Encountered Two Female Ghosts In A Haunted House After Working Overtime

This story tells the story of a young girl who suddenly developed a fever on August 8. She initially paid no attention to it, but her condition quickly worsened and her fever persisted. While taking a shower, she felt frightened, as if someone was secretly watching her. While sleeping at night, she was constantly woken up and felt like someone was patting her, but when she woke up, she found nothing. She even had a dream that the house was filled with ghosts, but after she fought back, the ghosts disappeared. The next day, her condition showed no improvement and seemed even worse. The old lady downstairs came to see her and thought she might have encountered something unclean. The girl recalled that the night before, when she and her colleague Xiao Wu went home together, they passed a paper burning place and heard strange sounds. The old woman told her that that day was the fourteenth day of the seventh lunar month, the day when the gates of hell were opened, and she might have provoked the ghosts from the underworld. The old lady took her downstairs to burn paper money to the ghosts in the underworld for peace, and posted a portrait of Guanyin beside her bed. After that, the girl's condition miraculously improved. After returning to work, the girl found that Xiao Wu also had a fever and asked for leave. She decided to take Xiao Wu to burn paper at night.

On August 8th, I felt very uncomfortable as soon as I got up in the morning. I started to have a fever out of nowhere. I thought it was a small cold at first. It became very serious on the second day. The fever reached 39 degrees Celsius. I went to the hospital and took anti-fever injections, but there was no improvement at all. At 10 o'clock in the evening, thinking about how much I had sweated, I stood up and went to take a shower. I am a very courageous girl, and I have been renting this house by myself for more than a year. But today I always felt very scared when I was taking a shower, as if there were eyes watching me secretly, looking at the glass window, fearing that a hand or something would appear. Looking around, there is certainly nothing in the closed bathroom. After washing randomly, I quickly went home and closed the door before letting out a sigh of relief. Secretly laughing at himself: "What kind of society is this? This is a bustling big city, so what kind of ghosts can there be?"

At 10 o'clock, I took medicine and climbed into bed. I thought I would fall asleep soon, but as I tossed and turned in my mind, I could see some shots of ghosts appearing from the ceiling and floor windows. I ordered myself: "You have to sleep well so that you can get well soon. This is because you have read too many ghost stories." No matter how I changed my position. Those pictures still appeared stubbornly, so I didn't fall asleep until about 11 o'clock. Then suddenly it seemed like someone was photographing me, and I woke up all of a sudden. When I got up and turned on the light, nothing happened. He lay down and continued to sleep, and after a while he did it again. When I was woken up for the fifth time, I looked at my watch. It was 2 a.m. and I felt very scared. If I don't dare to sleep, I turn on the light and wrap myself in the sheets. I would like to declare here that I am a very courageous girl, and I have always been dubious about ghosts, out of pure curiosity and mystery. I also read a lot of ghost stories.

The 6th time I fell asleep because I was too tired. This time I dreamed that many ghosts appeared in the house, all standing in front of my bed looking at me, like gray shadows. He hung his hands stiffly and came around with a silent smile. I was very scared at first, but when they started to stretch their hands towards me, I was so scared that I wasn't scared anymore. My heart skipped a beat. Either way, I would die if they didn't die. I jumped out of bed. The strange thing is that there was no barrier. I passed through them easily, went behind the door, picked up the mop, and hit them. While beating me, I yelled: "Go away, don't bother me! Go away, I don't owe you anything." !”

I don’t know if I’m too fierce. Ghosts are also afraid of evil people. They really slowly backed away. As soon as they retreated to the window, they disappeared from the walls and curtains. I woke up again. I was sweating profusely, and then I saw my mop lying beside the bed. Strangely, I wasn't afraid at all. It seemed that the fear I felt in the first few times was someone else's, and then I fell down and slept until dawn. I still had a high fever, a splitting headache, and could barely stand up.

The grandma downstairs came to see me in the afternoon. She is older. Ever since I moved here and met her, I have been helping her buy groceries, mopping the floor, and taking care of her, so she is very good to me.

She was surprised when she saw me and said, "Girl, how come you are so sick in just two days?" I turned to look at the mirror and was shocked: I looked pale in the mirror, with thick dark circles around my eyes. The lips are dark and the eyes are dull. The old lady asked me mysteriously: "Girl, have you encountered something dirty?" I said no. The old woman asked again: "Have you walked at night recently?"

I worked overtime until 10 o'clock on August 7th. I took a shortcut home with my colleague Xiao Wu. Walking into the alley, there was a white circle on the side of the road. Inside were 2 white candles and a pile of paper ashes. At that time, Xiao Wu laughed: "Oh, someone is burning paper. I wonder if there is a ghost taking the money." I also laughed: "Please comfort me, if there is a ghost, he should have been reincarnated long ago. Haha." The two young people were still pretending. He bent down and bowed: "We are passing by two women who met a ghost while working overtime . Please eat quickly and don't hold on." He walked away laughing. Suddenly I heard someone laughing "haha" in my ear twice. It's very similar to the ghost laughter in ordinary ghost movies. So I hit Xiao Wu hard and said, "Don't be scary, silly girl. It's so ugly to laugh like that." She said, "I didn't laugh." I thought she did it on purpose, so I didn't care. Just went home.

I told my grandmother about this, and she said, "Silly girl. Do you know what day August 7th is? It's July 14th in the lunar calendar! The day when the gates of hell open! You silly kid doesn't know how high the sky is and how high the earth is. The alley you're walking on is liberated." There is a mass grave in front of you. You must have provoked the yin people." I was shocked and quickly told the old lady about what happened that night. The old lady said, "You are really brave, but you have a good heart. Someone must protect you." , they don’t dare to do anything to you. Just listen to your mother-in-law. Go burn some money for those sinners at night and send them back. "I said that I can’t even stand, and injections and medicine have no effect at all." In fact, at that time, I still had the idea of ​​giving it a try, so my mother-in-law went to help me buy fire paper and money.

At 11 o'clock in the evening, my wife forced me to get out of bed. I followed her downstairs in a daze, squatting on the roadside and watching her draw a circle with white ash, leaving only a small opening. Then he lit fire paper and money while chanting: "I am ignorant and have offended your family. There are many adults in your family, please forgive her. From now on, she will know how to respect the people in the underworld. Burn some money for your family and leave early." He asked me and said, "I am ignorant and offended. I'm sorry that I met two ghostly women while working overtime . I won't dare to do it again." After the paper was burned, they dragged me away and told me not to look back. When I got home, my mother-in-law took another picture of Guanyin and posted it on the wall next to my bed. Strange to say. As soon as I woke up at dawn, my fever had subsided and my head ached no more. I just feel a little weak, after all, I haven't eaten in two days. I just felt so hungry, so I ran downstairs and ate a bowl of noodles. When my grandmother saw me coming out to eat, she smiled like a flower.

I recovered from my illness today and went to work, only to find out that Xiao Wu also had a fever and asked for leave. She has not recovered yet, so I decided to take her to burn paper in the evening.

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Story rating:

The story is narrated in the first person, allowing readers to experience the fear and helplessness of the protagonist more immersively. The horror elements in the story, such as continuous high fever, awakenings at night, ghosts in dreams, and the special time background of the 14th day of the seventh lunar month, all add to the suspense and horror atmosphere of the story. At the same time, the role of the old lady in the story and her traditional beliefs provide the story with a traditional cultural perspective and also reflect the way people deal with unknown fears. On the whole, this is a horror story that combines modern life and traditional beliefs, which is both scary and thought-provoking.

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