, how could it be possible to fish the person out?

"Yang Jian, if you really don't want to consider letting me go, how about giving me some face?" Zhao Jianguo had no choice but to continue talking to Yang Jian, hoping to solve the problem through negotiation.

Yang Jian said: "Of course, I'm not the kind of unreasonable person. Let's do it this way. I'll release the person with a ghost candle. The price is very fair."

I agreed so readily.

Why does this operation feel familiar?

Zhao Jianguo thought for a moment and discovered that Yang Jian used a similar method to sell Feng Quan, the first Interpol police officer in Dachang City, for several hundred million that time outside Huanggang Village.

Ao Oni Tori's strength_Ao Oni Tori and Red Oni Broki_Ao Oni Tori Red Oni Ploki

This guy must be addicted to selling his teammates.

"I can't decide on that thing. You need to apply for it, and you can't apply for it without enough reasons. How about you change the conditions? I can increase your gold quota for you. An ordinary criminal police officer is one hundred kilograms. I I'll increase it to 500 kilograms for you," Zhao Jianguo said.

They say they are increasing the gold quota, but they are actually spending money to redeem people.

The extra 400 kilograms of gold is the price of redemption, and this is not a one-time thing, but a long-term one.

Yang Jian said: "This does sound very good, but it's not even interesting."

After the safe house is built, his current demand for gold is not very large, and with 40 shares in Guanjiang Community, he will not have to worry about money for a while in the future.

"Professor Wang, can you think of a solution?" Zhao Jianguo had no choice but to ask Wang Xiaoming for help.

Now that Yang Jian has established his authority and taught others a lesson, it's almost over.

He believed that as long as the price was given, Yang Jian would choose to let him go, but if he missed this opportunity and couldn't give him any chips, Lin Long would really be in trouble.

Wang Xiaoming thought for a while and said: "I have made too many promises during the Starving Ghost incident. I don't have anything valuable in my hands at the moment. As for the ghost candle, I have promised to give one away. If I still want to take it, If you want to redeem someone with one stick, it can only be done on credit. I wonder if you agree, Yang Jian?"


This kind of thing can actually be said out loud.

"You don't know when to give me this credit. Maybe when I die, you can light a ghost candle on my grave." Yang Jian said.

"Two months." Wang Xiaoming said.

Yang Jian said: "In that case, let Lin Long jump around outside for two months."

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The implication is that if Wang Xiaoming breaks the contract in two months, Lin Long will still be buried.

"But I don't want to see this guy in the future. Let him stay far away from Dachang City and dare to take a step forward. Or if we meet him in the future, I will give priority to dealing with him before supernatural events."

"Zhao Jianguo, you guarantee him."

There was no negotiation, just a strong arrangement.

"Okay." Zhao Jianguo agreed bravely.

If something happens to Lin Long in the future, his guarantor will also be eliminated by Yang Jian.

Yang Jian said again at this moment: "But I really want to know the strength of Qinggui Dongli . How valuable is Lin Long? Is it worth letting you protect me like this? I don't know if the headquarters will rescue me in this way if something happens to me in the future."

"No, you are mistaken, I am not asking for Paul Linlong."

Wang Xiaoming said: "His value is not worth a ghost candle. The reason why I agreed to this condition is just because the transaction object is you. With your current ability, if you add a ghost candle, you should be able to solve the big problem by yourself." For most paranormal events below A level, even if you don’t trade, if you apply for deployment when encountering paranormal events in the future, you will still agree.”

"The value of the ghost candle is very great, but it also depends on whose hands it is. It is the most wasteful for ordinary people to use it to save their lives. Only when dealing with supernatural events can the ghost candle exert its greatest value."

"As for your question, if something happens to you in the future, as long as you are not dead, the headquarters will send out all the people to rescue you, even if it means sacrificing some people, it will be worth it."

Hearing what Wang Xiaoming said, the others looked at Yang Jian in surprise.

Is his existence value so great now? Even if someone else is in danger, Yang Jian must be saved, and he is still eligible to apply for the deployment of ghost candles. If the gold quota is increased, it will be increased, so it is better to make a small fuss in front of the deputy minister.

In addition, when dealing with Lin Long, Li Jun only dared to save people, but did not dare to collide with Yang Jian head-on, lest the matter escalate.

There are various signs that no matter how nonsense Yang Jian's action report is, his status in the criminal police headquarters is probably second only to Wang Xiaoming.

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