Don't Paint My Face

"They say I have a beautiful figure, so I've been looking for someone to draw a picture of me. "No, please don't draw my face, just my back. "I just saw through the crack of the door that you drew a picture of a girl with a very cute face. Is that person me? I'm so sorry, because you never let me see your face , I really…so, I drew a face for you based on my imagination, please don't mind…" "Didn't I tell you, please don't draw my face!!" You Draw it, don't you want to draw my face? You draw it, don't you want to draw my face? … Continue readingDon't Paint My Face


Nuwa is a goddess with the head of a man and the body of a snake. Back then, after she repaired the sky with five-colored stones, she sat on the back of a turtle in a daze. When she raised her head and saw the beautiful sunset in the sky, she could not help but smile. With a smile, she flew to the sky to pick up the five-colored clouds, and weaved two colorful god clothes, one is a blue man’s robe with a long robe and long sleeves, and the other is an elegant and delicate red dress for women. The kind-hearted Nuwa prayed to heaven, if she Meet him wearing the five-colored divine clothes, then they will be in love for the rest of their lives, and nothing in the world can separate them, except death. … Continue readingWucaiyi