Ghosts Selling Tofu

It is said that on the eve of liberation, people’s living standards at that time were not very good. Some country people have never seen a car in their whole life. When they saw a car for the first time, everyone gathered around to watch it, and saw that the car could pull several thousand catties. So some old people asked: “This thing is so powerful, how much grass do you have to eat for this meal?” At that time, carts were pulled by oxen in the countryside. This thing should also eat grass.

Hehe, of course this is a joke, but it is true that people at that time did not know what a car was, so it was up to people to pick and choose things like going to the market. Started walking before dawn.

It is said that there is a family who makes tofu in the mountains, and they make a living from this. So every day before dawn, the woman makes tofu at home, and the man picks it to sell in the market. If you walk too much this night, you will inevitably encounter ghosts.

One day, the man bravely walked the mountain road to the market as usual, and the morning of that day was very foggy. As the man was walking, he saw a figure in front of him. So the tofu seller thought, this early in the morning, feelings are also going to the market, so why not go together. There was also a chat along the way.

So he shouted: “The brother in front is going to the market, wait for me, I am also going to the market, let’s go together, there is also a caretaker on the way.”

Unexpectedly, the man ignored him and continued on his way without looking back.

The tofu seller thought he didn’t hear, so he yelled again: “Brother in front, wait for me, brother, let’s go all the way and be a companion.”

It stands to reason that the person in front should have heard it. But that person still ignored it.

The tofu buyer finally got angry. This person really doesn’t know the world. But on second thought, maybe he is deaf. If he was really deaf, he would have offended others.

So I wanted to take a few steps quickly and catch up to see what happened.

Who knows, if he walks fast, the person in front also walks fast, if he slows down, the person in front also slows down. It was as if he was playing tricks on purpose.

When he stopped buying tofu, he stopped too, so the tofu buyer secretly competed with him in his heart. After taking two steps, he suddenly trotted and rushed up, but when he looked back, he was startled. This man has a face.

Where the eyes were supposed to be, there are two bottomless black pits, there is no flesh on the bridge of the nose, and there is no skin on the mouth, only a few teeth are exposed, and they are smiling at themselves .

Now he finally knew what he had encountered today. To say that he is also smart, so he did not show any fear, but just said: “Hey, I got up late today, there is nothing to eat, only a few pieces of tender meat, which is white and tender. Ask my brother if you want some eat together.”

As soon as the ghost heard that there was meat to eat, he was of course very happy. With a sound of “ho ho” in his throat, he was about to reach out to take it. Seeing this, the tofu seller picked up a few pieces of tofu and stuffed them into his mouth.

As soon as the tofu touched the ghost’s mouth, the ghost was locked there.

Do you think that tofu is eaten by living people, so ghosts can bear it? Zhuge Liang created the eight formations, and when the ghosts and gods of the three realms were trapped, he turned beans into soldiers to deal with them. This tofu is made of soybeans. If it is a ghost, no ghost can bear it.

The hell was fixed there, the tofu seller dared to run to the market.

At noon, when he came back after selling the tofu, he passed by the place where the ghost had been fixed before, and there was still the shadow of the ghost there. Under the huge sun, only a dry black water mark remained where the ghost stood before.

From then on, tofu sellers never dared to walk at night again.

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