Author: Ghost House

The young couple Zhijun and Xinyue are purely from the Ken family in modern society. They live separately from their hometown, but they still often bring their almost 3-year-old child to their hometown to have a meal. Every time I come back from dinner, it's eight or nine o'clock in the evening. Fortunately, it's not far from my hometown, only 20 minutes by bike. But every time we have to pass through a small alley, this small alley is only as wide as two cars, and the cars passing by are not that many. But in this place where there are few cars, a traffic accident happened half a month ago. A woman and a child were hit and killed by a streetlight. The woman was lying on the ground with her head deformed. The arm was misplaced, and the child was even worse, turning into a blurry mass of flesh and blood. It was so tragic, there was blood all over the ground, and the driver actually hit and run. This case has not been solved to this day.

Winter is always so cold, and the number of times Zhijun's family of three goes to the old lady's house for food has obviously decreased. But whenever Zhijun worked overtime, Xinyue would definitely take her children to the old lady's place to eat, and the food would always be free. She didn't like cooking, so she went there again this time. The old lady was happy when she saw her grandchildren and was willing to serve them. Just like that, Xin Yue and her children had a good meal there and then rode home. It was almost nine o'clock at this time, and there were almost no people on the road. There were not many people wandering around in the middle of winter, and we soon reached this small alley, where some of the street lights were on and some were off. No one was paying attention to her. As she walked and chatted with her child, she saw something dark and crawling behind an unlit streetlight in front of her. When she rode up to her, she looked through another street lamp and saw a child, about 4 or 5 years old, hiding behind a lamppost. And while hiding and smiling at her, Xinyue hurriedly stopped the car. At that time, her first thought was that someone's child didn't come home so late. Could it be that he couldn't find a home. So she hurriedly moved forward to ask the child where she lived, but when she looked behind the lamppost, she was frightened and saw that there was nothing behind the lamppost. The lamppost clung to the wall of the alley. Seeing this, she hurriedly got on her car and took her child to her home quickly. Only later did I remember that there had been a car accident here a while ago, and an adult and a child had died. She didn't dare to think about it anymore, and didn't dare to look back. When she got home, she was covered in cold sweat. Her husband hasn't come back yet. After this experience, she went to the old lady's house for food less often. Every time she goes there, she goes with her husband. And she told her husband what happened to her, but Zhijun said that she was blinded and there could be no ghosts in the world.

After some time, Xinyue's laziness started to rise again, and it was another night when Zhijun worked overtime, so she took her children to eat again. What happened last time has long been forgotten. On the way back, she still had to pass through that scary alley. She still coaxed her children to talk while riding the bike. More and more street lights here were broken. And there are some that are accompanied by flickers. In this alley after nine o'clock at night, only the shadows of the mother and son accompany them as they move forward. When Xinyue was halfway through the ride, she saw her son sitting in front raising his head high and looking in the direction as if he was looking at the bright street lights in front of him. So she held the handle of the car with one hand and touched the child's head with the other and said, "Baby, why are you looking up at the light?!" The child, who was still speechless, replied in a squeaky voice: "Mom! The light… the light is above …Two people are sitting there. ""Don't talk nonsense"! "it is true"! An… adult… a child, that… adult… was waving to me! "After hearing this, her scalp was numb, her hair was stiff, her whole body was covered with goose bumps, and her calves almost gave way and she fell out of the car. Could it be that what the child said frightened her to this point? No! It's because of her I heard that children's eyes are bright, and children can see some unclean things, but adults can't. And she did look at the street light and there was nothing, not to mention that it happened here not long ago. There was a car accident, and the person who died happened to be a woman and a child. How could she not be afraid when she thought about this? She hurriedly told the child to shut up and lower her head, and she bravely rode home. When she got to the door, she was about to enter. I heard someone behind me say "Hey! "chuck" laughter.

