Strange Strange Stories In The Countryside: Mother Liu's Dream

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It can be said that Liu Qi is almost in his third year, and his peers in the village, even those a few years younger than him, have built new houses, married wives, and embraced sons. Fortunately, he is still doing nothing and doing nothing all day long. He neither managed the farmland well at home nor went out to work to earn money. He squandered the little savings his parents had accumulated for him during his lifetime. So he broke his jars, fought, groped, ate and drank all day long. Everyone in the village said he was Liu Adou who couldn't support the wall.

Back then, Liu Qi's grandfather was known as a capable person in the surrounding villages. His grandfather has been in school for several years, he is smart, hard-working, trustworthy, has been doing business abroad for many years, and lives a very prosperous life. Later, he was tired of the life of a businessman wandering outside and haggling over pennies and pennies, so he returned to his hometown to work in agriculture.

Liu Qi's grandfather used the money he earned from doing business for many years to buy more than ten acres of fertile land and build a courtyard house. The Liu family became one of the five richest households in the area. Later, his grandfather married a daughter of the Zhang family, one of the five richest families in the area. Although the young lady of the Zhang family came from a famous family , she is indeed a good hand at living.

The wealthy and harmonious family of the Liu family made the local people even more envious. Everyone praised: "I made a fortune by doing business with integrity, bought good land and built big houses." The family enjoys harmony and enjoys the family bond, and the happy life is passed down from generation to generation.

Although Liu Qi's father was not as quick-witted as Liu Qi's grandfather, he was simple and down-to-earth, proficient in all aspects of farm work, and lived a prosperous life.

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As the saying goes, there is no good life for a thousand days, and there is no red flower for a hundred days. In the 1960s, Liu Qi's grandfather committed suicide because of his poor family status and could not bear the criticism and humiliation. Two years later, Liu Qi's grandmother also passed away depressed and ill.

When the house leaks, it rains overnight, and when the boat is broken, it encounters the headwind. When Liu Qiqi was old, his father died when he touched a high-voltage wire on the roof while helping others build a house. Since then, the life of orphans and widows has gone from bad to worse and become increasingly difficult.

Liu Qi was coddled by his parents since he was a child. If he wanted something, he would never give anything. If he wanted to pick the stars in the sky, his parents would rush to find a ladder. After his father passed away, Liu Qi's mother was busy helping others in the village every day, saving food and expenses in order to save some money for her son to get married, so she didn't care about disciplining Liu Qi. Liu Qi is like a runaway wild horse, skipping classes to fight and wandering around after school. No matter how difficult the situation at home is, he doesn't understand the hardships of his mother's work. When he can't get what he wants to eat or wear, he often complains about his mother, and even scolds him. His mother was often worried and sad because he was unreasonable and did not follow the right path. Sometimes, his mother persuaded him a few words, but he either ignored them or thought his mother was long-winded. His mother said it was serious, and he had a quarrel with his mother and ran away from home. After hanging out for a few days, he returned unkempt and smelling like a beggar. In this way, Liu Qi grew up in the disappointment, tears and sighs of his mother day by day.

It's true: raising children is the most important discipline, don't be too trusting and indulgent. No mother regrets teaching the son, Liu Qi humiliates the ancestors.

Liu Qi's mother was finally physically exhausted by the overload of work, and her spirit was crushed by her despair of her son. When she was dying, she gave Liu Qi a package of change she had accumulated. She opened her mouth for a long time but couldn't speak, her tears had already dried up, and she didn't close it until she died.

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With the help of the villagers, Liu Qicao buried her mother in a grassy manner. The mother's worried and undisturbed expression, and the earnest persuasion of relatives and friends made Liu Qi'an restless for a few days. But he finally failed to overcome the temptation of laziness and alcoholism. Relying on the little savings left by his mother, he began to wander around and live a dissolute life again.

That night, Liu Qi and a few gamblers played the "Great Wall" for a whole day. They were dizzy and flustered, but they were lucky and won some money. So, he bought some pork heads, peanuts and two bottles of "Xinghua Village" on the street, and invited another gambler in the same village, "The Immortal of Wine", who had lost money, to come to his home to get drunk.

