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There is a rare animal on Phoenix Mountain – musk sheep. There is a thread sac between the navel and genitals of male musk sheep, which can secrete musk and is a valuable medicinal material and spice. However, after years of hunting by mountain people, the musk sheep have reached the point of extinction, so the government issued a decree banning the hunting of musk sheep.

After the hunting ban, the government set up a hunting team to confiscate all the firecrackers in the hands of the mountain people. There is only one exception, and this person is Su Wang who lives deep in the mountains. Su Wang's family has been hunting for generations. His father was the most famous hunter in Phoenix Mountain, and countless musk sheep died in his hands. Unexpectedly, when Su Wang was 18 years old, when his father was aiming at an old musk sheep in the mountains and fired, the barrel of the gun exploded. When carrying him home, Su Wang's father only said, "Remember…to burn paper money for the mountain god…" and then died.

From then on, Su Wang took over the firecracker from his father. He remembered his father's last words. Every time he went into the mountains to hunt musk sheep, he would respectfully burn paper money in the corner of his house to honor the mountain god. Suwang soon became an excellent hunter. With the gun in his hand, he lived a life of ample food and clothing, then married a wife and had children. His son Su Xiaolin turned 18 years old and entered a high school in the county town.

Now that the government has banned hunting and asked Su Wang to hand over the musket, he is naturally unwilling. If he doesn't hunt musk sheep, how will he feed his family and pay the tuition for his son in high school? So he began to resist, and finally he and the hunting team went to hide and seek in the mountains. It was impossible for the hunting team to come to his house every day to do his ideological work, so they had to let Su Wang keep the gun in his hand.

That evening, his son Su Xiaolin came back from school. He hesitated for a long time and said, "Dad, the government has banned hunting. The teacher asked me to persuade you to hand over the gun…" Su Wang interrupted his son angrily. He said: "If you hand over the gun, what will I use to pay your tuition next year? You really only know how to study and don't know the difficulties of running a family."

Su Xiaolin said unconvinced: "Chunsheng's family has a fire gun, isn't his dad raising mushrooms? Tieniu's family has no fire gun, isn't his dad growing herbal medicine?" Su Wang shouted: "Oh! I'm not old enough. Damn, you will teach me a lesson! Your dad knows nothing but hunting deer!"

Su Xiaolin plucked up the courage and said, "Our teacher said that if you don't hand over the gun , I won't be allowed to take the college entrance examination next year." This move was so effective that Su Wang was immediately He was stunned and stood there foolishly, speechless for a long time.

In fact, Su Xiaolin lied to his father by saying he was not sure about the college entrance examination. He just wanted to use this method to force his father to hand over the gun.

At night, Su Wang tossed and turned in bed, unable to fall asleep for a long time. He knew that there were fewer and fewer musk sheep in Phoenix Mountain, and the government was indeed right to ban hunting, but he was still unwilling to do so.

Early the next morning, Su Wang said to his son: "In order not to affect your future, Dad will go up to the mountain to shoot for the last time today. After this shot, Dad will hand over the fire gun to the hunting team. From now on, Dad will collect herbs in the mountains. Planting herbs…”

When Su Wang said this, tears filled his eyes. Su Xiaolin felt sour in his heart after hearing this: "Dad, let me go up the mountain with you today! I want to supervise you. You can only fight this time, and you can only fight one muskrat. After the fight, I will accompany you to use the musket." Leave it to the hunting team." Su Wang thought for a while and agreed readily.

After breakfast, Su Wang burned a few pieces of paper money in the corner of the house, prayed devoutly for a while, and then led his son up the mountain with a firecracker.

After wandering around for several hours, Su Wang and his son finally found an old musk sheep. The old musk sheep also saw Su Wang and his son, but it didn't run away. Instead, it turned around and faced Su Wang, with its hind legs on the ground. The body stands up like a human being, with its two front hooves put together like a bow.

Su Wang was stunned for a moment, and for a moment, the old musk sheep turned around and jumped onto a high rock.