When she turned around and saw no one, she was about to collapse. She hurriedly picked up her child and entered the house, locking the door. Zhijun came back early from working overtime. Xinyue angrily told him what she had just encountered. This time Zhijun was also frightened. He also knew about the car accident. But it didn't take long before he calmed down and advised Xinyue: "After all, it was what the child saw, and it may not be true. Adults, don't think too much. You must have been frightened by that laughter, and you heard it wrong." Go to bed quickly!" After hearing what her husband said, Xinyue became calmer. Zhijun has to tell his son a story every time before he can sleep. While talking, Xinyue fell asleep. But the child was still listening with his big eyes open. Seeing that the child was not sleepy, Zhijun told another story. After finishing the story, he put the storybook aside and saw that the child was staring straight at the opposite wall. , he quickly asked: "Baby, why aren't you sleeping yet?" "Dad! The wall… there are two people standing there." After hearing this, Zhijun's hair stood on end, and he shouted: "Stop talking nonsense, go to sleep!" "Strange to say, the child closed his eyes and fell asleep immediately after hearing this. (Children’s eyes are clean. When your child stares at one place or always looks out the window at night, you should divert his attention in time or close the curtains to prevent the child from being scared.) Yue was woken up by the shout, and Zhijun told her: "The child may be frightened. Let the neighbor's aunt take care of him tomorrow!" Xinyue also agreed. In this way, the two adults were fascinated by the child this night.

A few days later, the following thing still happened at night when Zhijun was working overtime and Xinyue took her children to have lunch. But this time Xinyue didn't dare to go home after helping the old lady clean up after dinner. She called the child's father in advance and decided to live here with the child and not go back. Zhijun, who had returned from overtime work, was the only one at home this time. It was almost ten o'clock when Zhijun got home. He watched the TV for a while and turned it off when there was no good TV. He wanted to go to sleep, but he couldn't fall asleep after tossing and turning on the bed. He was thinking wildly, and somehow he remembered what the child said. There were people on the lamps and on the walls. The more he thought about it, the more scared he became, but the more scared he became, the more he wanted to see what happened, so he opened his eyes. The room was very quiet, and the surroundings were dark, but the moonlight that filtered through the curtains could make people see the furniture in the room to some extent. At this time, his eyes unknowingly focused on the wall that the child talked about last time. There was a landscape painting hanging on it. There was a clothes hanger standing on the left side of the wall, standing there quietly, as if there was a person there. Standing, there is nothing on the right. He didn't dare to think any more, and he didn't dare to look any more, so he just wanted to close his eyes quickly and force himself to fall asleep. But just when he was about to close his eyes, he suddenly saw something shaking on the wall. Although the room was very dark, the shaking thing on the wall was still clearly visible in the faint moonlight. It was two figures, one big and one small. They frightened him and he turned on the light. At this time, the room returned to its original state. There was nothing on the wall and he was the only one in the room. Could it be that he had seen it wrong? Zhijun lit a cigarette and thought about it. He didn't believe in ghosts. It must have been a hallucination due to too much mental pressure.

After smoking, he decided to turn off the light and go to sleep. He lay on the bed with his eyes closed. After a while, he was about to fall asleep in a daze, when he suddenly heard a "pop" sound coming from the direction of the TV. (This sound , I think it can happen in every house. The TV may be cold and hot after it is turned off, and the internal components of the TV may make noises, but I don’t think it can be ruled out that something is touching your TV.) Zhijun thinks it must be the former. Reason, so he didn't pay attention. After a while, he heard the washing tub standing in the bathroom "crash" and fell over. Now he hesitated a little. Is it because the washing tub was not stable or something was moving it? Could it be that Is there really something dirty touching it in my house? (This kind of sound must have happened in your home. If it is not stable during the day, then it will be difficult to turn off the light at night. There may really be something unclean or someone touching your laundry tub. , You may not believe that such an unclean thing exists, but you will believe it when you encounter something.) Zhijun opened his eyes again, looking around and in every corner. There was only bleakness in the room. The moonlight came in hard. He didn't dare to get up and just lay quietly. Only his nervous breathing could be heard in the quiet room. The skill of sleeping with your eyes open cannot be practiced in a day or two. So, it wasn't long before he fell asleep on his side. (Every household turns off the lights to sleep at night, and Zhijun is no exception . He met two ghost women while working overtime . However, when you turn off the lights, do you know what is in your room? Do you know what is there? Are you wandering around the house? Do you know that there are eyes watching you when you sleep? You definitely don't know or believe that there are, but I tell you that there are them in every house, but you can't see them. Will harass you.

