The Five Darkest Things In The Three Kingdoms Period

The five darkest things in the Three Kingdoms period

1 Liu Bei throws a child

One thing is almost universally recognized by fans of the Three Kingdoms. Adou's mental retardation has a lot to do with his childhood experience.

Let's imagine the video of Sun Quan's death in the New Three Kingdoms , a child less than one year old. Wrapped in the arms of the tiger general, and rushing left and right, he must have been stunned already. As Zhao Yun said, "Just now I was still crying in my arms, but if there is no movement for a while, it may not be safe." After finally escaping Cao Jun's clutches and returning to his father's arms, he was "thrown to the ground" again.

Too cruel! Too cruel! Not to mention a sleeping baby, or an adult who lifted up his cloak and fell unpreparedly. Probably concussion too. Later generations even added embellishment and wrote, "There is no way to appease the loyalty of loyal ministers, so I throw my own son before the horse."

I think the possibility of "before throwing the horse" is still very small. In order to express his love for Zhao Yun, Liu Bei probably half-bent to take A Dou from Zhao Yun's hand, and then "throw it to the ground", instead of taking A Dou on a horse "before throwing the horse", that would be too exaggerated !

When I was a child, I wondered why there were so many traitorous heroes in Chinese history, but why only Liu Bei beat his son? Logically speaking, this trick is very effective. Liu Bei said, "For you, this child, I have lost a general of mine!" In exchange for Zhao Yun's "Although he is so heartbroken, he can't repay it." From the perspective of politicians, it may still be quite a deal. The premise is that the son is "unscathed" (whether he fell stupid or not was difficult to see in ancient times).

Hou Baolin told the truth, "What do you think Liu Bei looks like?" Want to throw your child? You can! As long as you "hands above your knees", you can throw it boldly!

New Three Kingdoms Xu You Death Video _New Three Kingdoms Sun Quan Begging Father

2 Liu Bei Abandoned His Wife

Liu Bei may be the "old black" in the Three Kingdoms, and four of the five blackest things are related to him.

Liu Bei was good to his subordinates. According to historical records, he and Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, and Zhuge Liang successively "sat the same table when eating, and shared the same bed when sleeping", which is almost homosexual. When leading troops to fight, he often left his wife alone, which was very different from Lu Bu.

Liu Bei has a famous saying, "The ancients said: 'Brothers are like brothers and feet, wives are like clothes. Clothes are broken, but they can still be sewed. Brothers and feet are broken, but can they be continued?'" Liu Bei lost his wife for the first time when he said this. At that time, Liu Bei entrusted his wife to Zhang Fei, but Zhang Fei got drunk and was robbed of the city by Lu Bu. Thinking back, Diao Chan was only 23 years old at the time, and Lu Bu might not have looked down on Mrs. Gan and Mi, so Lu Bu returned the second Mrs. to Liu Bei, said to be unharmed.

The second time everyone is familiar with it, that is, when Liu Bei fought with Cao Cao, he lost and ran away. As a result, Guan Yu and Mrs. Gan and Mi all came under Cao Cao's hands. It is said that Guan Yu is very upright, "A friend's wife should not be bullied", no matter how "perfect" Cao Cao did not have evil thoughts about his second sister-in-law. Unofficial history said that Guan Yu was having an affair with Diao Chan at this time. Diao Chan was still beautiful at that time, since Guan Yu inherited Lu Bu's red rabbit horse, with his vigorous energy and dignified appearance, it is estimated that he would not let Diao Chan go. Later, maybe Diao Chan's fragrance was sold out, and Guan Yu couldn't bear the loneliness. He was worried that there would be trouble with his second sister-in-law for a long time, so he sealed the gold and hung the seal, passed five passes and killed six generals, and returned the second sister-in-law to Liu Bei unscathed.

The third time is also very famous, that is, the battle of Changbanpo, when Liu Bei threw Adou. Zhao Yun rescued Mrs. Gan and A Dou seven times in and out, but failed to rescue A Dou's mother, Mrs. Mi. Liu Bei didn't feel much distress when his son fell, and he didn't care much about his wife's death. He only wanted to please his subordinates. He was really a "hero" in troubled times.

New Three Kingdoms Xu You Death Video_New Three Kingdoms Sun Quan Death Video_New Three Kingdoms Sun Quan Begging Father

3 Sun Quan Marries a Sister

It stands to reason that there were so many political marriages in the Three Kingdoms that Sun Quan's marriage to his younger sister would not have been ranked.

