Zhang Ya, The Fierce Ghost In Red, Slides Carefully Online.


I felt the sound of someone stepping lightly on the carpet in the corridor, from far to near. What's slightly strange is that the sound of footsteps is like a mobile phone signal in the mountains, coming and going. The heart-stopping sound of saw teeth rubbing against the glass rang in my ears again, and it continued to be amplified and expanded. The cranial nerves began to become disordered again, and the explosive feeling began to spread in the brain again…

The footsteps disappeared at the door of my room. I held my breath and my heart beat rapidly. As if after half a century of waiting, the ajar door was finally pushed open, and a thin woman appeared under the dim backlight of the corridor lamp, her face blurred. As the woman slowly walked into the room, I saw clearly that her face was pale and she was wearing a long scarlet trench coat. The rainy weather outside made her wet all over, and the red clothes on her body looked darker red, like blood. She lowered her head, and the rain dripped down her long hair onto the carpet in the house, dripping continuously. I felt a chill coming towards me, and I shivered involuntarily. I wanted to turn up my collar, but then I remembered that I was only wearing thin underwear.

I took a step back and squeezed out a voice from deep in my throat: "You, are you Golden Retriever?" I suddenly found that my voice was hoarse, as if someone had stuck it in my throat. She raised her head slightly without answering, with a strange look on her face. "You, go to the bathroom and get a towel to wipe… wipe it." My voice startled me again, and suddenly it turned into a high-pitched voice, which sounded funny. She still stood there, silent. There seemed to be a water pipe hidden in the collar of her red windbreaker, and the rain kept dripping down the tips of her hair.

My head went blank. It felt like someone was constantly blowing air into my head. It seemed that it would never stop until my head was blown up. I didn't dare to look at her and turned sideways to get the cigarette. I lit the cigarette tremblingly and peeked at her from the corner of my eye – I found that she was also slowly tilting her neck, and her eyes that seemed to never move were shooting straight at me with a mysterious, strange and greedy look. eyes.

I was so scared that I stood there frozen. After being frozen like this for a while, my brain finally started to move and my thinking revived a bit. I faced her and said with all my strength: "You, go back first. I, I am a little tired today. Really, you see, I am ready to rest." The rain man in red finally understood this time I mean, she leaned forward, moved slightly forward, and said: "Alas…". What kind of sound was that? It was like a sound coming from an abyss. After staying for a while, she turned around slowly, without saying a word, and walked out of the room with dripping water all over her body. I stood there, my heart beating wildly, and the heart-stopping sound in my ears disappeared as the woman left.

After regaining my senses, I quickly picked up my phone and called a friend of mine in Guangzhou. "Hello, Ah Jun?…Yes, it's me, Fang Zhong…Hurry up and come to the 'Emgrand' Hotel…Yes, 418…Don't ask so many questions. It's urgent."

After hanging up the phone, I threw the phone on the bed and lay on the sofa breathing heavily.

Ajun is a good friend of mine and a genuine Guangzhou native. Originally, I came to Guangzhou secretly to have a private meeting with Jin Maoling, and I didn't want to disturb this friend. But now that things have happened, I can’t care so much anymore.

Soon Ajun drove his BMW to the "Emgrand" Hotel.

"What happened? Seriously." He asked me earnestly as soon as he entered room 418.

"I hit a ghost…" I simply told him the matter.

"Hurry up and get dressed. Let's get out of here and go to my house." A Jun made a decisive decision.

I put on my clothes haphazardly, picked up my wallet, and followed Ajun downstairs with a bit of embarrassment…

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I got out of bed in confusion, put on my slippers and turned on the stereo, John Lennon's "Imagine" was playing in the room. I lit a cigarette and wandered around aimlessly. My mind was like a foggy valley, chaotic and empty.

Since joining this company, I have rented a house by myself in Beitaipingzhuang. The rent is very expensive, but I am satisfied that the house has broadband installed. On the day of moving, I drove my company car and moved into this small house with all my belongings – a laptop and a small mini stereo.

I have not been online for a long time. I have logged into icq before and I think it is very awkward to chat with people from other countries in English. Later, I gradually discovered that many people on the Internet, such as "Michael", "Lisa", and "John", are just like me. They are all genuine Chinese and are looking for fun in it. So, I didn’t go to icq either. Later, I couldn’t remember the account number and password of icq. Many things in the world are just like this. It is just a habit and will change with the changes of time and space. My memory is like an old-fashioned tape. The magnetic powder peels off one after another, leaving only incomplete memories. I call it "fragmentary amnesia".

