Ghost Stories Of Bali Chencun: Ghost Fathers And Ghosts Take People’s Lives

If, in the self-defense counterattack against Vietnam, my father had not treated the prisoners leniently and had his left leg smashed by the prisoners, he would not have come to Bali Chen Village; if my father had not gone to Bali Chen Village, maybe Aunt Zhong and Zheng Zheng will never be reborn again; if Uncle Zhong didn't have evil intentions in his heart, Aunt Zhong and Zhong Zheng would not have been harmed and almost died.

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Dog Girl's Story

That is to recognize a dog girl. "Innuss? And I called her Inu. But I suddenly found that there seemed to be something in Inu's mouth. But I will take in some very poor puppies that wander on the streets, or abandoned pet dogs. But I will not keep them. Although I will try my best to find new owners for them, in my opinion, there is really no dog that can replace the position of the dog girl in my heart.

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Chapter 86 Buried Alive In Tai Chi Halo

Wu Daoming was stunned, and quickly glanced at Shanren Wu Chu. He already understood Shanren's intention. This Shanren was cunning enough, and his good Tai Chi Yinxun finally created the mother and queen of the country, and the Huang family didn't have a daughter. Without a granddaughter, you are just talking about an empty city plan…Okay, Wu will cooperate with your empty city plan. Anyway, the Huang family is not a good person.

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Haunted House February 12, 2022 [Short Ghost Story] Font: Stretched Hand This is a personal experience that a female neighbor of mine told me personally. This is a personal experience that a female neighbor of mine told me personally. If you have a story you want to share with ghost friends, you are also welcome to submit your manuscript to us. Please send your manuscript to the editor's email: Thank you for sharing! … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Short Ghost Stories>Browse Articles Short Ghost Stories

Dad's Diary

The drawer is full of diaries, all written by my father during his lifetime. Seeing his sister staring blankly at the diary, Tang Yuan comforted her and said: Ling, dad is dead. You have to cheer up. There are still many things waiting for you to do. Tang Ling shouted frantically, Dad is not dead, he even wrote a diary today! You see, dad is not dead, he wrote a diary, and he is back! The brother and sister held their breath and flipped the diary forward. August 17th, August 16th, and August 15th were one day after another. He remembered it correctly! Tang Ling was shocked. She clearly remembered that the diary only lasted until the 22nd, so Tang Ling didn't dare to think about the extra day. … Continue readingDad's Diary

Jealousy Kills

The more Jin Lin thought about it, the more angry she became, and the strength in her hands continued to increase. Later, she felt that the beating was not enough, so she grabbed Jing Jing's hair and pulled it hard, saying "You bitch, your mother" No wonder a person like you died so early when he was born, and your father, who seemed to be dying soon, thought that sending your pheasant into the city would turn him into a phoenix? What kind of person is born? Your father's appearance will give birth to your appearance, it must be your mother who stole the birth and gave birth to a bastard like you. … Continue readingJealousy Kills

Zhang Yiqingzhi Solves The Case

Zhang Yiqing paused for a moment, then asked Chen Li, "Can you tell me specifically about your son's unfilial behavior?" My lord, the unfilial son has already pleaded guilty, and according to the Song Dynasty's regulations, he can be beaten to death with a stick! "Chen Lishi thanked Zhang Yiqing and left the court with satisfaction. It turned out that when the court decided the case that day, Zhang Yiqing knew that there must be something hidden in the case. During the autopsy, it was found that Chen Tianyou had eleven fingers, and his identity became a mystery in Zhang Yiqing's mind… "Chen Tianyou is the ghost thief Qianqiu with eleven fingers, and you are his accomplice Geng Quan! "You didn't even think that the murderer was actually two people, Qianqiu has an accomplice, right? … Continue readingZhang Yiqingzhi Solves The Case

Prince Fash’s Story

The story of Prince Fashi Once, Prince Fashi was led by the prime minister to meet the king’s favorite concubine. But the prince said: “If the king wants the minister to die, the minister has to die; if the father wants the son to die, the son has to die.” The princess narrated the tragic experience that Prince Fashi narrated with the sound of the piano. Prince Fashi and his wife went back to their own country The king asked: “Are you my son Fash? Fashi’s wife told the king exactly how Fashi was ordered to gouge out his eyes. … Continue readingPrince Fash’s Story

May Robbery

As a result, my marriage was delayed day by day, and it became a major event discussed in the town. Fifteen years ago, I respected my parents’ orders, married Wanmei, and left her. Afterwards, I never heard anything about her again. In the spring of this year, when I went up the mountain to worship my ancestors, I met a fortune-telling old man. He chased after me and said a word: “Zhuangyuanlang, doom is inevitable in May this year. I didn’t take his words to heart at all. I didn’t expect that this May would be doomed. This year is really full of disasters.” In this year, from May of last year to now, many important people in the town have passed away. The Taoist priest on the mountain said that the year is not good. … Continue readingMay Robbery

Snake Jealous

When I was very young, I heard from my mother that snakes are very sensitive animals. Its perception ability is very strong, and it is easy to find out people’s inner thoughts, so as to make judgments on people’s good and evil. My father’s death was related to snakes. The mother found two tooth marks on his calf, which were identified by the doctor as the tooth marks of a snake. As a result, snakes became a taboo for the Ruan family. I have lived in solitude since childhood, accompanied only by a wooden horse engraved by my father during his lifetime. Everyone said that I have the character and heart of a snake, indifferent, sensitive, and jealous. When she left, her mother said with red eyes, Ruan Ling’er, I hate you. … Continue readingSnake Jealous