Urban Ghost Stories: Ghost House

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Zhang Shan is a reporter for the anecdotes column of the city newspaper, specializing in collecting strange things. On this day, he browsed the local news network and saw a piece of information saying that an unfinished building in the suburbs was called a ghost building and was haunted by ghosts in the middle of the night. He became interested and decided to go take a look.

During the day, Zhang Shan walked around the unfinished building. It was deserted, with wild grass growing wildly, and it was eerie and scary. As he walked, he bumped into a well-dressed man wearing sunglasses. He walked over and explained his purpose. The man in sunglasses looked at him for a long time, with a look of panic on his face, and said in a low voice: "Brother, don't go to that place. It's a famous 'ghost building' and is often haunted!"

When Zhang Shan heard this, a chill ran down his spine. Seeing Zhang Shan's suspicious look, the man in sunglasses continued: "Those unfinished buildings were built illegally. The developers bribed officials and operated in secret. After the incident, they jumped from the roof of the building and died. Since then, ghosts have often haunted the place at night. "

In order to produce eye-catching news, although Zhang Shan was a little scared, he decided to squat down at night with a camera to see if any ghosts appeared. At night, Zhang Shan hid in a building fearfully. In order to prevent ghosts, he prepared a strong flashlight. Time passed minute by minute, but there was no movement outside. Maybe it was because he was too tired, but at some point, Zhang Shan fell asleep sitting next to the window.

"Pa-pa-pa", the rhythmic knocking on the window woke up Zhang Shan. His heart tightened and he opened his eyes suddenly. A faint cry came from the window. Could it be the ghost of the developer that the man in sunglasses said? Zhang Shan's heart was beating hard, as if it was about to burst out of his throat. He trembled and went to touch for the bright flashlight. After searching for a long time, he couldn't find the flashlight. The crying was getting louder and louder, and the shrill voice was eerie and terrifying. Zhang Shan did not dare to let out his breath. He secretly turned to look at the window. Through the faint starlight, a figure in a white robe with disheveled hair floated outside the window. Faintly visible.

Fortunately, Zhang Shan was not frightened. Seeing that the ghost had no intention of harming him, he plucked up the courage, climbed up, kowtowed towards the window, and said as if chanting a sutra: "Brother Ghost, I listen. I say you died unjustly, but that has nothing to do with me! I just saw such a nice house unoccupied and was curious to come here for a night. If it bothers you, just say something and never come here again. Please You must never scare me again."

Urban Ghost Stories Free Download_Urban Ghost Stories_Urban Ghost Stories Fine Edition Download

Zhang Shan's trick really worked. The ghost outside the window stopped moving and the crying gradually stopped. Seeing that the ghost refused to leave for a long time, Zhang Shan accidentally touched a bright flashlight and suddenly turned on the flashlight and shined it towards the white figure. The white figure trembled slightly, its body gradually shrunk, and suddenly it raised its head, revealing dense white bones. Its two eye holes were empty, and its mouth suddenly split open, spitting out a scarlet tongue that was half a foot long.

Zhang Shan yelled and threw the bright flashlight on the ground. With the residual light of the flashlight, he clearly saw the ghost's body shrunk into a ball and slowly flew away with a big head on its head. There was a sound coming from the sky. A shrill voice: "Don't disturb my purity…" The ghost disappeared, and Zhang Shan collapsed on the ground, his whole body soaked with sweat.

As soon as it dawned, Zhang Shan packed up his things and prepared to leave this scary place. Before leaving, out of curiosity, he opened the window and looked where the ghost had passed last night, and found a ring lying on the ground. Zhang Shan climbed down the window and picked up the ring. He couldn't help but wonder: "Do ghosts also wear rings? Is someone playing a prank and pretending to be a ghost to scare him? Although he couldn't understand the instant shrinking method last night, there must be something in it. Strange." No matter what, this time he wanted to get to the bottom of it.

That night, Zhang Shan came to the unfinished building and began to implement his plan.

At midnight, Zhang Shan walked out of his room and hid in a secluded place, waiting quietly for the ghost to appear. However, there was no movement in the first and second classes. Just when he was restless, a black figure appeared in the distance. Zhang Shan held his breath and concentrated on talking about urban ghosts , staring at the black shadow without blinking. The black shadow was getting closer and closer, and with the faint starlight, he was sure that it was not a ghost, but a person, because the footsteps of the person coming were very clear.

This man was carrying a handbag and walked in a panic, looking back from time to time as if he was afraid of being discovered. Who is coming? Why is he here in the middle of the night? Could he be the "ghost" last night?

The black shadow hurriedly entered the corridor of Zhang Shan's residence, and soon there was an eerie ghostly scream. In order not to alert the enemy, Zhang Shan crept up to the fourth floor.

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The ghost screams came from the room on the left side of the fourth floor. Zhang Shan was about to knock on the door, but found that the door was not closed tightly. Following the crack in the door, he saw the person squatting on the ground, using a miniature flashlight to inflate a balloon man. There was a skull model and a wig next to him. No wonder the ghost I saw last night was floating around. It turned out that someone was tying a puppet with a string upstairs. The ghost's body shrank into a ball to deflate the balloon. In order to scare people, he really went to great lengths to scare people.

Zhang Shan walked over step by step, thinking about how to punish the person in front of him for scaring him. The visitor seemed to sense something was wrong in the atmosphere and suddenly looked back. With the peripheral light of the flashlight, Zhang Shan saw clearly the face of the person who came, and it turned out to be a man in sunglasses. When the man in sunglasses saw Zhang Shan, he said "Ah" and fell to the ground.

Zhang Shan laughed "haha", knowing that his clever plan worked. In order to scare the "ghost", he specially found a loose white clothes and a shawl and a hood, and dressed himself up to look like a ghost. The man in sunglasses must have thought that he had attracted a ghost. I was so frightened that I fainted.

The first priority was to wake up the man in sunglasses, but Zhang Shan shook him for a long time and didn't see him wake up. For safety reasons, he dialed 120 and then 110.

120 arrived before 110, and Zhang Shan followed the ambulance to the hospital. As soon as the man in sunglasses woke up, the police arrived, and Zhang Shan told him everything that had happened. Although the man in sunglasses repeatedly said he was just joking with Zhang Shan, the police still took him away.

The next morning, a group of police officers searched the unfinished building and found the body of a young woman under a mess of rubble.

Later, Zhang Shan heard that the man in sunglasses was the cousin of the director of the city's urban construction bureau. The director was greedy and sought out the mistress, but was blackmailed by the mistress. He was afraid that the matter would spread and affect his career, so he killed the mistress and asked his cousin to bury her. In an unfinished building. In order to create the illusion of a "ghost", a man in sunglasses dressed up as a ghost to scare Zhang Shan, but Zhang Shan found out.

Zhang Shan solved a major case by photographing ghosts and catching them, which instantly became local news.

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