Do You Still Tremble At Those Ghost Stories Your Grandparents Told You?

A novel about a ghost named Men Danchen in the middle of the night_A novel about Tonghua named Yan Xiaochen_A novel about the protagonist named Xiao Chen Xiu Xian

When I was a child, I loved listening to stories, and I particularly remember ghost stories. If nothing else, I just like the mysterious smell. Although I trembled a little when I thought of those stories at the time, I was afraid of the dark and did not dare to walk at night, but after I learned everything in school, I became more courageous, and those scary ghost stories turned into funny stories.

The following types of ghost stories must have been heard by many of my friends. Maybe they are nothing new, so just remember the distant and unforgettable precious years when our grandparents told us ghost stories under the dim butter lamp. Bar!

Ghost wall

I've heard many different versions of this story. The most common one I hear is this one. It says that a person is walking home alone at night. As he is walking, suddenly the surroundings become dark, with not even a single light or star. There is no direction, no sound, and no path under his feet. It is boundless darkness, suffocating darkness. At this time, such a strange situation often occurs. This person keeps walking and walking, but never reaches home. He actually stays in a daze until dawn. When the surrounding situation becomes brighter, he suddenly realizes, Oh my God! He actually walked around a grave all night.

Faceless man

It is said that a man went home at night. It was very cold. As he was walking, he suddenly saw a group of people warming themselves by a fire not far away. So he walked over and used the light to warm himself by the fire. No one around him spoke. It was very strange. I looked up and thought, Oh my God! The faces of the people around him were bare, with no ears, nose, eyes or mouth. He was so frightened that his hairs stood up. He raised his legs and turned around to run. As he ran, he finally saw a person walking in front of him. He patted him Looking over the man's shoulders, he panted and said, "Man, I just saw a ghost while warming myself over the fire. There was nothing on those people's faces. It scared me to death!" The man in front stopped when he heard this, turned around slowly and said, "What do you see on my face?" ah! He is also a faceless person.


Commonly seen in ghost movies. The old man said that there are often blue flames dancing and dancing in the cemetery, which means that ghosts are wandering around at night with lanterns. Now science has shown that "will-o'-the-wisps" really exist, but they are a spontaneous combustion phenomenon, a phosphorus fire with a low ignition point that evaporates from the bones. When I was a child, I walked at night and passed a cemetery next to the village. I really wanted to see what a "will-o'-the-wisp" looked like, but I never saw one.


There is also a theory of being possessed by evil spirits. The story of "ghost possession" is most popular in rural areas. There are different stories in different places, some in ancient times and some in modern times. They are very popular. When I was a child, there were several "celebrities" in the village who were often "possessed by ghosts". There are more people possessed by "ghosts" than dead people. I have seen with my own eyes a ghost called Men Danchen in the middle of the night . An old village woman who was "possessed by evil spirits" spoke the words of the deceased, scratched her head here and there, pointed at mulberry trees and cursed sophora trees. When people saw this, they called the famous "immortal" in the village. At this time, the "Great Immortal" took a mahogany stick and slapped the "evil" village woman left and right, and muttered, "Where are you running? If you don't leave, come out quickly." After a lot of trouble, seeing that the village woman had lost her strength, the "immortal" shouted, "Let's go, I'll give you some money, and don't come back again." Then just burn some paper money. The process was very interesting, and I also found that people who like to be "possessed by evil spirits" often seem to have some hysterical problems. They are also famous rogues in the village, and they seem to have some mental problems.

Lost soul

This phenomenon occurs most often in children. We all will stroke the child's head when he is frightened and shout, "Don't be scared, don't be scared, the baby is back!" This is of course meant to appease the child. I was once frightened and "lost my soul" when I was a child. I remember that it was the result of being bitten by a big black dog owned by a family in the village. That family's black dog was really black. He didn't even warn me before biting me, and just gave me a bite on my leg. It's a biting dog that never barks. The bite didn't matter, it actually scared me so much that I felt like I had lost my soul. Within three or four days, I felt in a daze, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, and didn't seem to have any obvious effects after taking medicine and injections. Effect. At this time, my third uncle, who had always believed in superstition, took me to the house of the "Great Immortal" in the village. The Great Immortal asked about the situation and started to "do it." He brought a bowl of water to me and dipped his hands into it. Then he clicked on my chest five times, as if making the sign of the cross, then mumbled a few inaudible words, and finally shouted "Come on" and ended the "practice". Is it effective, you ask? Haha, anyway, I felt much better starting from the second day, and after two or three days, I was back to being lively and energetic again. But I'm not superstitious about this experience. If it really has an effect, it's a psychological effect, or it could be that I was about to recover, but I didn't expect it to catch up with him.

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