Because Liu Qi did not pay the electricity bill for a long time, the electricity in his home was cut off. Liu Qi lit the candles, put the food and wine on the table, and the two of them began to guess the order, toast and exchange cups, and exchange cups. After a while, both of them felt like they were riding on clouds and fog, and they were floating in heaven.

"Liu Qi, my son."

Liu Qi laughed and said, "Haha, you are still known as the "Wine Fairy". You are talking nonsense after just a few drinks. Who is your son? I think you want to take advantage of me."

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"Hey, why do you think you are so uneasy!" The "wine fairy" ignored it, and still said seriously, "I used to persuade you every day until I died, why are you still Disobedient, or not to change?

"Nowadays everyone is full of wives and children who live in new houses on motorcycles, but you are still a bachelor in a dilapidated house and an old courtyard. Don't you worry?"

At first Liu Qi thought it was the drunk man talking nonsense, but this time he heard it clearly, it was clearly his mother's voice. Liu Qi was half sober at once, terrified. When he was a child, he often heard the elders in the village talk about the strange things about the spirits of the dead. Although what they said was miraculous, he hadn't seen it with his own eyes after all, so he didn't believe it. But now the voice and tone of the "wine fairy" are indeed the same as that of his mother.

Liu Qi carefully looked at the "wine fairy". Under the dim candlelight, the "wine fairy" may be drunk, his eyes seem to be open, empty and blurred. He asked in a low voice, "Mom, is that you?"

"You kid can still remember your old lady, I thought you forgot me?"

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At this time, Liu Qicai suddenly thought that there is a custom of Qiqi after the death of relatives in the countryside, and every seven is seven days. On the last day of every seventh day, paper is burned to pay homage and save the soul. But since his mother's first seven, he has never counted to seven or burned paper for his mother. Thinking of this, Liu Qi was terrified and guilty, and hurriedly knelt down in front of the "Wine Fairy", "Mom, I'm sorry for you. I didn't honor you well when you were alive, and I didn't burn paper to worship you properly when you died. I know I was wrong." Yes, I will definitely change everything in the future, please forgive me.”

"Son, you can say these words to prove that you are still saved. In fact, I don't care what kind of paper you burn for me, as long as you don't go astray and live a good life, it's better than anything else. I didn't trust you before I was alive, After you die, don't let me worry about you anymore, let me rest in peace, okay?"

Liu Qi was completely awake at this time, with tears streaming down his face: "Mom, I know I was wrong, I really know I was wrong, I will definitely change my past, be a new man, and I won't make you worry or sad anymore, don't worry ,rest in peace."

After Liu Qi finished speaking, he was also confused when he saw the "wine fairy" actually snoring.

Liu Qi was awakened by the crowing of the neighbor's rooster. He opened his eyes and saw that it was already dawn, and found that he and the "wine fairy" had crawled on the dining table and slept all night. He looked up at the portrait of his mother hanging on the wall, and for the first time understood the sad and expectant eyes in the portrait of his mother.

Mountain Village Ghost Story 3 Rebirth Lang Lang novel_Mountain Village Ghost Story 3 Rebirth txt download

Liu Qitui wakes up the "wine fairy". The "Wine Fairy" rubbed his eyes, stretched his waist, subconsciously looked at the portrait of Liu Qi's mother on the wall, and said to Liu Qi suspiciously: "Last night, I had a dream about your mother. Your mother seems to have asked me to bring you a message. But I can't remember anything now."

Liu Qi patted "The Immortal of Wine": "You don't need to think about it, and you don't need to say it, I know everything. You can go."

"How do you know?" "The Immortal of Wine" asked puzzledly, "Aren't we going to the casino today to have a showdown?"

Liu Qi ignored the "wine fairy", but said to his mother's portrait: "I will never be so muddle-headed and muddle-headed in the future. From now on, I will live according to my duties and do things in a serious manner. Get out of the way."

Um? Why did this kid seem like a different person overnight. "Wine Fairy" shook his head puzzled.

The next day, Liu Qi packed up the house, went to his mother's cemetery with his luggage and burdens on his back, burned a stick of incense, burned some paper money, kowtowed three rings , and silently I went to work abroad.

This is exactly: the son does not live up to his expectations, the mother is sad, and after death, the concern is still in the dream. The prodigal son turns his head back and doesn't change his gold, he corrects his evil and returns to his righteousness to comfort his mother's spirit.

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