Strange Experiences Of Four Friends

Ye thought of what Ling said that day: "If you are also hurt by a strong person, you will be like this centipede! Thinking of what Ling once said to Ye, I thought of that series of strange things. Tell me the truth, what happened to you last night Is the centipede caused by you? The students looked at Ye in horror. Although they didn't believe it, they still believed that "spirits are not ordinary people"." The wizard suddenly shouted: "I forgot, Ye was killed by a spirit. of. … Continue readingStrange Experiences Of Four Friends

Strange Strange Stories In The Countryside: Mother Liu's Dream

Back then, Liu Qi's grandfather was known as a capable person in the surrounding villages. In the 1960s, Liu Qi's grandfather committed suicide because of his poor family status and could not bear the criticism and humiliation. Two years later, Liu Qi's grandmother also passed away depressed and ill. When he was a child, he often heard the elders in the village talk about the strange things about the spirits of the dead. But now the voice and tone of the "wine fairy" are indeed the same as that of his mother. At this time, Liu Qicai suddenly thought that there is a custom of Qiqi after the death of relatives in the countryside, and every seven is seven days. This is exactly: the son does not live up to his expectations, the mother is sad, and after death, the concern is still in the dream. The prodigal son turns his head back and doesn't change his gold, he corrects his evil and returns to his righteousness to comfort his mother's spirit. … Continue readingStrange Strange Stories In The Countryside: Mother Liu's Dream