Chapter 24 The Real City Of Elahi

Shirley Yang believed with certainty that the ancient city of the beehive we were in was not a real evil city, but a bottomless ghost hole, and let the fat man and I look at the back of Ming’s uncle and daughter’s necks.

I thought to myself, the difference between the ancient city and the ghost cave is too big, right? However, the time-freezing city of Eurasian Sea and the bottomless, cursed ghost cave are existences beyond common sense, so they are not too surprised.

I went to take off the collar of Uncle Ming’s back neck, and sure enough, I saw a light circular red mark on the back of his neck, like a rash oozing from the inside out, but it was still very vague, if it wasn’t I wanted to see it on purpose, but it was hard to find out. I looked at the back of Ah Xiang’s neck again, which was exactly the same as Uncle Ming.

This is the mark of being cursed by the bottomless ghost hole. Although it is only the initial stage, it is not very obvious, but within a month or two, it will gradually become obvious, giving birth to a mark that looks like a vortex and an eyeball. People who are subject to this vicious curse are like us. Around the age of forty, the hemoglobin in the blood will gradually decrease, and the blood in the blood vessels will slowly turn into yellow mud, which tortures people alive into hungry ghosts in hell.

But Uncle Ming and others have been with us for more than a month. It is impossible for them to go to the black desert of Taklimakan, Xinjiang alone. Could it be that their father and daughter were infected with this terrible curse because they saw this ancient city of the hive?

Uncle Ming was confused and didn’t know what we were talking about, but when he heard words such as “curse” and “ghost cave”, he immediately had an ominous premonition and hurriedly asked me what was going on. I didn’t have time to pay attention to him for a while, so I asked Fatty to talk to him briefly, so that he could be mentally prepared. Fatty grinned gleefully and put his arms around Uncle Ming’s shoulders: “This time we are like grasshoppers on a rope, we can’t get away from us, and we can’t run away from you, we can’t even separate. I’ll give it to my relatives. How do you sing in the boiled eggs? Oh, yes, it’s not a family, it’s better than a family, guess what, it’s like this…”

On the other hand, the fat man told Uncle Ming a story about a bottomless ghost hole. I took Shirley Yang aside and asked her how she found out about these things and why everyone was deceived by Ah Xiang’s eyes.

Shirley Yang took me to the last few human skin murals and pointed me to the ritual of offering sacrifices to the Zombie Bone – it turns out that the place where the Zombie Bone was buried is where we met at the foot of the mountain of Zagrama in the Black Desert to the ghost cave.

These human skin murals do not clearly point out that the Bone of the Snake God is in the Western Regions, but it is not difficult to make such a judgment in combination with the long poem of the King of Orbs, the enemy of the world. In the far north of the Kunlun Mountains, there is a cave of Sengga Nanyun, which contains treasures. There are five treasure boxes in it, which are used to store the bones of the snake god. The two miracles of the snake god, one is that the body is decomposed to the point where only the skeleton remains, but its brain still retains the power of “transitional illusion”; the other is the giant eye on the snake’s head, which can make its soul immortal. Extinction, at the end of heaven and earth and time. It will be reborn from the corpse like a phoenix, and this giant eye can also be used as a passage to the door of “transitional illusion”, which is the sixth kind of eye “unbounded demon pupil” described in Buddhist scriptures.

If it is explained by science, I am afraid that this “travelling illusion” is the imaginary space that experts from the Kansas Center for Special Phenomena and Case Research have been studying. In myths and legends, the phoenix gallbladder is the eye of the snake god, but no one has seen it with their own eyes. It is impossible to confirm whether there is really a snake bone in the imaginary space. Maybe the snake bone is just a symbolic thing.

In the last ritual depiction of the human skin mural, the ancestors of the demon kingdom took the eyes of the snake bones and mastered the secrets, and then traveled to Karamil in the Kunlun Mountains to establish a huge religious theocracy. Whenever there is a ghost mother with ghost eyes in the country, the channel in the eyes will be opened, complicated ceremonies will be held, and the captured slaves will be used to sacrifice snake bones. All slaves who have seen “transitional illusion” with the naked eye will be marked with eyeballs and then kept in captivity like livestock until their blood coagulates to death. The people of the Demon Kingdom believe that the blood is absorbed by the “transitional illusion”, and then the believers eat their flesh. Only those who stick to this belief are considered to be pure male and female believers. They will obtain happiness, joy and power in this life, and they will also obtain incomparable supernatural powers in the next life. This is exactly the same as the true meaning of the religion of reincarnation. .

