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At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, in the mountains and forests of Eryuan in northwest Yunnan, there were many bandit villages one after another. Among them was the Juyi Village, whose leader was named Song Biao. Song Biao was originally a tenant of a local landlord. Unable to bear the exploitation, he killed the landlord in anger, fled to the mountains, and recruited poor friends to become green forest bandits. He is a righteous man and is known as the "Songjiang of Western Yunnan". He attracts people from nearby villages to come to seek refuge, and the situation in Juyi Village is booming.

Song Biao had an only son named Song Wenwu. Listening to this name, you can tell that Song Biao hoped that his child would be able to be civilized and martial. Song Biao didn't want his child to get infected with gangsterism in the village, so he sent him to Guangzhou to study at a very young age and was fostered in a cousin's home. Guangzhou later became the most lively place of the National Revolution. When Song Wenwu grew up, he was influenced by revolutionary ideas and joined the revolutionary army. When the Northern Expedition broke out in 1926, Song Wenwu was serving in the Eighth Army led by Tang Shengzhi. Due to Tang Shengzhi's poor command, the Eighth Army was defeated in a battle with Wu Peifu in Changsha, Hunan, and was forced to retreat to Hengyang. Song Wenwu and a few soldiers got separated from the large army and got lost in a mountain, wandering around. On this day, they encountered a rapid stream with only a single-plank bridge in disrepair, so Song Wenwu asked others to cross first, and he crossed later. Unexpectedly, when he reached the middle of the single-plank bridge, the bridge suddenly collapsed and Song Wenwu lost his footing and fell into the water.

The current was so strong that others on the shore were helpless. Song Wenwu was a landlubber, floating and sinking in the water, and he was about to die. At this moment, Song Wenwu vaguely saw a dark branch reaching out. He quickly reached out to grab it and let the branch drag him ashore.

Song Wenwu fainted because he drank too much water. After he woke up, everyone else found it strange when he talked about how he was saved. Because everyone was in a panic at the time, no one stretched out the branches to save him. There was a sharp-eyed person next to him who saw Song Wenwu holding a long hair tightly in his hand. Could it be that what Song Wenwu grabbed was not the branch, but the hair? Everyone was puzzled.

Some people joked that there might be a female ghost in the water. Seeing Song Wenwu's handsomeness, she felt compassion for him and saved his life.

Song Wenwu later served as a soldier for several years. Because he was smart and capable, and like his father, he was kind-hearted and popular, and was promoted to battalion commander.

It is said that Song Biao of Juyi Village here has become more and more powerful, causing the local warlords to encircle and suppress him. Song Biao was seriously injured in a fierce battle and his body became increasingly weak. After hearing the news, Song Wenwu resigned from the military and returned to Juyi Village to help his father. Although Song Biao did not want Song Wenwu to become a bandit, there was no other suitable person in the village, so he had no choice but to acquiesce.

After about two years of this, Song Biao passed away, and everyone elected Song Wenwu as the leader.

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After all, Song Wenwu was a man who had read books and seen the world. Under his leadership, Juyi Village's momentum was even better than that of Song Biao's era. Song Wenwu was well aware of the suffering of the people in troubled times, so he strictly ordered his men to only rob the rich and not bully the people. He also often gave the stolen property to the poor people around him, so he was very popular in the Bei'eryuan area. The local warlords came to conquer several times, but did not get any benefits.

On this day, Song Wenwu robbed a group of official salaries on the mountain road. Unexpectedly, there was a beautiful young woman in the team delivering the salaries. Song Wenwu never killed young, old, women and children, so he ordered people to let this woman go. Unexpectedly, the woman was kneeling on the ground and refused to leave. Song Wenwu felt strange and asked why. It turned out that this woman's name was Sun Qinghe, and she was the daughter of a tea shop owner. When the head officer who was escorting officers saw her in the tea shop, he became lustful and killed her parents and kidnapped her on the road together. Now, she is homeless.

The brothers in the village clamored and asked Song Wenwu to take Sun Qinghe back to be the wife of the village. Song Wenwu couldn't help but be moved when he saw Sun Qinghe's outstanding appearance. Besides, he was already in his 30s and had never touched a woman before, so it was time for him to marry a housewife. But Song Wenwu never made things difficult for others, so he confessed his thoughts to Sun Qinghe. When Sun Qinghe saw Song Wenwu's handsomeness and martial prowess, he naturally agreed very much.

That night, a banquet was held in the village, and the head of the family went to the wedding hall to get married. While everyone was drinking and having fun, they suddenly heard a shrill scream coming from the bridal chamber. Song Wenwu quickly took people to the bridal chamber to check, and saw that the bride was dead with her eyes protruding and her tongue protruding. Her face was full of terror, as if she had seen something terrible before she died. There was a thin long hair wrapped around the bride's neck, and there were no wounds elsewhere. Could it be that hair that strangled her? Song Wenwu untied his hair and took a closer look, and suddenly thought of what happened when he was rescued in the stream, and he couldn't help but murmur in his heart.