Turn on the computer, log in to QQ, and immediately see a handsome guy's avatar flashing. "It's this girl again." The corner of my mouth raised. His surname is She and his given name is Youfeng. He is a friend of mine. His life can be summed up as "picking up girls online and playing mahjong offline." This kid is now seriously overweight and has a lot of "baby fat" on his cheeks. We gave him the most popular nickname – Fatty. This guy carefully selected a handsome boy's headshot on his **, which flickered with ambiguity and attracted countless beauties to stop and look up.

Click on the dialog box:

Red-dressed ghost Zhang Ya_Red-dressed reporter Zhang Huijun video_Red-dressed female reporter Zhang Huijun

Fatty: "Here?"

I smiled back.

Fatty: "What are you doing?"

I casually took the photo: "sb"

Fatty: "Damn! Why don't you spit out ivory so early in the morning?"

I laughed: "Sorry, Fatty, it's just a typo. The smart input method hasn't been switched yet. I originally wanted to type 'work', but I sent it directly using English letters."

Fatty: "Stop talking nonsense, I'm calling your work. You haven't been to work for several days, and they are preparing to issue a missing person notice."

I said impatiently: "Tell me, what's the good thing?"

What else could be good? When the fat man meets someone, he usually plays mahjong and builds the Great Wall. It's still a bit old at night, in the same place, with the same people.

"Okay!" Why not go? Anyway, I have nothing to do at home, so I might as well go out and have some social interaction.


At dusk, I drove the company's Chery car on the outer ring road to Fatty's home. Fatty's home is quite far away, in Daxing District. It is late autumn in Beijing, and the evening breeze blows through the highway and into the car, making people feel a slight chill. I turned up my collar and closed the car window. At this time, a red sports car passed quickly from the left with a roaring sound and disappeared in front like a ball of fire. Just when the ball of fire passed me, I glanced and saw the driver was a girl in red. In a daze, she seemed to turn her head and glance at me.

An hour later, the Chery drove into a residential area. I turned off the headlights and lit a cigarette. The fat man's house was right in front, and the lights were on in the back room.

I opened the door and felt a rush of hot air. Three people were having a "meeting" around a table of mahjong. "Zhong'er, why did you just arrive? I've been waiting for you for a long time." The fat man was probably a little impatient. "Sorry, sorry, I can't help it, there's a traffic jam on the road." I took off my coat and greeted the other two. The one with a middle-parted comb, glasses, and a smile on his face is named Zhou Qun, who works in a district government agency. The other one is Chang Jian, a doctor from the 405 Hospital and my middle school classmate.

In the evening poker game, my luck started to go smoothly, and I continued to have bad cards.

"I said Zhong'er, did you step on dog shit when you came here? You are so lucky." Zhang Ya, the fierce ghost in red , the fat man smiled and went to grab the cards. After he played a card, he turned to ask Chang Jian: "Hey, how is the matter in your hospital?" "Forget it, the patients' families have blocked the hospital door these two days, and they are dying there every day. You have to live." Chang Jian said depressedly as he looked at the cards in his hand.

I know what they said. A week ago, someone sneaked into Chang Jian's hospital in the middle of the night, entered the obstetrics ward, and abducted a newborn baby girl. The only suspect seen on the surveillance video was a middle-aged woman wearing a mask. The police are currently investigating this.

Zhou Qun held his eyes and said calmly: "The police have already intervened. You must trust the people's police."

"Believe it or not! The police are reliable, sows can climb trees!" The fat man slapped the cards on the table.

I shook my head and smiled, reaching for the cards.

I heard this card very early, and I caught only one, and there were already three twos in the sea. The fat man sat on my doorstep and stared at me with a sly look on his face. He held a card in his hand and never played it. He quickly pulled out another card and beat it into the sea: "Four barrels!"

"I'm confused! Thank you!" Chang Jian finally relaxed his frown. Ghost group: 34356744

"Holy shit! Such a good card was thrown away by your kid?" I pushed the card into the sea.

"Here it is. Is it this one?" The fat man proudly spread his pig's hooves.

"Fat man, just cover your penis all night." I took out a cigarette from the cigarette case and said with a smile.

Ever since I was killed by the fat man while playing that card, my luck with the cards has been bad. Not only can I not get rid of the cards, but sometimes it is very difficult to even draw the cards, and in the end I am defeated.

It was already midnight when I returned to my residence. I lay down on the bed tiredly, my mind filled with all kinds of shapeless cards. I put on my slippers and went to the bathroom to wash my face. When I looked up, I was shocked by the person in the mirror – my face in the mirror was pale and lacked color.

Turn on the computer and log in to QQ as a habit. All the friends' avatars there are gray. I minimized QQ to the taskbar and started browsing the web page boredly.