When you are reading this article now, you may not be reading it alone. There may be something unclean behind you reading it with you. It is best not to look back. remember! Turn off the lights and close your eyes when sleeping and don’t think about anything. When sleeping on your side, don’t think about what is behind you. Something may be standing behind you and staring at you. Believe it or not! ) As he slept, he always felt that there were two people, one big and one small, standing beside the bed behind him, with four eyes staring at him. No! To be precise, it should be three eyes. One of the adult's eyes has flowed out of the socket. Zhijun felt that the two hands were reaching towards him to strangle his neck. (You are the only one in a dark room. What would you do if something like this happens?) Zhijun was so anxious that he was covered in sweat and wanted to turn around quickly and jump out of bed. However, how could he? No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't turn over, so I just lay motionless on my side on the bed. Let others manipulate him behind his back. (I think you may have had this kind of dream, where you moved and screamed as much as you wanted, but there was no response until you were finally frightened and woke up. You may think this is a nightmare when you wake up, but I tell you it may be real. You There may really be something in that room that you dreamed about.) Just as he was struggling, he woke up with a "Ah!" When I turned on the light, the room was very quiet and there was nothing. He was soaked all over and sitting on the bed panting. He was a little tired after being frightened again and again, but when he saw that it was a nightmare, he decided to turn off the light and go to sleep. Just when he turned off the light and before he could close his eyes, the door to the room suddenly opened slowly. Normally, after a person's eyes are dazzled by the light, it should be pitch black and nothing can be seen. Only after a while can we see it clearly.

But what happened to Zhijun? He immediately saw the door moving (maybe it was a person's special ability before death.) He saw two people standing at the door, a woman leading a child. At this time, he was frightened. I was completely paralyzed on the bed, my legs were numb, and I felt a cold breeze on my back. I hurriedly turned on the light and shouted, "Who is it?" But the light couldn't turn on no matter how hard I turned it on. I saw that the woman's hair was messy and stained with blood, and some sperm was spilled from her head. The facial features on her face were completely distorted. One eyeball had popped out of the eye socket and was connected to the eye socket with bloodshot streaks. The outside of his eye sockets was swinging back and forth, his face was covered with blood, one arm was raised back and his forearm was raised with his palm facing up, and the other hand was leading the child. The child was dirty and covered in blood and stared at him intently, and also said "Ouch" ! "Ouch!" The two women cried overtime , and red liquid flowed from their eyes, but the woman smiled at Zhijun. These two sounds mixed together were heard by Zhijun clearly, and the two of them were rubbing the floor towards Zhijun. He was so frightened that he shouted out the truth: "Let me go. I didn't mean to…" After saying this, Zhijun passed out and said he was unconscious. However, early the next morning, someone found Zhijun driving. He hit a lamppost in an alley and died.

It turned out that he was responsible for the car accident. This is exactly what happens when evil comes to you. If you don't do bad things, you won't be afraid of ghosts. Although you are not doing anything wrong, there may still be ghosts ringing at your door sometimes, but you just can't hear them or they can't do anything to you. Remember that children’s eyes are clean, so sometimes you have to believe what they say. In addition, avoid going to places where people have died, as you may attract ghosts back home! Don’t! ! !

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