Ghost Marriage News Makeup Corpse

Haunted House January 21, 2022 [Hospital Ghost Stories] People have been watching [Typeface:] And based on experience, I’m going to start working again——as a corpse make-up artist, my work is always followed by death OK, hated but irresistible. ——If there were ghosts in the world, wouldn’t I, as a body make-up artist, have been frightened to death long ago? I first used props such as women's underwear to drive a wedge between her and my brother, then pushed her into the river and drowned her, and then used her death to make my brother suspicious and afraid to accept other women. … Continue readingGhost Marriage News Makeup Corpse

Human Demon

He almost didn't dare to recognize it. The old woman with heavy makeup who came to the door was actually his sixth uncle? "The male boss said, he still looked careless. "Hey, life is really impermanent. In the past, his family was so rich, and he was a well-known rich man. Unexpectedly, he got mixed up in such a field today. He didn't mind at all that tears were all over his face, and he didn't mind that his cousin saw his tears. Of course, Mr. Wang didn't tell his cousin about his plan, nor about the ruby, and he didn't even say a word about Uncle Six to his cousin. … Continue readingHuman Demon

May Robbery

As a result, my marriage was delayed day by day, and it became a major event discussed in the town. Fifteen years ago, I respected my parents’ orders, married Wanmei, and left her. Afterwards, I never heard anything about her again. In the spring of this year, when I went up the mountain to worship my ancestors, I met a fortune-telling old man. He chased after me and said a word: “Zhuangyuanlang, doom is inevitable in May this year. I didn’t take his words to heart at all. I didn’t expect that this May would be doomed. This year is really full of disasters.” In this year, from May of last year to now, many important people in the town have passed away. The Taoist priest on the mountain said that the year is not good. … Continue readingMay Robbery

The Eyes In The Corner Of The Legend Of The Red Ghost (1)

I turned around abruptly and saw that in the distant firewood room, in the darkness, there was a vaguely like a person standing, glowing with light, she was looking straight at us! Only the chill when she walked up to me made me believe that this beautiful woman in front of me was a ghost. That day, I was waiting here as usual for that man to come. He never came, but a group of ferocious people came. They… they killed me, and then I have been waiting here, from waiting for one person to now. Wait for the two of you…” She looked a little blank. … Continue readingThe Eyes In The Corner Of The Legend Of The Red Ghost (1)