In several countries near the Demon Kingdom, countless people have been reduced to snake bone sacrifices, but most of the priests in the Demon Kingdom are good at driving beasts and insects, and it is difficult for countries to fight against them. Until King Gesar and Guru Padmasambhava joined hands, they sent warriors to sneak into the Demon Realm and took away the reincarnated orb Phoenix Gallop. In addition, the main city of the Demon Kingdom was mysteriously destroyed, and the forces of the two sides reversed immediately. The coalition forces (called “heroes” in the long poem) swept the demon’s lair. The deeds of conquering the King of Orbs have been sung in the mouths of rap poets on the Snowy Plateau to this day.

It is very likely that the phoenix gallbladder flowed into the Central Plains during that turbulent era. If King Wen of Zhou predicted that this object was immortal, it could also be said to be reasonable.

So far, the ins and outs of the phoenix gallbladder have basically been figured out, but what is the city of Eurasian Sea where we are? Where have all the people here gone? Why did the time in the city freeze for a moment?

Shirley Yang said: “Where the residents of Eileen Sea City went, probably only they themselves know. I remember you mentioned to me in the nine-story demon tower, Lao Hu, that there seems to be something missing from that glacier crystal corpse. The people who worked tirelessly, dug up the demon tower and the gate of disaster, what are these for? But the situation was chaotic at the time, and we didn’t have time to think about it. Now, in retrospect, that glacial crystal corpse has no eyes or brains.”

I only vaguely remember that the glacier crystal corpse is transparent, only the internal organs are dark red soul ferry ghost mother Ali , like bright red agate. The Samsara Sect originally took out its mind, including the demon pupil, and put it behind the door of disaster? The Samsara Sect could not find the place where the snake bones were buried, but they could set up a passage, or rather, a mirror image.

Shirley Yang said that it was not until he saw the final ritual part of the human skin mural that he understood the truth. The Samsara Sect wanted to continue the sacrifice of ancestors and opened an ancient city that had disappeared from the world. This city is the memory of the ghost mother. For example, in the slaughterhouse, the yak that had just been beheaded, the boiled beef, and the bloody fingerprints on the door might not have happened at the same time. It is a fragment that left a deep impression in the eyes of the ghost mother, a city of memory constructed in the “imaginary space” through the demon pupil.

Even the Iron Rod Lama admits that A Xiang has eyes as sensitive as beasts, which makes us blindly rely on and trust her, and she can’t distinguish this ancient city built in the “imaginary space” through memory. Although it is only a mirror city created by ghost eyes using the energy of ghost caves, it is also objective and real, just like the bottomless ghost cave in the black desert, whoever sees it will become sacrifices of snake bones . You can leave at any time, but when you are about to die, you still belong here, you can’t escape to the ends of the earth and get rid of it. Ghost Cave is a never-ending nightmare!

At this time, Uncle Ming was stunned by the fat man, and he came over to confirm with me again. I briefly told him what Shirley Yang said. Uncle Ming said to me with a sad face: “Brother Hu, I really didn’t expect it to be like this. I have worked hard like a dog all my life as a cow and a horse. I never thought that I would be like a dog when I die, what kind of snake I will become. Sacrifice of bones. Oh, I don’t care, how old is poor A Xiang, I can’t be sorry to her biological parents, and I can’t close my eyes even if I die.”

I said to everyone: “Although Uncle Ming and Axiang were involved, and this city is not a real city of evil Luohai, but everything has its two sides, if not here, we will not be able to see these records of the devil country. The real human skin mural, which shows that we should not die. Then, and then…”

Shirley Yang said that as long as the real ruins of Eilahai City are found, the opposite ceremony is held in the deepest altar, and the phoenix gall is used to close the “transition of the realm”, and this curse will end. I don’t believe there is any curse in the world, I think this curse of ghost hole is probably a virus that is transmitted through the eyes, a virus that only exists in that “imaginary space”, cutting off the connection between them , is the most direct and effective way.

When Uncle Ming heard that he was still saved, he immediately regained his energy and asked how to find the real ruins of Eiluohai City. This is the most important thing.

I also woke up at this moment, a breakthrough in one link brought the whole thing alive, and I immediately greeted everyone to go up and go back to the green rock beside the city. So everyone picked up things and hurried back on the same route.

On both sides of the green rock, on one side is the city of Eluohai shrouded in the twilight, but that is the memory of the ghost mother; on the other side of the green rock, there is a clear and transparent wind-eroded lake, a large group of white-bearded fish in the lake, and the dense bottom of the lake. The wind-eroded caves are clearly visible.

