Mirror Lake

The name of Jinghu City means that there is a mirror lake in this city. When there is no wind, the surface of the lake is like a huge mirror. In the past, young women in the city would look at the lake in the mirror from time to time. Today, there are many people around the lake. Side, this is not looking in the mirror, making a fuss; "Get out of the way, let the government investigate the case."

A headhunter led a group of officers and soldiers, followed by a sedan chair parked beside him, and the magistrate, who thought he was righteous and Lingran, walked out of the sedan chair. Yes, he was the famous Lord Qingtian in the city. The magistrate, the head arrester, the coroner, etc., seemed to be fully dispatched by the government. That's right, a murder case happened in Jinghu Lake, and a young male corpse was soaking in the lake.

The magistrate ordered the police to salvage the corpse, the coroner put on the toolbox and walked quickly to the corpse, the coroner gently parted the lips of the corpse and said: "The deceased was male, with molar teeth, the deceased was in his twenties. "

Then he opened the eyelids of the corpse and said, "The deceased was frightened before his death." Then he lifted the trouser legs of the corpse and said, "The left foot of the deceased has handprints, and the degree of purple and bruise must have been grabbed by a strange man as strong as an ox."

The coroner returned to the upper body of the corpse and gently pressed the chest of the corpse, water flowed from the corner of the mouth: "Judging from the amount of water flowing out, the deceased should have entered the water after death."

As he spoke, he opened the skirt of the corpse's neck, and sure enough, there were strangle marks on the corpse's neck. The coroner seemed to remember something, and turned his head to look at the scratch marks on the left foot of the corpse: "Compare the scratch marks on the ankle with the strangle marks on the neck. Similar, but there is a nail mark at the end of the strangle mark on the neck. This is a fatal wound, the artery was cut off and died. The murderer was a woman. Judging from the shape of the nail mark, she was in her twenties. From the wound, it could be seen that the inside of the nail seemed to be There is a bamboo stick, the murderer seems to have a bamboo stick stuck in his finger."

Speaking of which, the coroner jumped up, turned around and whispered in the magistrate's ear tremblingly: "My lord, this is a ghost murderer, do you remember the female corpse in the lake last year, the corpse in the fingernails? Just stick a bamboo stick in it."

After hearing the coroner's words, Zhixian was startled, turned his head and scolded: "Nonsense."

The county magistrate wanted to speak but stopped and ordered: "Zuo Butou, collect the corpses in the Yizhuang, and go back to the house." In this way, Zuo Butou dismissed the people and took a few arresters to carry the corpse to the Yizhuang. No one knows how this case will end.

Half a year passed, it was midnight, and the autumn wind was blowing, a scholar came to the lake, getting excited, and was about to chant poems, when suddenly an old voice came from behind: "Young man, don't come to the lake at night, be careful of ghosts. "

The scholar turned around slowly, and saw an old woman with a disheveled face and a shabby face wearing ragged clothes that had been patched many times, and some of them were slit. She looked like a beggar on the street and said suspiciously: "Hi, old woman, Wansheng Yuxuan is very polite. , I moved to this city recently, so I don't know what you said about the ghost in this lake."

The old lady explained: "A girl once died in this lake. This girl jumped into the lake with resentment and committed suicide. After that, several young offspring died, and the wounds had the girl's fingernail marks. Go away, night Don't come to the lake."

Who is the murderer who wears white_Who is the murderer who wears white_The murderer dresses the dead in women's clothes

Yu Xuan shuddered unnaturally when he heard this: "Oh, I see, I'm leaving now."

I heard before that the seventy-year-old lady had to believe what she said. The seventy-year-old lady can see things that ordinary people can't see, and whether she can believe it or not, Yu Xuan thought so and walked away. Yu Xuan didn't realize that when Yu Xuan left, the old lady also left, no, that wasn't leaving, that was floating.

The next day, Yuxuan ate and chanted poems at the inn with some fellow students. After the meal, the waiter in the hotel brought a pot of tea. Yuxuan remembered what happened last night and asked the waiter in the inn: "Xiaoer, what is the name of the restaurant in this city?" I heard that the lake is haunted, I don’t know if it’s true or not, can you tell us something about this lake.”

