Short Ghost Story About Mother Killing Twins

In the bamboo forest, there are some hen golden roosters with a group of little golden roosters, golden horses, ghost ducks and the like. They are all impossible to catch. If you want to catch them, you have to use a whip soaked in the blood of a black dog. Once the whip is struck, the golden rooster will be killed and it will turn into gold. Those are just legends, and the people who tell those stories have never seen it with their own eyes. Ghosts are very common. Attracting the ghost to haunt the straw man, the master burned incense and paper money and took the completed straw man to the grass by the river, chanting sutras and carrying it. … Continue readingShort Ghost Story About Mother Killing Twins

Encountering The Internet Ghost

Introduction: This is how we started chatting, and the topic was all about supernatural content, because the website we are on is called "Ghost Story Lovers". So we started chatting, and it was all about paranormal stuff, because the website we were on was called "Ghost Story Lovers." "This is a horror website. It tells stories about ghosts and ghosts. Come and take a look. And I would like to add one more thing, that is: the real differences between humans and ghosts ultimately come from the soul. … Continue readingEncountering The Internet Ghost

Strange Strange Stories In The Countryside: Mother Liu's Dream

Back then, Liu Qi's grandfather was known as a capable person in the surrounding villages. In the 1960s, Liu Qi's grandfather committed suicide because of his poor family status and could not bear the criticism and humiliation. Two years later, Liu Qi's grandmother also passed away depressed and ill. When he was a child, he often heard the elders in the village talk about the strange things about the spirits of the dead. But now the voice and tone of the "wine fairy" are indeed the same as that of his mother. At this time, Liu Qicai suddenly thought that there is a custom of Qiqi after the death of relatives in the countryside, and every seven is seven days. This is exactly: the son does not live up to his expectations, the mother is sad, and after death, the concern is still in the dream. The prodigal son turns his head back and doesn't change his gold, he corrects his evil and returns to his righteousness to comfort his mother's spirit. … Continue readingStrange Strange Stories In The Countryside: Mother Liu's Dream


Once upon a time there lived an old rich man in the county town. His family was worth tens of thousands of dollars but he was a miser. Although his family lived in the bustling central area of ​​the city, he dressed like an old farmer in the countryside every day, and what he ate every day was vegetarian dishes and rice that never tasted meaty. One day, an old shoe repairman came from the countryside. The old man had no children and the couple depended on each other for life. The family’s source of income depended on his shoe repair for a living. “Yan Wang saw that he was dissatisfied, so he asked the two Wuchang to take him to see their food store.” These words of the old rich man also stopped Yama, and Yama asked the two Wuchang about the situation and had to let him go. return. … Continue readingDestined