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Do ghosts really exist? Terror is like the slippery inner wall of the ancient well covered with moss, tightly entwined like a snake, spreading like a vine…

The scariest place in my memory is my aunt's house. The two-story wooden house built near the river is dilapidated and dilapidated due to its age. It is like a dying trapped animal, crumbling and falling apart. The layout of the first floor is like a tomb passage in a pyramid. It is narrow, dark, and damp, leading straight into the depths of darkness. There are no windows, and there is no sunlight all year round. The so-called walls are all made of old wooden boards, exuding an air of decay. The smell was covered with yellowed old newspapers because they were too rotten and damp; at the end was a staircase made of wooden planks, with twelve steps, and then at a ninety-degree corner, there were twelve more steps, and every step of the way, there was a smell. The "creak" sound was like the groan of a seriously ill old man, and the handrails were covered with dust. Go straight to the second floor and dream of a dead snake without a head . It will give you a feeling of darkness and light. There are two rooms with large windows and plenty of sunshine!

I was still in elementary school at that time, about seven or eight years old. Because my aunt was very good to me and her daughters would play with me, I would often go there and stay for a whole day. I vaguely remember that strange things always happened in that dark and damp wooden house. Maybe it was because I was young at the time and didn't feel scared, but now I get goosebumps when I think about it.


One time I went to my aunt's house, and she happened to be out. There were only two aunts, my second aunt, and my third aunt in the wooden house playing in one of the rooms on the second floor.

Just as we climbed onto the bed to grab pillows, a female voice came from behind the door. It was cold, low, and slightly hoarse, and said fiercely: "Don't go up there!"

We were startled and jumped out of bed.

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Dreaming about a dead snake without its head_ Dreaming about a dead snake without its head_ Dreaming about a dead snake without its head and blood’/>

"Second aunt, who is behind the door?" I tugged on Second aunt's sleeve and asked in a low voice.

"I don't know, don't be afraid. Second aunt will go and take a look." Second aunt walked over and opened the door. However, there is nothing behind the door!

"Maybe I heard it wrong." Sangu smiled, as if nothing happened. I didn't think much and continued to grab pillows. But at this moment, the weird voice sounded again, and it was the same sentence – "Don't go up!"

As if it was her territory, sacrosanct.

This time I didn't dare to move. I was sure the sound was coming from behind the door. Sangu swallowed, walked over and opened the door, but there was still nothing behind it. We were all confused now, and we didn’t dare to stay in the room any longer, so we quickly went downstairs!

The matter dropped and we never mentioned it again! To this day, that eerie sound remains a mystery!

Dreaming about a dead snake without its head and blood_ Dreaming about a dead snake dreaming about not being dead_ Dreaming about a dead snake without its head


That day, there were dark clouds and the sky was dark and low, which made people feel very depressed. I went to my aunt's house to have dinner alone.

My aunt came out and asked me what I wanted to eat for lunch. I said I wanted to eat tofu. My aunt immediately changed her shoes and prepared to go out to buy them. "Xiao Yu, you go upstairs and play, your fourth aunt and the others are upstairs," my aunt told me. I nodded and went straight upstairs.

The stairs were narrow and dim. When I reached the second floor, I closed my eyes because I couldn't bear the sudden strong light. About ten seconds later, I opened my eyes and found that the dark sky cleared up in an instant. The sunlight filled the room through the windows, with divine tones, warm and soft, exuding rich colors like sunflowers, everything seemed unreal. I called "aunt" several times, but no one answered. I walked straight into the room, which was empty. So I turned around and prepared to go downstairs. At this moment, there was a trivial sound of "swishing" from under the bed, and I saw my aunt crawling out from under the bed.

"Auntie, didn't you go out to buy tofu?" It's strange. You clearly saw your aunt going out, and there is no back door to her house. How could your aunt appear under the bed?