The waiter curled his lips, arched his back, and replied in a low voice: "You are from outside, oh, you don't know that this lake has killed several young people, but I heard that they were not drowned, but were killed by ghosts. , the body is in the lake after death. Let me tell you, don’t go to the lake at night, people will die.”

After finishing speaking, he turned and left, and greeted other guests. Yuxuan seemed to be thinking about something when he heard what Xiao Er said. After drinking tea, Yuxuan, Yunuo, Quan Yue, Xiaosheng, and Li Shang strolled along the street, chatting and laughing, and sat down in the gazebo by the lake. Li Shang suddenly said: " I said brothers, let's stay here for one night today to see what the hell is going on in this lake, dare you."

Xiaosheng snorted: "Why, you kid wants to have an affair with a female ghost, you won't die if you don't do it, understand?"

Li Shang hehe said: "Brother Sheng, let's take a piece. I'm timid, and I'm afraid without you sitting in charge. Who doesn't know that Brother Sheng, you are mighty and domineering."

Xiaosheng, who is soft and stubborn, is very unhappy with this kid's glib tongue, but he agrees by default. Li Shang turned his head to look at Quan Yue, who leaned against the pillar with his arms around his chest, and said nonchalantly, "I don't care, and I don't believe in any ghosts."

Then Quan Yue said domineeringly: "I only know that my fate is up to me, and ghosts, demons and gods are not involved. If you dare to jump on the trabecular, Quan Yue will destroy your soul."

Li Shang clapped his hands and applauded: "Brother Quan Yue, domineering!" Turning his head to look at Yunuo, Yuno subconsciously said: "I listen to my brother, so I can do whatever I want."

At the same time, he turned his head and looked at Yuxuan, who said, "Okay, I'll also see what this ghost looks like, the most important thing is that I want to know how she died, and see if I can resolve her resentment, and finally It’s better not to have any more unfortunate murders here.”

_Who is the murderer who wears white_Who is the murderer who wears white

Li Shang gave Yu Xuan a thumbs up: "Yu Xuan, if you are named on the gold list, you must be a master of the sky, and you can think of solving the grudges of ghosts."

Li Shang said again with a playful smile: "I'm going to buy some wine, it's still early before dark, why don't we drink some wine first, recite poems to make it right, and pass this boring waiting"

It was getting dark gradually, and there was no moon in the sky at this time, and the five of them felt chilly under the dim lanterns. It was the golden autumn season, wouldn't it be cool at night by the lake? The five of them were chatting, when Li Shang Inadvertently, he saw a vague shadow like a human head on the surface of the lake, Li Shang was startled, and said softly: "Hey, hey, look at the lake, there seems to be a human head."

The four people responded in unison and turned their heads to look at the lake, and took a breath in unison with a hiss, only a bamboo pole that Quan Yue got from somewhere, stretched it out, and the black shadow swung straight up , a beautiful arc landed precisely at Quan Yue's feet, and when Quan Yue was lifted up, the vision of the four people was blocked by a black shadow and they couldn't see Quan Yue's face.

Quan Yue slowly moved her face away, smiled and threw the black shadow towards Li Shang. Li Shang was so frightened that he held the black shadow in both hands and took a closer look. It turned out to be a Cuju wrapped in pine silk. It looks like a human head, at this time Xiaosheng looked at Li Shang with contempt and said, "You can be a little bit of a success, but this crap will scare you to the point of peeing your pants."

At this time, everyone smelled a foul smell, and they all covered their noses and made contemptuous expressions. Now Li Shang was so ashamed that he couldn't bear the shame. He threw the Cuju away with a blushing face and shouted loudly: "You cows, you are so brave! Big, at the beginning it was different and I was so scared that I gasped, you bad friends, if you seize the opportunity, you will know that you will hurt me, I will withdraw, it's bad luck."

After talking about Chao Cuju, he was kicked away, and walked back angrily. Everyone looked at Li Shang and turned around laughing. They sat down and started chatting again; "You kicked my head hurts, get it back."

At this time, Li Shang suddenly stopped in his tracks and roared angrily: "You guys are endless, you can't make enough trouble, right?"

After saying that, he turned around abruptly, wanting to see which of them was causing trouble for him, Li Shang froze in horror, a ghost figure dressed in white and headless stood in front of him, the ghost slowly raised his hands, Li Shang looked Seeing that the ghost held a bamboo stick stuck in the nail of the index finger of his left hand, blood dripped down the bamboo stick to the ground, Li Shang just wanted to shout.