After a while, I looked at the time on my computer. It was almost two o'clock in the evening. I closed various web pages and prepared to go to bed.

———-At this moment, the QQ avatar in the taskbar began to flash…


"Is there anyone else at this time?" I felt very strange. I moved the mouse and placed the cursor on the flashing QQ avatar… At this moment, the screen in front of me suddenly lit up, and then went completely black. I looked up at the light and said, "Huh? There's no power outage. Is there a virus?" I quickly restarted my laptop. When the Windows interface appeared again on my laptop, I breathed a sigh of relief, but I had no intention of going online again. "What a hell." I muttered, turned off the phone, climbed into bed, and fell asleep under the quilt.

Red-dressed reporter Zhang Huijun video_Red-dressed female reporter Zhang Huijun_Red-dressed fierce ghost Zhang Ya

I had a strange dream at night: In the endless desert, I was driving a red convertible sports car… driving farther and farther until it was about to disappear at the end of the horizon. Suddenly the sky darkened, the wind blew violently, and a sandstorm rolled up in the distance. The sandstorm rose higher and higher, over my head, and I seemed to see a woman's face vaguely appearing in it, and its bloody mouth opened wider and wider, vowing to devour me…

When I woke up from my sleep in a cold sweat, I found that it was already broad daylight. I looked at the watch on my wrist. The hands were already pointing to seven o'clock. I was suddenly surprised to find that my headache seemed to have disappeared when I woke up this morning, and there was no longer the usual cracking feeling. I made a decision: I was going to go to the company to have a look – the company had been calling me a lot these days.

When we went out, we encountered peak traffic hours. When the long queue of cars was blocked on the elevated road, the scene was very spectacular. I lit a cigarette and turned on the radio. The male announcer's rich voice came from the radio: "…Today at two o'clock in the morning, a serious traffic accident occurred on the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangzhou Expressway in our city. A serious traffic accident occurred. A red Ferrari car lost control and crashed into the guardrail on the side of the road…The driver died on the spot. According to Officer Wang of the Second Squadron of the Municipal Traffic Police who handled the matter, the deceased was a woman in her twenties…" Hearing this, I pinched The fingers holding the cigarette began to tremble, and my mind immediately flashed to the red fire and the face of the girl in red looming in the fire…

When I rushed to the company, it was already very late. I walked into my office with an uneasy look on my face. As soon as my butt landed on the chair, Xiao Zhang, the boss’s secretary, came over and said, “Manager Fang, Mr. Bai would like to ask you to come to his office.”

Mr. Bai is the old friend of my father mentioned earlier, a middle-aged man who has always treated me as his own nephew.

"Oh, Xiao Chong, where have you been these two days? You didn't come to the company, and you didn't answer the phone…" Mr. Bai looked really anxious, "Huh? Why are you sweating? No comfortable?"

I walked into Mr. Bai's office and sat across from him uneasily, with beads of sweat on my forehead.

I smiled and joked with the elders: "There are a few uncomfortable days every month."

"You are still so out of tune. Since your father handed you over to me, I have to be responsible for you. Xiao Chong, you should pay more attention to rest, don't just play. You are still early, you should take care of your body ah……"

My uncle talked endlessly about everything from paying attention to the body to nutrition, from nutrition to dietary supplements, and gave many examples of having fun in youth and paying off debts in old age. In the end, he almost asked me to practice Tai Chi…

After leaving Mr. Bai's office, I went to the finance department, signed my pay slips for the past few months and then went downstairs. Instead of driving, I took the subway back to my place.


In the afternoon, I received a call from Fatty.

"Zhong, why aren't you online today?" The fat man asked with great concern.

"Lack of energy." I looked lazy.

"Continuing tonight? You are the only one left." The fat man was gathering people again.

"I won't go! I sucked all the blood out of you last night. I need to nourish it at home." I made up my mind.

Fatty's energy is probably the best among our generation. He devotes himself wholeheartedly to mahjong and picking up girls, and never tires of it. When we were eating together, we would often find that the women next to him changed one after another. In the end, I only knew that the woman sitting next to him was a woman, but the face of that woman was very vague. Zhou Qun told me some anecdotes about Fatty in private, saying that he was an "ONS" master. I asked what is ONS? Zhou Qun looked at me disdainfully: It was a one-night stand, the English abbreviation of onenightstand, and laughed at me for being out of date and out. Fatty often brags in front of our buddies about how he destroyed cities and fortified villages, and we kindly persuaded him that that was not about destroying cities and fortifying villages, but about killing the next generation. One time when a few of us were taking a sauna, I found two flesh-red, soybean-sized bumps on the fat man's genitals beside the black water plants floating on the water. The fat man insisted that it was not a sexually transmitted disease, but a genetic decision. Regardless of whether it was genetically determined or sexually transmitted diseases, the few of us jumped out of the pond like lively fishes, leaving the fat man alone in the water shouting.

