Short Ghost Story About Mother Killing Twins

July 15th

Today is the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month, the day when the legendary gate of hell closes and opens. Therefore, dear ghost friends, close the door when it is time to close the door, affix the amulet when it is time, and burn paper money when it is time to do so. People who have done bad things should repent. As the saying goes: If you walk too much at night, you will always encounter ghosts. So in the past few nights, I tried to walk less at night and do less bad things to avoid attracting ghosts. The sky is spirited, the earth is spirited, the Supreme Lord is as anxious as the law. . .

Get to the point. When I was a child, I grew up in the suburbs of Chengdu, the urban-rural fringe, where outsiders and locals met, and all kinds of information blended into each other. Also includes information on various ghosts and monsters. These places are the cradle of ghost stories. So you can always hear a lot of stories about ghosts.

Every midsummer evening after dinner, everyone goes out with cattail fans to enjoy the cool air. The elders can get together. They would chat about various household matters, gossip, national affairs, etc. If you listen carefully to their conversations, most of them contain exaggerated, exaggerated and other words. When I really have nothing to say, I tell ghost stories. Although I feel scared when I hear the elders telling these stories, the more scared I am, the more I can’t control myself and the more I want to hear them.

There are believers, not unbelievers. But there are many people who are dubious, whether they believe it or not, it all depends on their personal experience. I seemed to have encountered those things when I was a child. Now I will share the ghost stories I encountered when I was a child. You are welcome to share the ghost stories you have experienced or heard. The more the better, the more the merrier!

when I was young. There is a large bamboo forest behind my house. The bamboo forest is very dense, dark and scary, and there are many graves. Many people who starved to death during famines were thrown into that bamboo forest. Note that they were thrown away rather than buried. Many corpses had been eaten by wild dogs.

According to people of my grandfather's generation, when they were young, the bamboos grew very thick, and some bamboos were as thick as an adult's thigh. In the bamboo forest, there are some hen golden roosters with a group of little golden roosters, golden horses, ghost ducks and the like. They are all impossible to catch. If you want to catch them, you have to use a whip soaked in black dog blood. Hit it with one whip and beat the golden rooster to death, and it will turn into gold. Some people have also seen a golden horse. It is only over a foot tall and runs very fast with its whole body covered in golden light. But these legends are so untrue. Those are just legends, and the people who tell those stories have never seen it with their own eyes. Ghosts are very common. But I also saw that thing once when I was a kid, but I didn’t know if it was real!

I was only 2 to 3 years old at that time. At that time, the 1983 version of "The Condor" was being broadcast, but there were frequent power outages at that time. Whenever there is a power outage, the mothers-in-law in our yard will go to a neighbor's house outside the bamboo forest to watch TV! Because his family was a relatively wealthy family at the time. There is a power outage fuse in his house, which is actually a battery. It used to be called a power outage fuse. It is a bit like a thermostat and has the same principle as a fish cooker. Haha, many people have never seen a fish cooker, so let’s talk about the theme!

The twins were thrown to death by their mother_One explanation for the death of the twins_The mother smashed the twins to death

At that time, we kids also joined in the fun and watched "The Condor" together. But I have no memory of it. I just remember that Mei Cao was crazy. Every time she came out, we were too scared to look at her!

One day there was a power outage as usual, so we kids carried the bench early to hold seats for our mother-in-law and grandfather! Not long after I watched it at night, plum grass madness came out. I was very scared, so I asked my mother-in-law to go home. My mother-in-law had no choice but to ask my uncle, who was 5 to 6 years older than me, to take me home! My uncle took me out the door. The bamboo forest outside the door is taller than the house. The gusts of wind blow, and the bamboo shadows swaying under the moonlight are quite scary. My brother-in-law is actually a child, and he is also quite scared!

At this time, my uncle and I saw an adult at the same time. He was really very tall. He was taller than the eaves of the neighbor's house. His face was blurry and he was standing in the neighbor's house wearing a vest. The two of us looked at the bamboo forest where we were connected to the only way home.

My uncle was so frightened that I pulled him forward because I didn’t understand. Although more than twenty years have passed, looking back now, I still feel a little scared about the scene at that time.

My uncle then took my hand and returned to the neighbor's house in a daze. My mother-in-law saw us going out and coming back, so she asked us what was going on! I said there was a big man outside the door, as tall as a house. The uncle also nodded and said he saw it. Of course my mother-in-law didn't believe it, so she forced us to go out and see where we saw it. We won't go out no matter what. Especially my uncle is more scared than me. We continued watching "The Condor" with the adults. I found that Miss Mei had become so beautiful and lovely, and not at all as terrifying as before.

As a result, the brave mother-in-law went out to take a look, but she saw no one. Then my mother-in-law came back to comfort us and asked us if we were out of our minds. She kept comforting us. I was still young and ignorant at that time, so of course I fell asleep while being framed by my mother-in-law. As for my brother-in-law, he is much more sensible than me. He must have been frightened and even fell ill afterwards!