Suddenly a stench came along with the stench of mud in the water. Li Shang quickly covered his mouth and nose, as if turning around and running away, but he couldn't move. Li Shang stared at the ghost with wide eyes, only to see the ghost The water overflowed without warning, dripping down the clothes, and Li Shang saw that the toes of the ghost shadow were pointing backwards and the heels were forward. When had Li Shang ever seen such a scene, he was so frightened that he almost fainted.

The kicker in the distance floated in front of Li Shang, and a voice came from Li Shang's ear: "Put your head on me, or I will kill you."

_Who is the murderer who wears white_Who is the murderer who wears white

This death word was so hard to think of, it still echoed in Li Shang's ears.

How much Li Shang wanted to faint on the spot, because he saw a head inside Cuju, a pale face with blistered lips, white eyes covered with bloodshot eyes, and skin on his face that was popping up one by one. A piece of lotus root was hanging on his face in broken pieces.

Li Shang was so frightened that tears flowed down unexpectedly, he let go of his hand covering his mouth and nose, held it with his trembling hands while holding his breath, and slowly placed Cuju's head on Ghosting's neck, and Ghosting suddenly pinched his head On Li Shang's neck, he dug his fingernails into Li Shang's artery deeply, who was the murderer who was wearing white , and said sharply: "Damn it, come down and accompany me!"

With a splash, Li Shang's body fell into the lake, as if something dragged Li Shang's body, it sank in an instant and could no longer be seen.

When Li Shang's body fell down, all four people in the gazebo heard the movement. At this time, the moon came out, and then everyone in the moonlight could vaguely see waves on the lake, but no foreign objects. Cursing while walking in the direction to go: "Stinky boy, is it you? I came over and found you. Look, if I don't beat you, you will find your teeth all over the place."

Yuxuan, Yunuo, and Quanyue shook their heads in unison: "This kid will be beaten up for provoking Xiaosheng."

Then they continued to chat, it seemed that Xiaosheng beat Lishang is a common thing, and it is not normal not to fight for a day. Time passed bit by bit, the moon climbed to the middle, Yuno said: "Brother Sheng hasn't come back yet, usually you don't need to beat him even if he beats you, it's just that, he hasn't beaten someone to death for so long."

As soon as the words fell, a white figure fell to the ground outside the gazebo, facing the three of them, his eyes were full of fear and disbelief, his seven orifices were bleeding, two deep holes were dug on both sides of his neck, and the blood was gurgling. After a while, a pool of blood formed around the corpse, and the three stood up in surprise and looked at the corpse in disbelief.

That's Xiaosheng, what's going on, just when everyone was terrified and puzzled, they didn't realize that at this moment, the moonlight cast the shadow on the roof of the gazebo, which happened to overlap with the base of the gazebo, and the whistling wind suddenly blew, and the lantern suddenly went out At this time, Quan Yue became more courageous and shouted: "Where did the lonely ghost come from, dare to bluff here, there is something."

Quan Yue was actually a little scared, after all, it was too weird and beyond normal thinking.

Yunuo exclaimed: "Ghost, there is a ghost." Pointing at the roof of the gazebo, trembling, Quan Yue and Yuxuan followed Yunuo's pointing and looked up. The ghost in white clothes couldn't see the face clearly, but they all remembered the past. The Cuju I picked up, yes, isn’t that hair the same as the loose strands from the previous Cuju.

Ghost Shadow said grimly: "My head hurts, who? Who lifted my head off?"

Quan Yue stretched out her hands to stop Yu Xuan and Yun Nuo: "I picked it, and it has nothing to do with them. If you want to ask for my life, I won't let you take my life casually."

Quan Yue turned her head and said softly: "Yuxuan, Yunuo, hurry up, this ghost has a lot of resentment, I'm afraid I'm going to die here, I can't move my feet anymore, you guys leave quickly."

As soon as the words were finished, a stench came into Quan Yue's nose. When Quan Yue turned around, he found that the ghost had already pinched her neck. Quan Yue's neck was stabbed, the skin on both sides was broken, and blood was flowing out. At this time, I didn't know where the strength came from, and I moved my foot, kicked Yuxuan out of the gazebo, and was about to kick Yuno out, but there was no more strength.