After rejecting the fat man, I lay on the bed and opened my computer and QQ at the same time. Before I knew it, I fell asleep in the hut. Outside, time and space are changing, white clouds are drifting across the sky, and dark nights are coming one after another. When I woke up, only my laptop screen was still on in the room. I turned on the light, sat next to the computer, and saw a stranger's profile picture flashing in the taskbar. I clicked to view, and the head of a red-haired woman popped up in front of me.

"Are you there?" she asked.

I looked at the time and it was posted while I was asleep.

"You are?" I felt very strange. Send a smiley face back to see if the stranger is still there.

People say that the online world is a virtual world, and QQ is even more confusing. There are all kinds of avatars, ranging from shy and shy to strong as iron. You thought you were chatting with an older girl, but maybe there was an old man over there.

Soon there was a response from the other side: "So you are here. Your online name is so interesting. What do you call it 'God's arrangement'?"

When I registered online, I randomly extracted the name "God arranged" in one sentence. Unexpectedly, many people later asked me about the origin of this name. I know I am a nameless person, but God has a lot of background, and I feel quite a bit like a fairy.

"My name is 'Jin Mao Ling', I am twenty years old, and I like to make friends.", red clouds floated over the Internet, "I like Zhang Ya, the red-clothed ghost , dancing, singing, and having fun…"

The other party's rapid-fire words, her enthusiasm infected me, so I started chatting with her in a not-so-deep way.

She said that she lives in Guangzhou and likes to race on the West Second Ring Expressway when she has nothing to do. When the speed exceeds 170 kilometers per hour, she will feel inexplicably excited and floating.

"Can you drive?" Golden Retriever asked in a provocative tone.

"It can be turned on, but it often turns off the engine. Haha," I joked.

The other person sent me a "I despise you" emoji with both hands pointing downwards, and I replied with a "sweating" expression.

After several hours of online chatting, Jin Retriever left a deep impression on me: lively, active, impulsive and passionate like a ball of fire dancing in youth. Compared with the "Great Wall War" with my friends, I prefer to chat freely like this. So, at the end of the chat, we exchanged cell phone numbers.

Red-dressed fierce ghost Zhang Ya_ Female reporter in red Zhang Huijun_Video of reporter Zhang Huijun in red


The next morning, while I was smoking a cigarette leisurely on the leather chair in the company, the mobile phone on the table rang.

"Hi! Are you there? I'm Golden Retriever." A typical southern woman's voice came into my ears, and I felt my ears itching.

"Oh, it's you." I choked on the cigarette without spitting out the cigarette, followed by several dry coughs.

"What? You have a cold? Please pay attention to your health." Jin Maoling's care was meticulous, and her gentle words were like the spring breeze blowing on my face, smoothing the ravines in my heart.

"Today's weather is particularly nice, the sun is shining brightly." I blurted out, as if I was a weather forecaster.

"You are so funny. It's raining here." A silver ringing sound came from the other end of the phone.

I couldn't pick up the topic for a while, depressed by the abrupt weather forecast, and the golden retriever's spring breeze blew over me again: "If you have a cold, you should go to bed early and don't spend too much time online."

I suddenly felt that the softest place deep in my heart was touched by a pair of gentle hands. I was speechless for a moment and muttered: "I know."

"Haha, are you touched? Are you shy? I guess you are still a virgin, right?" The silver bell rang again.

Are you asking this? Why are girls today so open-minded? A flash of unhappiness flashed through my heart. But then I thought about it, Guangdong is an open special economic zone, and when I think about the revolving door around Fatty, it feels like nothing. Society is progressing. This is an era in which traditional morals have been abandoned. Women are no longer shy and half-covered with their pipa in hand. Navel-baring miniskirts and hot pants are all over the street. The silk thongs in the windows must be There is a market. Men, like hungry tigers descending from the mountains, came to the concrete jungle to look for food. ONS, OSD, ONE. These three words flashed into my mind. One-night stand is as addictive as taking OSD, and fat people are the best portrayal of it. And finally? Is it ONE and everything returns to zero?

Thinking in my heart, I couldn't lose my words, so I said, "A virgin? You won't be when you hit me in college."

"Hey, are you still a college student? Which university are you from?" Now she returned to the normal topic.

"Third Brigade Military Artillery School", I randomly picked up the name of the school and wanted to laugh.

