Qianlong Avenged The Bride

According to legend, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty encountered a strange case on his way to the south of the Yangtze River.

At that time, a son of a wealthy family named Li got married in the Lijia Building in Luotian, Hubei Province. On the night of candles and candles in the bridal chamber, the cousins ​​of the Li family surrounded the bride and groom and worshiped Tiandi and Weng Gu, and then the bride and groom were sent to the bridal chamber by the bride.

Unexpectedly, on the second day, the Li family's shengxiao and drum music had already been playing tones, and they began to welcome the guests, but they hadn't seen a couple of newcomers open the door to speak. , Just got married, so gluey, thanking guests behind closed doors, I really displeased the old man, so I asked the maid to see what happened, the maid went and called for a long time, but no one agreed. The maid felt that something was wrong, and immediately reported to Li Yuanwai: "Master, something is wrong. I shouted for a long time, but there was no movement." Look, I was stunned immediately, I saw the bride hanged on the beam, and the groom slept on the bed. The whole family and all the guests have never encountered such a strange thing, and everyone is deeply saddened. Li Yuanwai is a scholar and a wealthy family with a good reputation. He thinks this is strange, so he is not allowed to collect it immediately, and wants to sue the county government to find out the truth. At that time, it was mid-winter in March and September, and the weather was cold, so it didn't matter if the corpse was parked for a few days.

With grief and pain, Li Yuanwai personally wrote a pleading paper, suing He's laxity in the boudoir, which caused his daughter to have an affair with others in her natal family. She still didn't want to repent when she came to my Li's house, and she killed her husband. He also hanged himself. After the county magistrate received the report, he immediately sent the adults of the He family to come to the hall for questioning. The bride's father, He Xianwen, was a scholar who had read a lot of poetry and books. Later, because he was underappreciated, he opened a small shop on the street, dealing in some daily necessities, which was also very famous in the local area. When Boss He heard the bad news, he couldn't help but burst into grief . He only had this daughter under his knees. Her daughter was smart and studious since she was a child. Although she never went to school, under his guidance, she could not only recite hundreds of ancient poems, but The combination of poetry and poems is very popular with Boss He. Boss He came to the lobby, and with a "plop", he kowtowed and begged the county lord to investigate and redress the grievance of his little daughter. But the county magistrate slapped the gavel, asked him with a sullen face how he raised his daughter, and then told the story of the Li family's complaint. Hearing this, Boss He cried out that he was wronged. He first listed the situation of his daughter in the boudoir, and then changed the subject, saying: "This is the Li family who are thieves calling for a thief, and the villain first sued; My family, I hanged myself today. This is clearly the fault of the Li family. Take ten thousand steps back and say that my daughter killed her son-in-law, but why did she hang herself? If it is true what the Li family said, my daughter has outsiders, so why didn’t she run away overnight? If there is no help from outsiders, how can my daughter, a weak woman, kill a big man? Please make a clear decision, Mr. He." The county magistrate thought about it, Boss He also made sense, and he didn't know how to proceed. Seeing that the county magistrate was hesitant, Li Yuanwai shouted: "Master, don't believe his nonsense. If his daughter hadn't killed my son, why would my son die on the wedding night?" Boss He also said loudly: " The master must uphold justice and seek justice for my dead daughter." The county magistrate felt very embarrassed, so he ordered one of his confidantes and assistants to rush to Li's new house for an autopsy. Not long after, the confidant and Wu replied that there were no wounds on the groom's body and head, and there was no sign of poisoning. It was concluded that he was overjoyed and caused myocardial infarction and died. The bride had no other symptoms and died by hanging. No other signs were found in the new house, so the county magistrate had to rule it as a normal death, but Li and He refused to accept it. When the county magistrate was anxious, it happened that Emperor Qianlong passed by here when he was traveling in the south of the Yangtze River. After he learned about this from his attendants, he went to the county government office, read the pleadings, and asked some more questions. In order to find out, Qianlong ordered the county magistrate to quickly take Wu Zuo to Li's house for an autopsy, and thoroughly searched all the objects in the new house to see if he could find any clues, so as to dissect the case.