With the hand on Quan Yue's neck, the fingers slowly dug deeper and deeper. At this moment, there was a buzzing sound in the head, and the blood flowed from the seven orifices immediately. With the last of his strength, he uttered a few words: "My fate is up to me, and ghosts and ghosts are not involved. .”

Unwilling to die, Ghosting didn't intend to stop, and squeezed hard, only the spine and a little flesh connecting the head and body remained on Quan Yue's neck, yes, the neck in front of the spine was completely crushed , the head was turned backwards with the strength to hang it, eyes widened, Yu Xuan was so frightened that his eyes went black and he passed out.

After what seemed like a long time, Yuxuan slowly opened his eyes and saw a ghost staring at him in the gazebo. Yuxuan glanced at the ground. Outside the gazebo was the corpse of Xiaosheng, and inside the gazebo were the corpses of Quan Yue and Yunuo. He fell into a coma for a while, and his brother died.

Yuxuan saw that the ghost was just floating in the gazebo and staring at himself and did not come out. As the shadow on the ceiling moved, the ghost was also floating. It turns out that the ghost cannot see the moonlight. , Thinking about it, the moonlight gradually disappeared, Yu Xuan looked up, it was a cloud, a cloud was slowly drifting, and the shadow it cast was slowly moving towards the gazebo.

Yuxuan immediately got up and prepared to run, but it was too late, the ghost floated in front of Yuxuan, suspended in mid-air, gurgling muddy water overflowed from his body and lay on the ground, the rotting corpse almost made Yuxuan vomit, Yuxuan knew that he could not escape , Can't help but read the poem, even I don't know why I still sing the poem at this time:

Ten years of life and death.

Don't think about it, never forget it.

Who is the murderer who wears white_Who is the murderer who wears white_The murderer dresses the dead in women's clothes

Thousands of miles away, there is no place to talk about desolation.

Even if you don't know each other when you meet, your face is covered with dust, and your temples are like frost.

The night comes and the dream suddenly returns home.

Xiaoxuan window is dressing up.

There is no words to look at each other, only a thousand lines of tears.

It is expected that the place where the heart is broken every year, the bright moon night, and the short Matsuoka.

The ghost suddenly trembled, the surrounding wind cleared, and the ghost turned into a young girl, with tears streaming down her cheeks, she ran lightly, hugged Yuxuan tightly, Yuxuan was startled, and the young girl cried out: "Why did you just show up now? I waited so hard for you, I was forced to marry by a bully, I refused, and I became furious, I was pierced by bamboo sticks, I escaped to declare customs, but was chased by his killer, chopped off my head and sealed it in Cuju, kicking me all day long Just play, throw the corpse into this lake, my injustice will be settled, I hate it."

At this time, Yuxuan was trembling like an electric shock. The girl let go of Yuxuan, only to see a ghost separated from Yuxuan's body. Yuxuan looked at his mutation in disbelief. The separated ghost seems to be a failed scholar.

The scholar turned around and said to Yu Xuan: "Little brother, thank you, I am very grateful to have met my wife, if you hadn't played the flute music at the lonely grave night, I would not have used your body to die, who is the murderer wearing white ?" Not to mention my wife."

The girl looked at Yuxuan: "Thank you, thank you for bringing my husband. To express your gratitude, you go to the bottom of the lake to salvage your friend's body. There is a box not far from his body, which contains four pieces left by the lake fairy. Give them a Resurrection Pill, and they will wake up.

I will use my soul power to repair their corpses. This is the person I killed. I will use my soul power to repay them. I can revive them three-dimensionally. The people who died before were not killed by me, but by the city. The ghost case created by the bandits outside the village is going to use this legend to pretend to be a Taoist priest to extract ghost exorcism fees. "

The next day Yunuo, Quanyue, Xiaosheng, and Lishang woke up one after another, Yuxuan said with a smile: "You guys really can't drink, you're all drunk, and what the hell are you talking in your sleep."

The four of you look at me and I look at you. Is this a dream? This dream is too realistic. In this way, the group went back to the academy. Yuxuan sighed meaningfully, and the ghosts dispersed. The source of all this came from human lust and greed.

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