However, if compared with Wang Yun's "serial plan", Sun Quan's behavior is very dark.

The key to the success of the "beauty trick" is the cooperation of the "beauty". After all, Situ Wangyun has rich experience. In order to implement the strategy, he "gave Diao Chan to the ground, kowtowed and worshiped", then "tears flowed like a fountain", and put on a high hat, and finally made Diao Chan say "If the concubine does not report it Great righteousness, die under ten thousand blades" rhetoric.

It stands to reason that Diao Chan is just Wang Yun's adopted daughter, and Sun Lingxiang is Sun Quan's biological sister (although she is a half-brother, her mother is a biological sister). If Sun Quan said, like Wang Yun, "The common people are in danger of hanging upside down, and the monarch and ministers are in dire straits, and you can't save them" and other passionate words, with the character of Miss Sun Lingxiang's "husband among women", nine out of ten can match Sun Quan's action.

Sun Quan did not make full use of the kinship, but Liu Bei grasped Miss Sun's "understanding of righteousness", and even cried and lied, making Miss Sun say, "The concubine is the king, I am the king, and the concubine should be with you" and so on. The nasty words finally escaped. Sun Quan, after all kinds of concealment, use, and deception were in vain, began to hunt down and kill him viciously, and even his loyal subordinates dared not execute the orders he gave. Sun Quan was "wrathful to the sky", "take this sword to take my sister and Liu Bei's head! Anyone who disobeys the order will be beheaded!" Few people can match his heart.

Even so, when Sun Quan lied to his sister again, saying that Wu Guotai was critically ill, Sun Lingxiang immediately returned to her natal family regardless of the past. This time she was completely disappointed, and finally died for Liu Bei after the Battle of Yiling.

4 Cao Cao borrowed the head

Since we are talking about "heroes", how could there be no Cao Cao?

There are many stories about Cao Cao.

If you want to deal with the "Twenty Darkest Things in the Three Kingdoms", Cao Cao may be able to take half of it. Playing crazy to trick uncle. Killing guards in dreams, killing Miheng with a knife, cutting off hair to win people's hearts, looking at plum blossoms to quench thirst, etc., are all representatives of his tricks. Among them, "Cao Cao Borrowing the Head" is the most classic.

It was during the attack on Yuan Shu that the army was short of food, and the food officer came to ask Cao Cao for instructions. Cao Cao said that small bowls can be used to distribute it first, in case of emergency. The food officer said, what should the soldiers do if they complain? Cao Cao replied, I have my own way. Sure enough, there were complaints everywhere in the barracks at night, "everyone said that the prime minister is deceiving everyone".

Cao Cao then secretly called the grain officer, saying that he wanted to borrow something from him to stabilize the morale of the army, and hoped that the grain officer would not be stingy. The food official then asked, "What does the prime minister want to use?" Cao Cao said that he would borrow his head to show the public. The food officer argued, "I am not guilty!" Cao Cao said, "I also know that you are not at fault, but if you don't kill you, the army will rebel. After you die, I will treat your family well, so you can go at ease." Then he immediately beheaded to show the public, and posted a notice: The grain officer deliberately used a small bowl to steal military grain, and the military law has been enforced. Finally stabilized the army's morale.

Is this what you call a "hero"?

5 cannibal hunter Liu An

In order to please the vagrant princes who had never met before, of course it was Liu Bei, he killed his wife and gave Liu Bei to eat.

There are many wives murderers in Chinese history books, and the most famous one is "Wu Qi Kills His Wife Begging General". Wu Qi's murder of his wife is quite dark, but the starting point is to avoid suspicion, while Liu An's motive for killing his wife is really questionable.

If you want to really worship Liu Bei, cut off your own flesh for Liu Bei to eat like Jie Zitui! At that time, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were not there, how much would Liu Bei and the scholar Sun Gan eat? Cutting a thigh is enough Eat it (of course it is wrong), is it worth killing? As written in the book, "A woman was killed by the kitchen, and the meat on her arm was cut off." It can be seen that Liu Bei ate an arm. The rest is probably enjoyed by Liu An himself.

The most interesting thing is that Liu Bei met Cao Cao later, and talking about this matter, "Cao was ordered by Sun Qian to give him a hundred taels of gold."

It is really "heroes cherish heroes", which is very understandable to people.

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