The county magistrate didn't dare to be negligent, and rushed to Li's house with his servants and assistants. This time, after a careful inspection, the cause of death remained the same, but a poem was found in the dressing box. The county magistrate then brought the dressing box and poems back to the county government office and presented them to Emperor Qianlong. Qianlong opened the dressing box and unfolded the red paper to have a look. He saw the handwriting on it was fresh and beautiful, and he couldn't help but read:

Painting a tiger has become unspotted, and the marriage is difficult for a hundred generations.

The front of the Silver Candle Hall is shining brightly, and the red curtains are full of tears.

When a good thing doesn't come to pass, a worrying thing comes, so He Bin returns as a contemptuous guest.

The wife is now willing to go with her husband, and leave her name forever.

The pen date was the wedding night.

Qianlong sighed after reading the poem: "This poem is sincere and compassionate. The bride wrote very clearly in this poem. The bridegroom of the Li family died normally; the girl of the He family was willing to die with her husband when she was unmarried, which shows the extraordinary integrity. , innocent. After finishing speaking, he read the poem again and explained the meaning. Both Li Yuanwai and Boss He nodded repeatedly.

It turned out that last night, after the bride entered the bridal chamber, she was sitting on her gums. The groom stepped forward and lifted the bride’s red hijab . When he saw the bride as if she was a fairy, his heart beat faster, and blood rushed to his face. , probably because of excessive excitement, extreme joy begets sorrow, when he sat down, and after drinking two sips of red dates and longan soup served by the maid, he felt uncomfortable in his heart, coupled with the noisy guests in the bridal chamber, he felt even more uncomfortable in his chest. When all the guests left, the groom could no longer support him, so he put down the red curtain and lay down on the new bed.

When the bride sees the groom uncovering her "hijab", she falls asleep, and she doesn't know the secret, so she waits for the groom's call according to the custom, then moves the golden lotus, undresses and goes to bed. But the bride waited one watch after another, and when it was the third watch, there was still no movement on the bed, she couldn't help feeling suspicious, she stood up, walked to the bed, opened the red curtain and leaned over and shouted: "Mr. " There was no response, and she was even more surprised. She touched her nose with her hand, and there was no trace of heat. When she touched her chest again, her body was already as cold as ice. She couldn't help but fainted on the ground in fright. After a while, he slowly woke up. She regained her composure and thought: Today my husband has gone, maybe my husband's family will accuse me of being innocent in my mother's family, and instead affect my father and brother, and humiliate my ancestors. In addition, I am already the daughter-in-law of the Li family, and my husband is dead. , Why don't you go with your husband and fulfill your long-cherished wish. But it is not reasonable to die like this for nothing. We should leave a few words to set the record straight. So she found the four treasures of the study, and with tears in her eyes, she wrote a few words on the Dahongxi calligraphy paper, folded it and put it in the dressing box. Then he found a piece of white silk in the cage, hung it on the roof beam, and hanged himself.

After explaining the poems and prose, Emperor Qianlong was very excited and shouted: "Come here, the four treasures of the study are waiting for you." The entourage immediately brought jade bowls and brushes, and Emperor Qianlong immediately "brushed, brushed, brushed" and finished writing. A poem:

To die for her husband without meeting her husband's face is an extraordinary act of a strong woman.

It's hard to have white hair all night, how can a beauty be willing to carry the spring light.

The soul flies to the sky and the universe is ancient, and the bones are buried in the mountains with the fragrance of grass and trees.

My tears have never been shed easily, and I have always supported my son for thousands of years.

Look, Emperor Qianlong was so excited. This excitement actually wrote the poem "For the sake of children for thousands of years". The emperor called the bride "son", doesn't that mean that the daughter of the He family is "Gege" and the man of the Li family is the "son-in-law"? On the ground, he thanked the Lord Long En and asked for a reward. Emperor Qianlong had no choice but to order her to be buried in a coffin and to set up a Jieyi archway for her daughter. In this way, the two families felt a great honor, the dispute disappeared, and the reconciliation was as good as before.

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