I will first finish posting the dirty ghost stories I encountered, and then I will post the ghost stories I heard from the elders! Because the flood in 1981 destroyed my house and all my belongings were washed away. When the house was being built, it was noon and there was no rice to cook for the workers. It was my grandfather who walked dozens of miles home and carried dozens of kilograms of rice on his back to temporarily supplement the food. So when I was a child, I always lived in a thatched house. Living in a thatched house, it was always easy to attract some unclean things.

One explanation for the death of the twins_The mother threw the twins to death_The twins were thrown to death by their mother

When I was a child, I would get sick once a month, but at that time, I was going out to make money and I was busy doing business, so I would just grab some Chinese medicine and give it to me when I was sick. Gradually when I was about 10 years old, my family started to get better. My family also felt that it was not a solution for me to be sick all the time, so my superstitious aunt came from nowhere and hired a Guan Xianpo for me! (Note: I miss Guan Xianpoer, but they are usually men)!

That master was very famous. As soon as my aunt went there, he deduced that he was here for my business. He also prayed for a bowl of divine water for me. I could rub it with the divine water wherever it ached and it would be cured. As long as one of my relatives is sick, my aunt will go everywhere to find Guan Xianpo. Anyway, she has gone to and begged for everything she knows and heard around Chengdu!

After inviting the master, after a while of confusing scriptures, the master said that I had encountered a blood-glow ghost. What is a blood-glow ghost? It is a kind of ghost that is not afraid of blood or light. It has been in my home since I started cultivating. After the thatched cottage was renovated and the building was built, the ghost never left my house. It keeps pestering my family. I am under 12 years old, so it loves to pester me and suck my Yang Qi (which is quite scary)!

Then I killed the prepared rooster at home and asked the master to make and draw talisman. Then the master pierced a straw man with my birth date written on it and sprinkled with chicken blood! Attracting the ghost to haunt the straw man, the master burned incense and paper money and took the completed straw man to the grass by the river, chanting sutras and carrying it.

The master asked my aunt to take me to her house for refuge, and I would be able to come back after waiting for 37 to 21 days. At that time, the bloody ghost thought the straw man was me and successfully attracted it away. But I must not go home before March 7th, otherwise it will come to me again.

I feel very nervous while writing this. The master also told me that I had better not go to the West in my life, because the West is the most unlucky place for me. Until now, I have a taboo against the West. After that, I stayed at my aunt's house in Dakai for a month and didn't go home until the end of the summer vacation. But after returning home, I haven't walked past the place where the man put the grass for at least several years. I'm afraid it will come to me!

I don’t know if it’s because of the French style. Although I will still love to get sick in the future, as I grow older my body becomes more and more sick, and I rarely get sick once a year!

One explanation for the death of the twins_The twins were thrown to death The mother threw the twins to death_The mother smashed the twins to death

Last night, I couldn't sleep all night. I didn't do anything wrong, but I was still afraid. Huaxi is next door. There are many people leaving every day. The yin energy must be a bit heavy. The community is also called Fangsheng Pond. The girl in the next room is deliberately trying to scare me. Be careful. Behind the scenes, horror. . . It makes people have to think wildly.

Let me tell you something about my Yao dad. Yaoda has been dead for 15 or 6 years now, but he is a nightmare for our family. Because he died of illness, simply put, he died of starvation, and he left with resentment. He went there at the young age of 21. He died of uremia. It is caused by forced urination, so if you feel the urge to urinate, you must go to the toilet in time.

Now let me talk about my Yao dad’s story, it’s very scary! If you need to use the toilet during break now, go to the toilet quickly! To avoid being forced into uremia!

When I was a kid, my family didn’t have enough people in business, so my dad helped out at home. Every morning I have to wake my Yao Dad up. Yao Dad's room is in the two side rooms next to the main house. In my memory, I just felt that it was extremely dark and scary as soon as I entered the room. After my dad died and until it was demolished, I never entered that scary little dark room again. Moreover, there is only one bed in the two houses, and even during the day, it looks empty and there is a gloomy atmosphere. I go to my Yao Dad’s house in the dark early every morning to wake him up and do some work!

I haven't seen my dad since he was diagnosed with uremia! After living there for a few months, the family really had no money for medical treatment. At that time, a kidney transplant only cost more than 20,000 yuan, but for a person whose monthly income was only 2 to 300 yuan, the cost was simply Talking at night. In addition, Yaoda's father attaches great importance to money, although everyone knows that he has so much money. But even if he had money, he would not use it to treat Yao Dad. As a result, the disease dragged on, and it seemed that you were not allowed to eat salt when you had the disease. Therefore, a young and handsome guy who was originally very thin became as bloated as a fat man, but he only weighed more than 80 kilograms!

At the same time, Yaoba's mother also invited Guan Xianpo to tell Yaoba's fortune. Guan Xianpo said that it was my uncle who built the building. The top of the building looked towards Yao Dad’s house. Feng Shui calls the white tiger to raise its head. The white tiger raised his head to eat people, because the white tiger was facing Yaoba's house. Yaoba is the youngest child in the family, so Baihu will eat from the youngest in Yaoba's family. So Yaoba, the youngest, was the first one among them to be eaten by the white tiger!

