Dreaming About Relatives Dying And Resurrecting And Paying Debts To The World

As the saying goes, cause and effect reincarnate, and retribution is unpleasant. Even if retribution is not on oneself, it will bring harm to future generations. The white-haired man gave away the black-haired man, and the Jianguo couple almost collapsed. Many relatives in our family went to help. Everyone privately said that Jianguo's daughter-in-law had done all the evil in her daily life, and all the retribution was on the child. It was a disaster that could not be avoided. The dead Xiao Binzi actually went to "find" him! After doing this several times, Xiao Zhao was so confused that he took the initiative to confess his previous embezzlement of funeral funds, went to Jianguo's house to accompany him, and even gave them a sum of money. … Continue readingDreaming About Relatives Dying And Resurrecting And Paying Debts To The World

Black Buddha

Chinese Valentine's Day passed several days ago, and Ming came home. He didn't look very good when he came in. After he came back, he called me and asked me to pick up something from his house in the afternoon! I went to Ming's house in the afternoon. , he was sitting on the sofa in a daze! After I went in … Continue readingBlack Buddha

Corpse Suppressing Bracelet

I quickly stepped back, and now I could see clearly. There was a human skeleton attached to the skull. It turned out to be a withered corpse, hanging from a rope, swinging around. Boss Sun didn’t look like he was lying. I thought of the yellow talisman fixed with bone needles and got the answer: when the owner of the tomb was buried, in order to prevent the corpse from undergoing corpse transformation in the future, he asked someone to ask a wizard to use bone needles and yellow talismans to seal the body. The soul was calm. A ghostly stone wall appeared in front of me, pitch black and exuding a rotten smell. Corpse suppressing bracelet? Almost at the same time, a black mist suddenly appeared on the stone wall, and hideous and terrifying faces emerged from the black mist. … Continue readingCorpse Suppressing Bracelet

Which Episode Is "The Death Of Butcher Girl" By Jin Qilin?

Jin Qilin, what's the matter with you? Isn't there a Mr. Yin Yang in your village who is a god or something? The elder of the Li family offered another cigarette to Master Wang: "I can't bear to say anything, and besides, we don't want to make any publicity. The baby's father, my nephew, is in trouble. Alas, I'll tell you secretly. You know what happened in 1989?" Did someone in our village dig up a golden unicorn? Years ago, in the autumn of 1989, my nephew plowed the fields and found a golden unicorn as big as a broken baby's fist. "No wonder, this matter is really damaging to one's moral character. No wonder, let’s do this, I’ll give it a try and see if it works. Whether it works or not depends on God. According to Master Wang, these symbols and patterns are used to eliminate the hostility of the deceased. … Continue readingWhich Episode Is "The Death Of Butcher Girl" By Jin Qilin?

The Bad Guy Must Die, The Doctor Twins Bite

"Doctor, there is excessive maternal bleeding and twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. The dead fetus was forced to engorge with blood, and the living baby has a small blood supply." The nurse hurriedly shouted through the monitor. The doctor looked at the picture of the baby. He opened his mouth and looked at the head of the paper tire again. He couldn't help but feel cold and murmured: "Competition?" After saying that, Xiaolong hurriedly picked up a piece of meat, put it into his mouth, chewed it and said softly. "She's not as good as my sister, Gaga, you damn girl, you're obviously dead, but you still compete with me for nourishment, which caused me to be born so early. … Continue readingThe Bad Guy Must Die, The Doctor Twins Bite

Creepy Granny

I still ignored the old lady’s eyes that could be regarded as hatred, because the most important thing to me is the taste of the shrimp. On the last day, my parents took me to the food street. In front of the jelly shop, I only stopped. The old lady was at the door of the jelly shop with a weird smile on her face. My father crawled on me, and my father seemed to have noticed my abnormality, "What's the matter, baby? My little finger pointed to the old grandma at the door of the jelly shop. Mom and Dad didn't seem to see it. The old grandma smiled even more weirdly, and I was so scared that I cried. … Continue readingCreepy Granny

Qingming Horror Online Reading

At this time, a strange wind suddenly blew up, and in the miserable and gloomy wind, I heard the sound of ghosts crying, and I shivered involuntarily. The Ching Ming Festival in the north is still relatively cold, and we all wear thick clothes Yeah, why are you shivering for no reason? Fifteen years have passed since the incident, and now I think about it: At that time, I was possessed by a wild ghost in the wilderness, and that was the moment I shivered! … Continue readingQingming Horror Online Reading

Interview With The Vampire

The chat room announcement said: Dark vampires have entered the chat room. He clearly remembered that the name "Dark Vampire" was registered by himself, and no one knew the password, so who is this Dark Vampire now? He said to the dark vampire, "Who are you?" The dark said, "I am a vampire." The dark said: "I am a vampire. The dark said: "But I am really a vampire, this is an indisputable fact. Feeling something was wrong, he found that the dark vampire's speech was followed by a sticker, which was the face of a zombie. "He exited the chat room, started IPXRAY, and searched for the IP of the dark vampire. … Continue readingInterview With The Vampire

Ghost Force 2 Chapter 145 Special Countermeasures.

"Can the supernatural power still stop me in the sixth-level ghost domain?" Failed, the ghost can still prevent me from approaching the little girl under certain special circumstances, this is not an ordinary ghost. Such a terrifying ghost is in the hands of a little girl with an unstable temperament, which is a dangerous thing in itself. His ghost hand is still effective against the ghost, but the strange figure just now was too scary, and it actually suppressed his ghost hand. Yang Jian and him were defined as bad guys, they couldn't see Zhao Xiaoya, but it turned out that Yang Jian was lucky enough to directly create a person with supernatural powers, and then successfully bypassed that rule with the help of this special human medium. … Continue readingGhost Force 2 Chapter 145 Special Countermeasures.

Dwarf Mule Ghost Capital Assassin

Several masked men were chasing after them desperately, and seeing that they were about to be overtaken, a group of soldiers patrolling the night suddenly came in front, and the short soldiers shouted: "Brothers, help me, there are assassins behind! The shopkeeper is also my accomplice. Seeing that I was imprisoned, he had some doubts about me, but he was killed as soon as he saw me and went back. Your soldiers guard me every day. I can't explain clearly to my accomplices. In this way, Those accomplices must think that I have a different heart, so they keep sending assassins to kill me to silence me. … Continue readingDwarf Mule Ghost Capital Assassin