May Robbery

Inscription: My lip was bleeding from being bitten by myself. Drop by drop, splashing to the ground. Qing Nan, I hate you forever and ever.

(1) Ren Jiaqi

In May, the capital of Shu, beautiful scenery on a good day.

Until now, I still remember that on that day, I was wearing a water green spring shirt and a moon white coat. I am 17 years old, attractive youth, attractive beauty. I am the jewel in the palm of my parents, hiding in the deep boudoir, lest the world outside the house will defile me.

However, I am already 17, and I should leave the cabinet next year. For me, my father met the number one scholar, met Fu Guigong, and never got the one I was satisfied with. As a result, my marriage was delayed day by day, and it became a major event discussed in the town.

Until that day, he came in the door.

He is the son of an old servant in my family. He studied hard and won the first prize. Today, I came back to thank my parents for their cultivation. Where there is cultivation, but he was allowed to enter my father’s study to borrow a few books.

I hid behind the curtain and peeked at him. I haven’t seen him for a few days, but he seems to be a different person in the official uniform, his eyes are full of heroism.

At that glance, the earth trembled. At that glance, flowers bloom everywhere.

How vulgar and ordinary meeting, how ordinary love at first sight. But my life was completely rewritten for this one glance.

My father did not agree to accept him as his son-in-law because he was born in a poor family. Even though he is flourishing now, he is of grassroots blood and is not worthy of my family’s status as a distant relative of the royal family.

So, I sent the maid Nier to deliver the letter. During the few days when my parents visited the country house every month, he would come to make love with me.

We are deeply affectionate, and he swore to God that he would marry me as his wife, so I surrendered myself with confidence. Chastity is reserved for the beloved, now that the beloved is in front of you, what is the use of chastity?

In two years, more than 700 days and nights are fleeting. Because of my father’s pickiness and my opposition, I became an old girl in my boudoir. My mother was so anxious that she hugged me and wept. While I comforted her, I calculated the time for them to return to the countryside. I’ve never been so eager to see Qing Nan, because I have something big to tell him, I’m pregnant.

I want to discuss with Qingnan and have a showdown with my father. Even if my father blames me, he can only compromise in the end. I can marry him rightly, be his wife, and live with him forever.

He came, hesitating, fidgeting, I was full of anticipation, I wanted to speak a few times, but was blocked by his strange expression. What’s up with him? I felt ominous, so I asked hard. He didn’t want to talk about it first, but he couldn’t help me to be soft and soft, and told me. Tell me a bolt from the blue.

His father made a decision and arranged a marriage for him. The day after tomorrow, he will have a big wedding in the town and marry a new girl.

the day after tomorrow! My eyes turned dark, this cruel and ruthless short-lived man, how could you agree to this marriage and leave Ren Jiaqi and your flesh and blood in her belly?

He didn’t dare to look me in the eyes: “Jiaqi, you know, the orders of the parents, the words of the matchmaker… I can’t bear to be an underground couple with you for the rest of my life. If I want to be promoted, I have to have a complete family and live well…”

I raised my hand, stopped his chatter, and asked him to leave. When he left, I raised my head, and the moment my tears fell, I could clearly see his back, his heroic face, but this back was so wretched.

My lip was bleeding from being bitten by myself. Drop by drop, splashing to the ground. Lin Qingnan, I hate you forever and ever.

(2) Ren Sinian

In May, the capital of Shu, beautiful scenery on a good day.

Mother is in May, and her temper is the most irritable. So I went out early every day to herd sheep and collect firewood, mow grass and carry water. I’m not afraid of work, but I just don’t want to stay at home. The nurse stared out of the window in a daze. After she was dazed, she suddenly became angry. If she picked up anything, she might throw it at me in the face. She also often said that I was a debt collector born to her and would die with me.

I don’t hate my mother, I only have my mother.

I have no father and no other relatives. I have lived with my mother since I was a child, and I have taken my mother’s surname. My mother dragged me to grow up by helping others embroider. In the past 15 years, I haven’t seen my mother smile, but the mother who doesn’t smile is also the most famous beauty in our small village.

It was dark before I got home. When I got home, I had to cook as usual. My mother was not in good health, so I ate only one meal a day, porridge and side dishes. I don’t know how she survived all these years. I eat four meals a day and feel always hungry. I go out during the day, eat at my host’s house and at the west’s house. My neighbors all like me. When I go home at night, eating this meal with my mother is the only time we spend together.

After entering the door, the mother sitting in front of the window called out: “Nian’er, come here.”

My heart tightened, and I moved step by step in front of my mother.

My mother pulled me over and sat across from her. With the light of the setting sun outside the window, she looked at me carefully for a long time.