Although my aunt is still like my aunt, she feels very strange, as if someone else lives in the familiar skin. She stares at me with fierce and cold eyes. It seemed like time suddenly froze and we just looked at each other. I don't know how long it took, but she slowly opened her mouth, her voice was dry, old and full of wrinkles, sharp and harsh – "I didn't go out!" At that moment, she felt uncomfortable, and there was something called fear. The things spread like vines, so I timidly said "oh". She was still staring at me, their eyes facing each other. It was bright and sunny, but the air had a cold texture that was frozen. It seemed like a century had passed. She finally withdrew her gaze and turned around to go downstairs. Got it!

Dreaming about a dead snake having no head and no blood_ Dreaming about a dead snake having no head_ Dreaming about a dead snake dreaming about not being dead

At this moment, I felt dizzy, the world seemed to spin suddenly, and the sunlight became particularly dazzling. "Xiaoyu, when did you come up?" Fourth aunt suddenly appeared behind me. In an instant, the world finally became stable, the dazzling sunlight disappeared, and the window returned to its previous gloom. "Auntie, where have you been? Why weren't you there when I just came up?" I asked my aunt curiously. "Not there? No, your third aunt and I were always in the room!" The fourth aunt was a little confused. "That's weird. I just saw my aunt crawling out from under the bed!" I told my aunt.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I finished speaking, there was a sound of opening the door downstairs, "I'm back!"

Auntie is back. I quickly ran down, took her hand, and asked, "Auntie, what were you doing under the bed just now?" Maybe you were looking for something, I thought to myself. "I didn't go under the bed! Why did I go under the bed?" My aunt smiled and patted my head, thinking that I was talking crazy.

That's strange, my aunt obviously crawled out from under the bed! I'm confused, but children always forget things or things easily. Soon I went upstairs to play by myself!

Now that I remember it, I still can’t figure it out. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that there are many spaces in the world. They are separated because of the non-overlapping magnetic fields and the distance of light years. And one day in the future, the magnetic fields will be separated due to some kind of reason. Due to the coincidence, the distance of light years is zero, and the two spaces overlap. In the movie "Silent Hill" there is also a scene of two spaces, the same house, but the weather is cloudy on one side and sunny on the other! If this is true, then I must have arrived in another dimension, where the sun was shining brightly, the birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant, and I met my great-aunt who lived in that dimension.


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When my second aunt was in her senior year of high school, her best friend died in a car accident.

Every night, my second aunt would always hear the footsteps of someone going upstairs in the hazy moment. Then she saw her friend standing next to the bed, asking her to go out and play! The second aunt said that it felt like a dream but not a dream. They would walk on the street over and over again every night until dawn.

When my aunt found out, she was very angry. She said that the girl must have wanted to find someone to keep her company, so she took the second aunt away specially, and asked the second aunt not to follow her again! The second aunt was also scared, so she pretended to be asleep every night and let her friends call her whatever they wanted. If she didn't wake up, the girl would keep calling the second aunt and not leave until dawn.

Later, the second aunt graduated from high school and went to a small distant village to work as a teacher, and the girl never appeared again! She quickly forgot about it. During the summer vacation, the second aunt came back and dreamed of a dead snake without a head . At night, the girl appeared again. She said to the second aunt: "Where have you been during this time? I come to see you every night! Come on, let's go out for a walk!" The second aunt pretended not to hear, turned around and continued to sleep. The girl I kept calling her, and at dawn, she said, "I will come to see you tomorrow night, don't fall asleep" and left.

The second aunt was very scared, she didn't know what to do. The aunt bought some incense candles, paper money and other things, and took the second aunt to the girl's grave! While burning paper money, the aunt said to the girl: "You are my daughter's classmate, I am her mother! Please don't come to see her again in the future. You are good friends, and you are hurting her by doing this. I hope you will think carefully about it." think."

On the night they came back, the girl came to her second aunt's bedside as usual. She cried and said sorry to her second aunt, as a good friend she shouldn't have done this, and said she would never come to her second aunt again! She left at dawn and never appeared again!

A lot of strange and weird things happened in the old wooden house, but these three things impressed me the most, and I will probably never forget them in my life!

And how many things in this world still exist that cannot be explained by science?

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