Song Wenwu ordered people to search the stronghold carefully, but no suspicious person was found. In desperation, he had to strengthen the security in the stronghold. But the alert had no effect. A week later, another person died inexplicably in the village. The person who died this time was called Li Da, the cook in charge of cooking. He also had a hair wrapped around his neck when he died. This time the situation exploded, and everyone said that the village was haunted.

Since people were killed one after another in the village, Song Wenwu became alert while sleeping. Every night in the middle of the night, he always felt like someone was watching him in the room, but when he opened his eyes, he didn't find anything strange. This feeling made Song Wenwu very uncomfortable.

The second master, Ding Sheng, suggested to him that there was a Lingfeng Taoist temple nearby. The Taoist monk Xingzhi in the temple was very advanced and was good at catching ghosts and demons. It would be better to invite him to come and take a look. In order to calm the panic in the village, Song Wenwu agreed.

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Taoist priest Xingzhi arrived at the stronghold and after a brief observation, he concluded that there must be a monster in the stronghold. He drew some talismans, gave them to Song Wenwu, and ordered this.

That night, Song Wenwu and a group of men lurked in a bush outside his house. This season is in the hot summer, and there are so many mosquitoes in the mountains that you can't stop biting them. Staying up until midnight, I heard a "plop" sound not far away. Everyone immediately shut up and looked into a pond next to the bushes. I saw the water stirring slightly, and then I saw a black thing that looked like a snake but not a snake crawling onto the shore from the water. Song Wenwu took a closer look and saw that it was actually a strand of human hair. I saw that the front end of the hair was raised, swaying from side to side, as if watching the movement, and then "chiliuchiliu" swam into Song Wenwu's bedroom.

Song Wenwu waved his hand, and everyone immediately rushed forward and pasted all the talismans painted by Xing Zhi on the doors and windows. There was a wailing sound in the room, and the monster seemed to have turned into a giant python, rolling and thrashing desperately in the room. The doors and windows were "fluttering" and falling off, and they were almost torn apart, and the timid people backed away one after another.

Fortunately, after a while, the monster seemed to have lost its strength and gradually became quiet. Xing Zhi called a few brave people to break into the room with oil lamps. Looking through the light, I saw that the room was in a mess and a piece of hair was lying on the ground. Xingzhi carefully picked up a charm with his peach wood sword and put it on his hair, then wrapped it up. At this moment, the hair suddenly twisted, dragging Xingzhi to the ground, and jumped out of the door. Several strong men rushed over and grabbed Xing Zhi's legs with all their strength. Song Wenwu was so anxious that he took off a few charms from the door and threw them on the hair. The hair twisted a little and stopped moving.

Xingzhi got up from the ground, wiped his sweat, and said, "This evildoer has a very profound Taoism."

Song Wenwu asked: "Taoist Priest, what do you think we should do next?"

Xing Zhi said angrily: "There must be an evil spirit possessing this hair. As long as the hair is burned with fire, the evil spirit will be wiped out."

The image of the evil person comics HD version_The image of the evil person pictures_The image of the evil person

When the fire was put down, the hair was not burned, but the charm wrapped around the monster was burned away. Song Wenwu secretly cried out that something was not good. Soon after, a gloomy wind blew outside the window. The fire and oil lamp on the ground were instantly blown out, leaving the room in darkness.

After everyone scrambled to relight the oil lamp, they found that Xing Zhi was lying on the ground with his eyes bulging and his tongue protruding. He was dead. There was a thin long hair wrapped around his neck. There was no trace of the monster, and everyone was shocked.

After dawn, Song Wenwu ordered people to drain the water from the pond, and found a corpse in the mud at the bottom of the pond. There was a big stone on the corpse. Judging from the situation, it seemed that he had been killed and then tied to the stone and sunk to the bottom of the lake. A rusty jewelry box was also found next to the bones. This jewelry box should belong to the bones. Opening the jewelry box, there was a strand of long black hair.

Whose bones are these? Judging from the degree of corruption, it must have been at least twenty years old. Since the bones appeared in the village, the deceased must have been a member of the village. Song Wenwu thought for a moment and ordered someone to call Lao Lintou. Lao Lintou is 65 years old and has stayed in the village for more than 30 years. He can be said to be the person who knows Juyi Village best. He was shocked when he saw the jewelry box and the bones, and sobbed: "Master, this is grandma! Grandma, you died so miserably."

When Song Wenwu heard this, he was like a thunderbolt from the blue. The grandma Lao Lintou said was Song Wenwu's biological mother. He hissed: "Uncle Lin, what's going on? Didn't my mother die in childbirth? Why are her bones at the bottom of the lake?"

Old Lintou wiped away his tears and tremblingly revealed a secret that had been hidden for many years.

