Snake Jealous


When I was very young, I heard from my mother that snakes are very sensitive animals. Its perception ability is very strong, and it is easy to find out people’s inner thoughts, so as to make judgments on people’s good and evil.

My father’s death was related to snakes.

When I was three months old, my father went out to do errands, but he didn’t want to but didn’t come back alive. When the body was pulled back, his face was gray and swollen, beyond recognition, and it was hard to tell apart. Only half of the jade on his body was used to identify him. The mother found two tooth marks on his calf, which were identified by the doctor as the tooth marks of a snake.

My mother told me that my father was bitten to death by a snake.

As a result, snakes became a taboo for the Ruan family.

After my father died, my mother took over all the property of the Ruan family, toiled all day long, and left me alone.

I have lived in solitude since childhood, accompanied only by a wooden horse engraved by my father during his lifetime.

Uncle is four years older than me. After his father died, he was the treasure of the Ruan family. Grandma relied on him for everything, and even gave him my favorite Trojan horse. That day, I knelt in the yard to beg my grandma, and blood came out from my forehead, and she didn’t hesitate.

In the dead of night, I ran to my uncle’s room, stole the wooden horse, threw it into the boiler, watched it gradually turn into ashes, and felt the unspeakable pleasure of revenge in my heart.

However, grandma suddenly appeared, and she slapped me hard, and dragged me into the yard, where I was taken care of by her family.

Everyone said that I have the character and heart of a snake, indifferent, sensitive, and jealous. 【Ghost Story】

After that, I was locked in the most secluded backyard of the Ruan family, and I was not allowed to step out without my grandmother’s permission. Anxiety all day long.

When my mother came to see me, she handed half a piece of jade into my hand, saying that it was a token of love from her father. It’s a pity that when he went out to do errands for the last time, he came back with only half of it.

When she left, her mother said with red eyes, Ruan Ling’er, I hate you.

From then on, no one came to see me, only a little boy who delivered food. It’s called Lu Huan.

That year, I was only 12 years old.

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