Then, Niang smiled, weirdly. It was the first time I saw my mother smile. Niang smiled and sighed: “Like me, Nian’er, you look like your mother, you really do.” When Niang laughed, it was scarier than not laughing.

I know this, the neighbor’s prince said this morning, saying that I look exactly like my mother.

Then, my mother asked me to go out with her tomorrow, to the town.

At night, I have insomnia. What is the town like? I’ve never been there yet.

There are so many people in the town, so many horse-drawn carriages, and so many peddlers selling things. It is a thousand times more lively than our village. I looked around the town, wishing to engrave everything I saw in my mind, and go back to show off to the prince.

Mother didn’t look at these things, she turned left and right, as if she knew the way very well. She came to the door of a big house, stopped, and knocked on the door. When the person who opened the door saw her, he looked like he had seen a ghost. Mother handed me a letter, let me go in, and gave the letter to Fu Yin Ren, but the old man who guarded the gate didn’t dare to stop me.

I went in and saw Fu Yin Ren who was sitting majestically in the hall. He was very old with gray hair. He doesn’t smile either, I’m not afraid of him, I’m used to seeing people without smiles. I handed him the letter, turned around and left. After reading the letter, he fell down behind me with a plop.

When the door closed, I heard earth-shattering cries from inside. Niang knelt down towards the door, kowtowed three times with trembling lips. Then got up, pulled me, and left without looking back.

But I could clearly see tears in my mother’s eyes.

Mother turned many more turns and walked a long way until she came to a secluded alley and the gate of a large courtyard.

This time, my mother didn’t knock on the door. She gave me a few copper coins, saying that she wanted to meet an old friend, talk to her, and let me go to the street in front of me to buy candied haws and eat them. I will come here to find her in an hour. Mother knows that I am smart and can recognize the way.

An hour later, I was satisfied and came back to find my mother.

There was a sea of ​​people in front of the gate of the mansion, many shook their heads and sighed. I squeezed hard and saw my mother lying on the ground. Blood flowed from her body, her lips were pale, and she had already lost her breath.

I don’t know what happened, I started to cry, first a small whimper, then a wail. My loud voice alarmed the people in the room, and someone came out to open the door. Seeing the scene in front of him, he was taken aback and closed the door again.

I kept crying until I passed out.

When I woke up, I saw my mother standing in front of me. I rushed to hug her, but she stopped me. Then, for the first time in our lives, our mother and daughter chatted like close friends. We chatted for a long time, and my mother told me a story from 15 years ago. I finally know that the owner of this house is my father, my wolf-hearted, rebellious and abandoned father.

Mother said that she wanted me to avenge her.

(3) Lin Qingnan

In May, the capital of Shu, beautiful scenery on a good day.

Every May, I miss the good times very much. Fifteen years ago, I respected my parents’ orders, married Wanmei, and left her. Afterwards, I never heard anything about her again. Fifteen years have passed, and the town is becoming more and more prosperous day by day, but why, I have never met her again?

In the spring of this year, when I went up the mountain to worship my ancestors, I met a fortune-telling old man. He chased after me and said a word: “Zhuangyuan Lang, this May, doomed.”

I didn’t take his words to heart at all. I didn’t expect that this May, one word would be a catastrophe.

Jiaqi died in front of my house, causing a sensation in the whole town. On the same day, news came that Jiaqi’s father, Renfu Yin, had passed away. That day, a girl who looked exactly like Jiaqi was in front of my door, calling her mother and crying to the ground.

I don’t know if she is my daughter, me and Jiaqi’s daughter, she can’t see my shadow on her face, she just looks like Jiaqi. The moment I saw her tearful eyes, I remembered the sound of Jiaqi’s tears falling to the ground behind me when I turned and left 15 years ago.

I carried her home and closed the door. She was in a coma for a day and a night, and woke up the next evening. The first sentence is: “I’m hungry.”

I asked the kitchen to make good rice porridge and side dishes for her, and she ate a bowl of it in one go, stretched her waist after eating, and asked the most important question: “Where am I now?”

God, the way she speaks, her voice, and even her tone are no different from Jiaqi.

Looking at her, I suddenly returned to the summer when I was 20 years old. I was in her boudoir with Jiaqi, loving each other and vowing to each other forever. She was wearing the water-green spring shirt and moon-white coat from back then, standing in front of me as if she was reborn on a beautiful day. I couldn’t help it, I stepped forward to hug her, but she avoided her, a slap came over, and I woke up: this is Jiaqi’s daughter, her flesh and blood.

My child or not, I decided to keep her. Externally, I announce that I will accept her as a foster daughter. Wan’er has no objection. For many years, we have never had a disagreement because we never communicated.

(4) Lin Chengjun

In May, the capital of Shu, beautiful scenery on a good day.