Only then did Su Wang find a little musk sheep standing not far away. It turned out that the old musk sheep was interceding for the little musk sheep by not running away! Su Wang didn't care anymore. He raised the gun and pointed it at the little musk sheep. With a "bang" shot, the iron code passed through the little musk sheep's eyes accurately. After a while, the little musk sheep's legs gave way and fell down.

At this time, the old musk sheep on the rock jumped its front legs, knelt down, put the tip of its mouth close to the ground, and screamed "wuwu baa baa". He gouged it out, turned around and ran away.

Su Wang only regretted that his fire gun could not fire two shots in a row, and watched the old musk sheep run away. However, hitting a small musk sheep is also rewarding.

Amelia Su saw the scene just now clearly. At this moment, he stood there, not knowing what he was feeling.

Su Wang asked Su Xiaolin to pick up the little musk sheep, and then he loaded an iron code into the musket.

Su Xiaolin saw it and said, "Dad, you have fired a shot and killed a musk sheep. Let's go back! Hand over the musket."

Su Wang said: "No. Dad said this was the last time he went up the mountain to shoot fragrant deer, but he didn't say he would only shoot one shot. Dad would feel uncomfortable if he didn't shoot the old fragrant deer." After that, he carried the gun and walked forward. go. Su Xiaolin had no choice but to carry the little musk sheep and follow behind.

Not far away, Su Wang heard the rustle of the beast walking through the grass not far ahead, and could vaguely see the beast's short, snow-white tail. Su Wang smiled, the old musk sheep was determined today.

Finally, Su Wang found the old musk sheep leaping lightly into a small open space in front of him. The old musk sheep stared in the direction of Su Wang, its red agate eyes unblinking and seemed a little moist.

Su Wang's heart was beating wildly. Standing like this, a perfect opportunity came. As long as the trigger is pulled lightly, the iron code can be shot in through its left eye and out through the right eye without damaging its fur at all. In this way, in addition to getting a good price for its musk, its fur is also worth a lot of money.

Su Wang was about to lift the blunderbuss, but suddenly turned around and thrust the blunderbuss into Su Xiaolin's hand by accident, and said, "This is a rare opportunity. Come and shoot it in the eye." After that, he Just walked away quietly.

Su Xiaolin held the blunderbuss and hesitated. He didn't know whether he should listen to his father's words. Shooting is very attractive to him, the descendant of a hunter. He learned to shoot when he was 8 years old, and by the time he was 16, he had already developed a good marksmanship with perfect accuracy. At this time, his heart was beating wildly, and he kept comforting himself: just fire this shot, and after firing this shot, he would hand the gun to the hunting team, and he would never go into the mountains to hunt musk deer again.

Thinking like this, Su Xiaolin raised his eyes to look at his father, only to see that his father had tiptoed around to the opposite side of the old musk sheep. Su Xiaolin slowly raised the gun.

There was a loud "bang". Su Xiaolin's eardrums seemed to be deafened by the loud noise. He vaguely heard a scream of "ah", but this "ah" was definitely not coming from the old musk sheep. After Su Xiaolin understood, he hurriedly threw away the gun and ran over like crazy. He saw that the old musk sheep had fallen to the ground, and the iron code passed through its left eye and shot out of its right eye! Next to the old musk sheep, his father was lying in a pool of blood. The iron rod had passed through the old musk sheep's head and then pierced his forehead!

"Dad, what's wrong with you? How could this happen?" Su Xiaolin held Su Wang's head and cried.

Su Wang spat out a mouthful of blood and said, "This old fragrant deer has become a spirit. It lured me here on purpose…"

"Dad, let me bandage you…"

"U-no need." Su Wang grinned, but he never smiled. Somehow, he felt that he should also leave a message to his son, so he said with difficulty: "Don't shoot fragrant deer anymore, hand over the blunderbuss…" After saying this, he tilted his head and died.

"Dad──" A series of heartbreaking cries came from Phoenix Mountain…

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