The eldest grandmother is a virtuous and gentle person, and she respects the old boss Song Biao as if she were a guest. However, they have been married for three years and have no heirs. The eldest grandmother felt guilty, so she persuaded Song Biao to accept the new concubine. The second aunt was quite well-behaved when she first entered the house, but it didn't take long for her true colors to show. She only wanted to fight for favor and jealousy all day long, making the backyard uneasy. Half a year later, the second aunt became pregnant and became more and more crazy. But what I didn't expect was that a month later, the eldest grandma, who had not been seen for many years, also got pregnant. They were pregnant for ten months and gave Song Biao a young master one after another. Song Biao was so happy that he couldn't close his mouth all day long and named their two sons Song Wen and Song Wu respectively. It is said that when things go to extremes, happiness will turn into sorrow, and the next development of things is so unexpected. First, the second aunt's child Song Wen died inexplicably, and then the eldest grandmother suddenly disappeared. Not long after, the second aunt also died of a sudden illness. The continuous strange incidents caused rumors in the village. Some people speculated that the eldest grandmother killed Song Wen and then escaped to become a villain , while the second aunt died violently due to excessive grief.

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The old boss has a deep affection for his eldest grandma, and he doesn't believe a word of these rumors. He strictly ordered the whole village not to discuss this matter in the future. In memory of the deceased Song Wen, he changed Song Wu's name to Song Wenwu, and said in a unified voice that the eldest grandma died of dystocia. The old boss secretly sent people to look for the eldest grandma many times, but there was no news.

If the eldest grandma would harm the second aunt's child, Old Lin would not believe it even to death. On the contrary, the second aunt wanted to kill the infant Song Wenwu. At that time, Lao Lintou's wife Lin Zhang happened to be a mother-in-law next to the eldest grandmother, and the second aunt forced her to poison Song Wenwu. Mrs. Lin Zhang was very frightened and told Lao Lintou about the incident. Lao Lintou didn't want his wife to kill the young master, let alone get involved in this turmoil, so he prepared to leave the village quietly. Unexpectedly, before setting off, I heard the news of the sudden death of my second aunt.

After the eldest grandma disappeared, Lao Lintou suspected that the second aunt had killed her. Now it seems that my guess is correct.

Song Wenwu said: "Uncle Lin, why are you so sure that these bones belong to my mother?"

Old Lintou said: "Grandma's left foot was once fractured. You can see that there are traces of fractures on the left foot of this corpse. Furthermore, this jewelry box was given to Grandma by the old boss, and it is regarded as the most cherished thing by Grandma… …”

Song Wenwu burst into tears, and he finally realized that his mother's ghost must have been possessed by the strand of black hair. That time in Xijian, it was his mother's soul that saved him. The person who watched him in front of his bed every night was his loving mother, and he almost killed his mother.

But Song Wenwu still didn't understand: Why did his mother kill his daughter-in-law and the innocent people in the village?

The image of the evil person comics HD version_The image of the evil person_The image of the evil person pictures

Old Lintou said: "There must be some reason for this."

At this moment, his subordinates came to report that they had caught a spy who was inquiring about the village. Song Wenwu interrogated the spies and unexpectedly learned the truth of the matter. It turned out that Sun Qinghe was an internal agent sent by the bandit suppression army. His purpose was to find an opportunity to cooperate with internal and external forces to break Juyi Village. On the night of the wedding, the anti-bandit troops were already ambushing at the foot of the mountain. After the people in the village got drunk, Sun Qinghe opened the gate of the village and invaded the village in one fell swoop. If Sun Qinghe had not been killed, the consequences of Juyi Village would have been disastrous. Later, the bandit suppression army saw that the plan failed, so they secretly bribed Li Da, who often went down the mountain to purchase supplies. As a result, Li Da did not report back for many days, so the bandit suppression army became anxious and secretly sent spies to the mountain to investigate.

Song Wenwu buried his mother's bones and jewelry box thickly next to his father's grave, and observed mourning in front of the grave for three years. At the age of 41, Song Wenwu married the daughter of an old private school teacher, and later gave birth to a son, named Song Nianci in memory of his mother.

After liberation in 1949, Song Wenwu dismissed his brothers in the village and opened an antique shop in Kunming. The family of three lived a peaceful and prosperous life. In 1960, Song Wenwu and his wife passed away one after another, and Song Nianci took over the shop. With his shrewd mind, he made the antique business increasingly prosperous, attracting the covetousness of evildoers. Late one night, a group of robbers broke into the Song family antique shop and tied up the Song Nianci family. Neighbors who heard the noise quickly called the police. When the police arrived, they were surprised to find that Song Nianci's family was safe and sound, while the twelve robbers at the scene all fell to the ground, dead, with a thin hair tied around each of their necks.

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This story is set in northwest Yunnan at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China. It combines history, folklore and supernatural elements to create a story full of suspense and emotional entanglements. Song Wenwu's family history and the fate of Juyi Village, as well as the ghost image of Song Wenwu's mother, together form the core of this story. The long hair in the story is not only a symbol of mysterious power, but also a metaphor of maternal love and family protection.

The plot of the story is ups and downs, full of twists and surprises. During the reading process, people can not only feel the customs of ancient society, but also experience the profound thinking about life, death and fate. Through this story, readers can experience the belief and fear of supernatural phenomena among ancient people, and at the same time reflect on the boundaries between good and evil and morality in human nature.

The whole story is not only a legend about family and destiny, but also a profound discussion of ancient society and human nature. The end of the story brings inspiration to people, reminding people to maintain a sense of awe when facing unknown and supernatural phenomena, and at the same time cherish the power of family and family ties.

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