According to legend, the Eeluohai City is located behind the Gate of Disaster. The real Eeluohai City should be exactly the same as the ancient city in memory. It was all built using natural huge wind-eroded rocks. At this time, everyone looked at the beehive-like holes at the bottom of the lake, and they all understood that because the Demon Kingdom worshipped abyss and caves, the caves under the city were dug too deep, and the real Eurasea City had sunk into the ground and was submerged by water. Thousands of years of vicissitudes have turned into a mirror-like wind-eroded lake. As for the legend that the residents of the city turned into fish, it should be nonsense, saying that they all died when the land fell into disaster and fed the fish. Legend has it that Jiaoyu likes to play with beads the most. The reason why the fierce black and white striped Jiaojiao constantly attack the fish in the lake is probably because they want to occupy the beads at the bottom of the lake. Maybe the people of Samsara Sect put the eyes of the ghost mother on the bottom of the lake .

Of course, before we see it, we are still in the guessing stage, but one thing is certain, if you want to find a deeper altar, you have to take the risk of going down from the largest wind tunnel in the middle.

Standing on the green rock and looking down, the largest wind tunnel at the bottom of the wind-eroded lake is completely dark. I don’t know how deep it is. Comparing the shadow city made of memory fragments, it is not difficult to see that the largest cave at the bottom of the lake is located in the hive. The huge stone eye at the top was smashed out. When the city of Eeluohai collapsed, the soul of the huge stone that weighed 1000 kilograms ferryed the ghost mother Ali , pierced the top wall of the main city, and penetrated directly. Through the structure we saw in the city just now, even if the bottom collapsed, the stone eye would not sink too deep, and the lake water did not form a strong undercurrent or vortex, but only penetrated through the gaps in the ruins of the city. These signs are all It means that the lake is not very deep. But if you want to enter the temples and altars deeper than the hive, you have to pass through the wind-eroded caves that can collapse at any time. It can be said that people have to put their heads on the belts of their pants and die.

At this time, the mark on the back of Uncle Ming’s neck is much deeper than before. It seems that the time left for us is very limited. At his age, unless he escapes to the other side of the ocean like Professor Chen, he will stay in the ruins of the ancient city. Nearby, I am afraid it will not survive for two or three days.

Uncle Ming was in tears and nagging at us. If he didn’t go down, he would die. If he went down, he would slam his head into the muzzle of a gun. Although the fish in the lake did not hurt anyone, the two black and white striped Flood Dragons suddenly jumped down at some point. Their violent and ferocious beasts cannot be resisted by human power once they attack underwater, and who can guarantee that? There is nothing more dangerous deep underground, and the more I think about it, the weaker my legs feel.

Fatty and Shirley Yang were busy making preparations before going into the water, and we didn’t have time to experience Uncle Ming’s complicated mood. Except for keeping the necessary weapons and explosives, lighting equipment, fuel, medicine, and jackets to keep out the cold, everything else was thrown away. According to our judgment, because the original site has been submerged by water, the brain of the Glacier Crystal Corpse must have been buried under the City of Shadows by the Samsara Sect, and its eyes should be directly below the real ruins of the Eilahai City. But the most likely, it has been swallowed into the belly of the fish king. Of course, these are not important, as long as you follow the ruins and sneak into the altar deep underground. But it is still unknown whether the altar of the Demon Kingdom can still be preserved underground after such a long period of time.

I said to Fatty and Shirley Yang, “Before we went to Tibet, I asked my senior brother to teach a lesson that the middle way can only be achieved by encountering water. I used to be skeptical about this. “

Fatty said: “Fragrant flowers are not necessarily pretty, and capable people may not be able to say it. I will not say anything. When you find a place, you can look at me. I don’t care about the ghost cave and the ghost cave. Go back, if there is any pearl agate, you must chisel it down and bring it back, don’t say more, let’s go and go into the water.” After that, he held down the respirator and diving goggles on his mouth, and jumped straight into the wind-eroded lake, arousing the excitement. A large white pearl-like water splash made the fish in the lake run away in shock.

Shirley Yang said to me: “If I hadn’t gone to the desert in Xinjiang, I wouldn’t have caused so many things. I know you and Fatty are very generous. I won’t say sorry or grateful, but I still have to tell you. In a word, you must be cautious, and at the last moment, you must not be careless.”

I nodded to Shirley Yang, she also jumped into the lake from the green rock, I told Uncle Ming and Axiang behind me a few words, let them wait here, and we must come back to pick them up when we are done, and then also Jump off the rock.

The fish array in the lake was still moving slowly near the crystal wall, and it did not disperse because three people fell into the water one after another.

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