Short Ghost Story

"It must be a prank by someone else's child." Yoshiko tried to calm herself down. After all, she had just killed a child. Chapter 3: Why did Po Meng (a short touching ghost story) suddenly become his lover in his previous life? That day, Long Tianxiang saw me on the road to reincarnation, but at that time I just listened to two wandering souls telling interesting things about the world. … Continue readingShort Ghost Story

Haunted House

I have long seen that Adong is not a good person, with a fat head and pink face, a sinister eyebrow and a ratty eye. When he sneaked back to the Guge ruins in the middle of the night, I knew without asking that he must have been eyeing the silver-eyed Buddha statue. The lama said that the black iron door under the Samsara Temple represents the hell where the most sinful people are thrown. The things crawling out of it, even if they are not zombies, are not easy to deal with. … Continue readingHaunted House

Dark Horror Stories: Blossom Of Bones Full Text

The color of the soil under the flowers was an unusual grayish white, which was a bit weird. She turned her head to one side, and Sun Han followed her gaze. The flower named "Samsara" on the bed was gently swaying its bright red body, and a woman's face appeared faintly on the flower, with a sad face but eyes stared at him coldly. Sun Han suddenly understood something, and struggled in panic: No, you can't feed 'Samsara' with my blood, please, don't! … Continue readingDark Horror Stories: Blossom Of Bones Full Text

Chapter 24 The Real City Of Elahi

Yang believed with certainty that the ancient city of the beehive we were in was not a real city of evil, but a bottomless ghost hole, and let the fat man and I look at the back of the necks of Uncle Ming and his daughter. So far, the ins and outs of the phoenix gallbladder have basically been figured out, but what is the city of Eurasian Sea where we are? When Uncle Ming heard that he was still saved, he immediately regained his energy and asked how to find the real ruins of Eiluohai City. This is the most important thing. … Continue readingChapter 24 The Real City Of Elahi