Dream About Eating A Dead Snake And Beheading A Unicorn Dragon

Kill the unicorn dragon wisely

There is Shangzhangjia Village in the east of Dinghai City. Behind the village is a 100-meter-high Lion Mountain, and there is a natural ancient cave in the south of the mountain. The local people collectively call it "One-horned Dragon Cave". Legend has it that there used to be a unicorn dragon wrapped in this cave. It was very ferocious and brutal. It would often turn into a handsome man and break into houses in the middle of the night to cause trouble.

This one-horned dragon turned out to be the youngest son of the Dragon King of the East China Sea. He was very ugly, but he also liked to look for flowers and willows. Some of the beautiful fish girls and shrimp girls in the aquarium were scared to death when they saw him. Later, he felt that he could no longer find the girl he liked among the Shui tribe, so he came to Shangzhangjia Village and became a white-faced scholar, teasing girls everywhere.

One day he dreamed of eating a dead snake . He was passing by Lion Rock and saw a steamed stuffed bun shop at the foot of the mountain. He went in to have a rest and bought several steamed stuffed buns to fill his stomach. This bun shop is opened by a widow named Li. Widow Li is in her thirties, has no parents-in-law, and no children. She lives alone by selling steamed buns. When the unicorn dragon saw that she looked very beautiful, he came to the store every day to buy steamed buns to eat. While eating the steamed buns, he talked to Widow Li.

As time went by, Widow Li was seduced and became the concubine of the one-horned dragon. The Unicorn Dragon didn't want to go back to the Dragon Palace, so he found a cave south of Lion Mountain. He slept in the cave during the day and sneaked into the village at night to meet Widow Li? ? mix. Later, Widow Li gradually lost her beauty as she aged, and the one-horned dragon began to neglect her, so she went to the village to find a new love.

Once, a girl named Zhao Jiaojiao passed by Zhangjiacun. This girl has learned martial arts well, travels around the world, travels all over the country, and specializes in chivalrous things. After walking for a day, she was tired and hungry, so she went into the store to buy steamed buns to satisfy her hunger. It happened that the unicorn dragon was also in the store. Seeing that Jiaojiao was young and beautiful, the one-horned dragon salivated three feet long. He transformed into a waiter and delivered a basket of hot steamed buns to Widow Li. He secretly sprinkled a packet of sweat medicine into the steamed buns. Jiaojiao's stomach growled with hunger, and she just ate what she caught. After a while, she ate all the steamed buns, but she also fell asleep. The unicorn dragon was so unhappy that he picked up Jiaojiao and left. Back in the cave, the one-horned dragon showed his true colors, blew a cool breeze on Jiaojiao with a smile on his face, and shouted: "Girl, wake up, girl, wake up!"

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Jiaojiao yawned, opened her eyes, and saw darkness all around. Standing in front of her was a black monster. Knowing that she had suffered a loss, she asked sternly: "Who are you? How dare you tease a girl!"

When the unicorn dragon saw the girl waking up, he stepped forward with a playful smile and said:

"Don't be afraid, girl. I am the seventh prince of the Dragon King of the East China Sea. You and I are destined in this life. If you girl enter my cave, you will enjoy endless glory and wealth!"

After all, Jiaojiao is a heroine who has been through the world and has seen the world. After hearing this monster's words, although she was scared in her heart, she was very calm on the outside. She thought that since she was trapped in the clutches of the devil, it would be impossible to escape immediately. Although he has learned martial arts and has his ancestor's golden escort with him. However, this monster is covered in iron scales and armor, and even golden darts cannot break through its skin. Now I can only slowly look for opportunities to dream of eating dead snakes and subduing the evil dragon. So he said to the unicorn:

"Master Long, Master Long, you are a Dragon Immortal and I am a mortal, how can we get married? If the old Dragon King finds out and accuses you of violating the rules of the Dragon Palace, won't you suffer?"

Dreaming about a snake eating a dead snake_What does it mean to dream about a snake eating a dead snake_Dreaming about eating a dead snake_Dreaming about a dead snake being eaten

When the unicorn dragon heard this, he said angrily:

"The seven fairies in the sky are not afraid of violating heaven's rules and dare to marry Dong Yong in the mortal world. Can't I, Prince Long Qi, marry a mortal woman as my wife?"

Jiaojiao said again:

"Master Long, Master Long, it's a pity that you are covered in iron scales and armor, and you don't have any flesh to show. It's hard to get married!"

When the unicorn dragon heard that the girl was moved, he danced with joy and said:

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"What's so difficult about this? As long as I take off the three dragon scales from under my throat, I can turn into a handsome man with mortal flesh. Didn't you see me delivering steamed buns to you in the steamed bun shop just now?"

"Oh, the waiter who delivered the buns just now was transformed by your Lord Long? He was quite handsome."

Jiaojiao pressed her hand and said in a cooing voice:

"Master Long! Do you really have that much ability? I still don't believe it: As the ancients say, words are not true, but seeing is true. If you have real abilities, show me what you are doing!"

"You still don't believe it? Then I'll show it to you on the spot!"

As the unicorn dragon spoke, he raised his claws and peeled off the three dragon scales under his throat. Jiaojiao saw that the one-horned dragon was unsuspecting of her. When he stretched his head and peeled off the dragon scales, Jiaojiao quickly flew out a golden dart, stabbing the seven-inch throat of the one-horned dragon without missing a beat. The one-horned dragon roared loudly, and its two longan eyes protruded like bubbles of pig urine. The dragon's tail swung around in the cave, and then it died.

Jiaojiao killed the one-horned dragon and eliminated harm for the people. People were very grateful to her. The story of "Jiaojiao wisely killed the one-horned dragon" has been passed down among the local people.

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