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★ Goose Ghost

What a colleague said

He got lost once when he was a child.

It was after school, when he returned to the village, a group of children played hide and seek. He hid behind a tree. Several times the kid who was trying to catch someone passed by him and turned a blind eye to him. He thought the game was over and was very angry and wanted to go over and quarrel with other children. But as soon as he left the tree, he walked back up the mountain without being directed by himself. The other children didn't seem to see him leave the village.

He was young at the time, so instead of feeling scared, he found it fun. After walking for a while, he discovered that there was a white thing not far ahead (he described it to us now, about 10 meters). It had no limbs, and a slender neck stretched out on its oval torso. As for whether it had a head, he couldn't tell. It might be that the guy was like a snake, with a neck and head about the same thickness.

He followed the ghost badge , or was led by that thing. Walking straight to the bottom of a hill, he found that he couldn't move unless the thing was gone. The thing turned around and "swam" towards him, but not very fast. He still found it interesting until this moment.

Under normal circumstances, we should not hear this story. But something unusual happened: it rained. The thing immediately stopped "swimming" toward him, and instead seemed to fly, grazing the ground to the left. Soon it disappeared without a trace.

That thing was gone, and my colleague felt as if his whole body was tied with a rope. Then, according to him, he suddenly woke up: How did I get here. What follows is a very clichéd scene: this young man is crying in pain. He couldn't find his way home.

The next morning, he was seen by a mountain man collecting medicine and sent home. At that time, they mobilized the whole village and had been searching all night. He went back and had a fever for several days. When you wake up, talk to your family about the matter. My grandparents prayed to Buddha.

That thing is called the Goose Ghost. It likes to eat the livers of children (the taste is very strange). It survives the fittest. It is also very good at seducing children. It is said that it lives in a pond, but is most afraid of rain. I really don't understand the difference between rainwater and pond water.

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