"Then what major are you studying there?", she fell into my trap.

"Fuck…" I couldn't help laughing.

Golden Retriever was also laughing so hard that her branches were trembling with laughter, and the sound of silver bells seemed to be the harmony of this vulgar joke.

From then on, I would chat with Jin Maoling for a while every day. The content of the conversation varied from shallow to deep at the beginning, then became deep and shallow, and finally completely changed from shallow to deep. Finally we got out of our usual routine and made an appointment to meet.


One day in December, I boarded a flight to Guangzhou at the Capital Airport. It was a Friday morning, the sun was shining brightly, and the weather was clear. I was watching the passengers coming from the south to the north in the departure hall, and I sighed that China is really vast. Among the passengers passing by, some were wearing thick down jackets, others were wearing thin sweaters, and some were even wearing so little that it was confusing whether it was still winter at that time. I looked at the young girls in the crowd and imagined what a golden retriever would look like. Are you also wearing sunglasses, a black t-shirt, and maybe some shiny accessories all over your body?

After the huge Boeing 747 aircraft took off, I felt the slight bumps in the clouds and air waves, and soon fell asleep…

I dreamed that on a dark night, I rushed to a strange city and stayed in a strange hotel. The hotel proprietress gave me a room with a mysterious smile. I was annoyed when I saw it. There were many beds neatly arranged in a large bunk bed. I said I wanted a private room, but she said the other rooms were full and this was a private room. Not bothering with the ugly woman, I was exhausted and quickly fell asleep… In the middle of the night, I felt like something was scratching me on the top of my head. I looked at it in confusion and moved my hands upwards, but I couldn't move it away. It seemed to be a soft thing when I squeezed it with my hands. I raised my eyes and took a closer look – ah? Like a branch firmly rooted in the wall, a woman's thin arm poked out from the wall…

I woke up from the nightmare with cold sweat breaking out on my forehead. Looking around, the tourists around were still chatting and laughing. At this time, the sweet female announcer's voice sounded: "Dear passengers, we are about to arrive at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport…"

After getting off the plane, I discovered that it was raining continuously in Guangzhou. Although the temperature was higher than that in Beijing, the unique humid weather in the south coupled with the cold wind still made me shiver. I quickly turned up the collar of my coat, got into the taxi, and headed straight to the "Emgrand" hotel I had booked in advance…

I quickly completed the check-in procedure at the front desk of the "Emgrand" Hotel. The foreman at the front desk respectfully handed me a 418 room card with both hands. I came to Guangzhou without any luggage: except for a small bag, and my soul also followed me from the north to the far south.

The elevator went up slowly. As soon as I stepped out of the elevator, I could smell a strong damp musty smell in the corridor. Close the door of 418 and look inside. The layout of the room is ordinary and simple, with a desk, a TV, and a glass coffee table sandwiched between two sofas. There was a call phone in front of the bed, and a circle of health products such as condoms and oils were placed around the phone. I sat on the big bed, lost in thought, and saw scattered black curly hairs still remaining on the white sheets.

After more than three hours of flying, the rain mixed with sweat made me exhausted. I took off my clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I washed away the fatigue on my body comfortably under the shower head, the heat wrapped around me tightly, and the bathroom was filled with mist… When I took a shower and stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror, a naked man blurred out in the mist. figure. My mind was a little confused. One moment I felt nervous, and the next moment the hormonal impulse brought out a primitive desire.

I put on my underwear, lay on the "clean" sheets that I had tidied up a little, and made a phone call to Jinmao Ling – Jinmao Ling and I had agreed that I would call her when I arrived at the hotel.

I was lying on the white "clean" bed, thinking about some messy things in my mind. ONS, ONS, ONS…these three English letters are looming in front of our eyes, freely combined, lingering like ghosts…

…The Golden Retriever is here, shining brightly. She opened her arms and jumped into my arms. Soon she was like a bamboo shoot with its outer skin peeled off, revealing her white and smooth body… In the dark night, the sea was swollen and the waves were surging against the rocks. The oysters in the sea were half open and half closed. I jumped in and felt an unprecedented warmth and slipperiness. The more I struggle in the dark space, the more I feel insignificant…

…I opened my eyes, and there was no one in the room, except for the remaining mist from the bathroom. It turns out that I fell asleep again just now, and the golden retriever has not arrived yet. It was just a "spring dream without a trace".

I looked at the time and guessed she would be here soon.I kept the door ajar and lay quietly on the bed, waiting

After a while, the elevator at the end of the corridor dinged. I pricked up my ears and seemed to hear someone moving – someone was moving in the quiet corridor…

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