Girl Playing With Water In The Middle Of The Night

I helplessly counted the sheep, hoping to fall asleep quickly, but I just couldn't fall asleep. I looked at the ceiling helplessly and remembered what she said. Thinking of this, she hadn't come back yet, and she came back very late every day. I picked up my watch and looked at it by the moonlight. It was already 0:54. Talking while playing, "Dongdong, tell me, why don't they believe me, I'm not lying, I'm just kind. I feel more and more that she is not an ordinary girl. Suddenly, I remembered, once, I I received a strange phone call in the middle of the night, just because I was so sleepy that I forgot about it when I got up in the morning, moreover, more than once or twice. … Continue readingGirl Playing With Water In The Middle Of The Night

The Last Visitor Read Online

On the second day after the sale of the store, my sister brought her two-year-old girl and child and said she wanted to take a look. My sister got impatient and said what happened to the child today. We went out and chatted at the door, but Tongtong stopped making trouble. Finally, when it was empty, I didn't see Tongtong. I panicked and called Tongtong's name loudly. I touched every corner under the cashier and where the clothes were hung, but there was none. I asked the shopkeepers on both sides, and they said they didn't see it. My terrified eyes responded to my sister's question, why did Tongtong see the same customer? … Continue readingThe Last Visitor Read Online