Mirror Lake

The old lady explained: "A girl once died in this lake. This girl jumped into the lake with resentment and committed suicide. After that, several young offspring died, and the wounds had the girl's fingernail marks. Go away, night Don't come to the lake. At the same time, he turned his head and looked at Yuxuan, who said, "Okay, I'll also see what this ghost looks like. The most important thing is that I want to know how she died, and see if I can resolve it." Her resentment, it is best not to have another unfortunate murder here. Li Shang gave Yu Xuan a thumbs up: "Yu Xuan, if you were to be named on the gold list, you must be a master of Qingtian, who can think of resolving ghosts' grievances. … Continue readingMirror Lake

Ghost House

It turns out that the sun-shooting totem has a rigorous layout and deep meanings. Only now do I feel that the Heaven-Hateful Man has painstakingly built a mythical scene. It is not just a simple show, but there seems to be a bigger secret hidden in it. Uncle Ming immediately lifted up the "fish candle" and lit it. Looking at the several dead bodies in the whale bones, he muttered to himself: "Forget about your old mother, there is really an ancient tomb of Hentian in the South China Sea. These genuine underwater zombies are worth a lot." It's expensive…" … Continue readingGhost House

Seven And A Half Ghosts Get Married

"It's July and a half every year. Do you know that in July and a half, midnight red clothes, ghosts… marry a wife? As long as we get married tonight, I will always be with you from now on, and be your bride. You are no longer wandering alone. "I want to marry her, I want her to be my wife, I am too lonely wandering in the underworld by myself. "I just want to get married. At midnight on the first day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, I saw her wearing red pajamas, she looked like a bride, so I want to marry her, I want to marry her, it's too lonely down here. … Continue readingSeven And A Half Ghosts Get Married

Haunted Night

On the second day of the haunted night, Zhang Erdan asked the witch from the neighboring village to drive away the haunted ghost. The witch also suddenly opened her mouth and said to her neighbors: "Liu Xiangju's ghost told me that this yard used to belong to their family, and she was bullied by her little cousin in this yard, so she came here to make trouble at night. After buying the yard with his father, Zhang Erdan understood why Liu Xiangju's ghost often came to the house to make trouble at night. It turned out that this place was also Liu Juxiang's home. After knowing this, he hurriedly asked the witch to cast a spell to invite Liu Xiangju's ghost Ghost. Since then, Liu Xiangju's ghost has not visited his house to make trouble overnight. … Continue readingHaunted Night

Ghosts On July 15th

Finally, on July 15th, I shoveled the turf early, and waited helplessly for the sky to darken, so I hurriedly carried my mother who was busy burning paper money, and impatiently came to a crossroad behind the village. At the intersection, sit down according to the method the old man said, and wait for grandma’s arrival. You are Yaksha ghosts! I’m confused, since I didn’t die, how could I become a ghost for no apparent reason? After a while, a ghost brought a large and thick account book to Li Gui’s desk. … Continue readingGhosts On July 15th

Folk Ghost Stories

Lan Yu asked Qian Yue’e, “Is it really Guo Erliang’s ghost? Lan Yu said, “The ghost won’t come again today, so close the door and sleep. But what happened to Guo Erliang’s ghost? He turned his head and looked behind him. He couldn’t help but let out an “ah”. How could the copper lamp of Qian Yue’e’s house appear here? Just when he was in shock, several lanterns were suddenly lit in the room, and Lan Yu appeared in front of him with the official messenger. Qian Yue’e was killed by Guo Erliang’s fake ghost, is it you? “Huang Shiwen stammered: “Little man… The little man only knows that the sugar paste painting can be placed in front of the lamp, and it can show a human shape on the wall. This has nothing to do with Qian Yue’e’s death!” … Continue readingFolk Ghost Stories