This May is very bright. My father brought back a fairy-like girl in a water-green spring shirt and a moon-white gown. She smiled brightly, and the sunshine outside the window was hard to come by.

Father adopted her as a foster daughter, and we have been brothers and sisters since then, but why does the love between brothers and sisters make me lose my mind?

The first time I saw Si Nian was in the back garden, she was fluttering butterflies among the peony flowers, the butterflies flew high, she turned around and flew straight into my arms. At that glance, the earth trembled. At that glance, flowers bloom everywhere.

Missing her eyes, I can read the charm in her eyes.

She fell into my arms for the first time, two months later. From then on, there are beauties in the books of sages, and the pages are full of benevolence, righteousness and morality. In my opinion, they are all smiles of longing. From then on, the king did not go to court early, and from then on, Lin Lang did not read in the morning.

Although it is hot summer, Miss’s body is snow-white and cold. The feeling like holding white jade in my arms makes me want to stop. Day and night, I just want to be with her. To old age to death.

Unexpectedly, I will be separated from Missing before I grow old or die.

I am sick. The limbs were weak, vomiting and diarrhea, and gradually, the whole body seemed to be completely exhausted, unable to exert any strength. My father saw all the famous doctors for me, even with all his wealth, he couldn’t find out the cause of the disease. Miss often sneaks into my room in the middle of the night to visit me, and we sit and cry until the sky is twilight, but we can’t say a word.

Finally, the paper couldn’t wrap the fire, and the things I missed were bumped into by my mother who came suddenly in the middle of the night.

Mother pushed open the door and saw me hugging Missing, Missing was kissing my forehead and cheek with forgetfulness, sucking up my tears. The mother screamed and fell to the ground.

Missing her at a loss, I hurriedly told her to leave and called a servant to help her up.

The mother was in a coma for two days and two nights, and the high fever persisted. When she woke up, the mother was crazy. She kept calling “Ren Jiaqi”, talking nonsense, and even incontinence.

Father locked Mother in the west wing and sent a maid to take care of her. From then on, Mother never saw the sun outside the house again.

(5) Li Wanmei

In May, the capital of Shu, beautiful scenery on a good day.

The day the master brought Ren Si Nian into the house and adopted him as a foster daughter, my heart throbbed inexplicably.

I know Ren Jiaqi, and I know Ren Sinian even more clearly than the master. Over the years, the name Ren Jiaqi has been called more than ten million times in the master’s dreams, and Ren Si Nian, from the information obtained by the spies, I can, definitely, she is the master’s daughter.

I decided to never let the master know this secret, but I never thought that Ren Jiaqi would die in front of my house and bring Ren Sinian back to the Lin family in this way.

I have no right to object, so I chose silence. Secretly, I kept an extra eye on this vicious girl and tried my best not to let Jun’er get in touch with her. Unexpectedly, just before Jun’er collapsed due to a hundred secrets, I broke through their adultery.

Ren Sinian was crying innocently in front of Jun’er, Jun’er just pulled her: “Don’t be afraid, you go back to your room, it’s okay! I will tell mother well…”

It’s okay, it’s okay… Confused gentleman, she is your half-sister!

The sky is spinning, my mind is in chaos…

(6) Wang Zijin

In May, the capital of Shu, beautiful scenery on a good day.

Today, another funeral procession came to the village. This year is really a year full of disasters. Since last May, many important people in the town have passed away. The Taoist priest on the mountain said that the year is not good.

Last year, Fu Yin Ren passed away first, followed by Lin Chengjun, the eldest son of the Lin family. It is said that he died of heart failure. Then, it was the wife of the Lin family, Mrs. Lin Li, who had gone to the funeral to eat and eat. The youngest son came back and said that Mrs. Lin was already insane before she died.

Poor Lin family, ever since Mr. Lin became the number one scholar in high school and started his family business, he originally expected to prosper from generation to generation. Unexpectedly, before Mr. Lin himself died, the family would decline first.

No, it’s his turn. Today’s long funeral procession is for Master Lin himself.

These have nothing to do with me, I just miss my miss. She was the first to leave. On this day last year, I was herding sheep and gathering firewood together with her, but the next day, I found her and her mother both dead at home, with a ring of bruises on Missing’s neck, but both her and her mother’s expressions were very peaceful , even with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

It was me and my neighbor who buried the two of them. It was buried on the top of the opposite mountain. Miss once said that from there, the town could be seen. Poor miss, until she died, she hadn’t been to the town yet.

I came to her grave and talked to her: “Miss, are you okay? You have been away for a year, I miss you very much, when can we go to herd sheep together? See you smile at me and call me son Brother Jin…”

As I said that, my tears fell and hit the little tombstone of missing.

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