Therefore, Yao's father and his uncle had many quarrels and forced him to demolish the attic of the house! There are house issues almost every day. The roof of my uncle’s newly built building needs to be demolished. Of course he doesn’t want to, so he keeps putting it off. Just kept dragging it on. Yaoba couldn't hold it off any longer.

One explanation for the death of the twins_The twins were thrown to death The mother threw the twins to death_The mother smashed the twins to death

Yaoba is already seriously ill and will only be leaving in the next few days. But Yaoba couldn't take a breath. He resented his father for not spending money to treat him. Everyone knew what Yaoba was worried about, so on the night he was about to die, they lied to him and said that they would definitely borrow money to treat his illness.

Yaoba really didn't want to die like this, so he asked everyone to lift him out of bed and set off to the hospital that night. Then I called my father, uncle, uncle and others to help him get up, and then they helped him sit up. My dad was about to die and his consciousness was no longer clear. So he started to call each relative's name. If that person was not there, he kept calling until he agreed, and then he called other people's names! After he finished calling each relative's name.

He started calling grandma, and when grandpa came, he called the names of people who were already dead. He said that all the dead people came to see him, and he saw all his relatives. Finally, he vomited a mouthful of blood and died with resentment. In the past few years since my dad passed away, there has been no peace in our yard. It’s quite scary to think about it!

After my father died, the roof of my uncle's house was demolished at the strong request of everyone. My dad is buried in the scary bamboo forest behind my house. He died of a hot weather. After he died, the people in our yard kept the door tightly closed every day when it got dark, instead of coming out to cool off and chat like they usually do on hot days.

After Yaoba died, he was left on the door panel for two days. Because he died from vomiting blood, the adults put a piece of cloth in Yaoba's mouth to block it. But the blood soaked the cloth and still flowed out from the corner of his mouth. The weather was hot and the body changed quickly, so his belly was extremely swollen, and it seemed like it was about to burst. The whole person looked swollen, blood and pus kept flowing from the corners of the mouth, and the entire face was dark purple. His body lay in the room where he lived. The adults didn't cover his face with a white cloth, so they asked us children to kneel down and burn paper money, so we children were very frightened.

We were still very young at the time, and we were not very scared when we walked past Yaoba’s body during the day. But when night comes, I remember what happened during the day. If Yao Dad suddenly grabbed me when I was passing by him, I would only have half my life left if I wasn't scared to death. So I never sleep alone again, and I haven’t dared to sleep alone for at least 2 or 3 years.

Yaoba has been buried for several days. But I didn’t dare to sleep alone upstairs in my house because the staircase window of my house faced the room where my dad lived before his death. I was afraid that my dad would call my name in the room when I went upstairs!

But my dad never came to scare me or call me. But I called out to other people, and called out to several people. The first person he called was his father. But I only heard about it from adults!

Since all the bodies were buried at that time, cremation had not yet been carried out. So Yaobaba was buried in a coffin. It was buried next to his private plot, next to the scary bamboo forest at the back door of my house. Not long after my father was buried, his father went to the private plot to pick vegetables in the evening! While picking, he heard the crow of a chick . His mother killed the chick , so his father followed the crow of the chicken and searched everywhere. Following the crow of the rooster, he came to Yao's father's grave.

However, I still heard the chirping of a chicken, but it was not as clear as before. His father then went around to the grass behind the grave to see if there were any chickens.

It was a hot day, and it was getting dark. The cicadas were screaming desperately, so I didn’t know if it was my grandfather’s ears. Behind the grave, his father seemed to hear the sound of chickens coming from deep underground, mixed with human voices and the sound of knocking on the coffin. And shouting "I want to get out, I want to get out…"

After all, his father was a man who had fought in wars and passed through food barriers, and he was very courageous. He yelled at his Yaoba's grave, "You're a bastard, you're dead, you won't let anyone live in peace, you're yelling like a hammer, you're trying to crawl out to instigate me." Then he returned home with a guilty conscience. I told my dad’s mother what happened just now.

A few days later, Yaoba's mother invited Guan Xianpo again. When Guan Xianpo said that her uncle had never demolished the roof before, Bai Hu raised his head. There is a female ghost on the white tiger's head, who sits on the roof every night making children's clothes. It wasn't until the roof was demolished after Yaoba died that the female ghost left. We used to love playing on the roof of our uncle's house, but now that we think about it, it's really shuddering to see a female ghost sitting next to us!

Then Guan Xianpo said that Yaoba died young and had many unfulfilled wishes. In addition, he left with resentment, and he felt a bit unsatisfied. The resentment was too deep, and he was not cremated, so the last incident happened.

Then kill the rooster, draw talisman, and burn paper money. I also burned many houses and women for my dad. To calm down his grievances, things calmed down for more than half a year. Although every door and window is still closed when it gets dark, I am not as scared as before. Just when everyone had almost forgotten Yaobaba's horrific incident, another horrific incident happened in the yard.

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