Something Ghostly Happened At Home

no door

"That night, it was raining heavily outside. I opened my eyes drowsily, put on my slippers and walked to the bathroom. This building was built decades ago. There was no separate kitchen and bathroom. If you wanted to go to the bathroom, you had to walk out of the house. , passing through a long corridor – the rent of such an old house is of course very cheap. Lin Dong and I have just entered our senior year and are currently interning. The salary is not much, so it is good to have such a place, so we We rented a house together in the building. I never thought about moving out, but the situation is different now." As Chen Fan said this, cold sweat dripped from his forehead to the floor. Seeing him look so scared, I couldn't help but wonder.


"When I went back from the bathroom, I, I actually found that I couldn't find the door!" Chen Fan said this, reaching out to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead, looking shocked, "The light in the corridor is It was broken, so every time I went to the bathroom, I would hold my phone and use its LED light to illuminate it. But that night, there was no door in the dark corridor, and they all disappeared! , couldn't help but start shouting loudly, and ran wildly in the corridor, but the corridor, which was not very long, seemed to have no end. No matter how I shouted, no one showed up – I felt like I was trapped. It's the same as in a steamer. The problem is that the steamer is hot, but I felt freezing cold at that time. And my phone was out of battery at this time. "

Chen Fan slowed down and continued: "Just when I didn't know what to do, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. I subconsciously wanted to follow the black shadow, but before I could take a step forward, something happened. I don’t know anymore. When I woke up the next day, I was lying on my bed, and my roommate Lin Dong was about to go out. I grabbed him and asked, "I, I…" I pulled him. For a long time, I didn’t know what else to say. Should I ask Lin Dong what all this was about? In the end, I didn’t ask anything, and I didn’t even know if it was an illusion. When I was holding my hand, I suddenly noticed something strange: Lin Dong's hand was very cold. It's summer, how could someone's hand be so cold? In fear, I let go of Lin Dong's hand. Suddenly he smiled weirdly at me, making me tremble. "

"Is that why you're moving away?"

"After this incident, I was on tenterhooks for several days. But since nothing weird happened after that, my idea of ​​moving away gradually disappeared. Until midnight three days ago, when I was going to the bathroom, A strange thing happened again: when I went to open the door, I was surprised to find that it could not open no matter how hard I tried, I was frightened and sat on the ground in despair. , the door opened slowly. I raised my head and saw Lin Dong standing outside the door with a hammer…"

Repair the door

Chen Fan and I have been neighbors for many years. After he went to college, he went to another city to develop. Apart from seeing each other during Chinese New Year and holidays, we only occasionally communicate online. An hour ago, I was sleeping, and then I heard a rapid knock on the door.

I opened the door and was surprised to find Chen Fan, whom I hadn't seen for half a year, standing outside my door. He looked haggard and his face was blue.

After I let him into the house, he told me the strange incident described above.

I didn't believe it at first, thinking he was under too much pressure and hallucinating. It was not until the end that Chen Fan was so frightened by what he said that I began to believe that this was a strange thing that he had personally experienced.

But my biggest doubt is that Chen Fan and I are neighbors. Why did Chen Fan come to see me instead of going back to his own home?

I knew it was very impolite to ask this, so I asked, "What happened next? Didn't Lin Dong give you an explanation?"

After hearing my question, Chen Fan smiled bitterly and said, "When I found out that it was Lin Dong standing outside the door, I became even more frightened. I asked him carefully: 'What are you doing with the hammer?' Lin Dong smiled and said, "I found something wrong with the door of our house, and I want to repair it." I didn't know how to answer the question, so I could only get up from the ground carefully, keeping my eyes open to guard him. The sky will turn white…"

Hearing this, I fell silent: Even if there was really a problem with the door, no one would repair it in the middle of the night, so Lin Dong must be lying.

Chen Fan glanced at me, smiled bitterly, and said, "I know what you are thinking. That's not the scariest thing. The scariest thing is – I suspect that the door Lin Dong built is not our door at all!"

Hearing this, I was stunned. Could it be that Lin Dong was going to repair someone else's door?

As if he saw my doubts, Chen Fan shook his head and sighed: "I don't mean that he repaired other people's doors, I meant that he repaired doors that we can't see!"

The invisible door?

Seeing my doubts, Chen Fan sighed and explained: "Of course I was scared when I saw him standing in front of me with a hammer. But what really scared me was that although our building is very old, the door is They were all in good condition. I had never heard of anyone’s door being broken. And do you think that someone else’s door would need to be repaired if it was broken? So I climbed up from the ground with trepidation and returned to bed. The house we rented was a one-bedroom apartment, and the bedroom door was facing the door. I was afraid that Lin Dong would see the light on my bed, so I covered my head with the quilt. Then, I took out my phone tremblingly and opened a supernatural app. Forum. This forum is where I usually go to relieve stress. Some of the supernatural events above not only did not scare me, but also made me find it very interesting. But this night, my mood completely changed, and a huge fear enveloped me. It was so overwhelming that I could hardly breathe, and then I found such an incident recorded on the forum.”

After Chen Fan said this, he handed me the phone.

I opened it and saw this post:

A long time ago, my good friend and I shared a house in this city. A month after we moved in, a very strange thing happened: one night, the power went out in our neighborhood. In the middle of the night, I went to the bathroom in the dark, but when I wanted to come out, I found that the bathroom door had disappeared out of thin air! I was horrified and yelled. But no matter how loudly I screamed for help, no one answered me. Soon I felt very strange, why no one heard me? You know, the sound insulation of this building is very poor. I can hear my neighbors clearly when they quarrel. Why did I scream like this in the middle of the night and no one came out to check? Just when I was sweating profusely, a cold hand suddenly put on my shoulder, startling me. But then I found that there was a faint light in front of me. It turned out that my friend turned on the phone.

I didn't know what to say about it, so I never told anyone. Until one day at the dinner table, after drinking, I told this matter. Another friend of mine asked me in horror: "Don't you think it's strange? You said it was summer. Who's hands would be so cold in summer? If I guessed correctly, your friend was haunted by a ghost!" Later, he transferred the ghost to your body. If you hadn’t been with the ghost for too long and been sucked in the yang energy, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have encountered such weird things!”

I was so frightened that I sobered up and moved from there the next day. A month later, someone told me that my friend died, and his death was very strange. Some people said that he died because a ghost sucked all the sunlight. If I hadn't moved out from there in time, maybe I would have been the one who died after being sucked out of the sun.

Seeing this, I suddenly understood what Chen Fan was afraid of.

your experience

"Yes, you guessed it right. The ghost that haunted me first was not me, but Lin Dong, but Lin Dong used some method to lure the ghost to me!"

Although I sympathize with Chen Fan's experience, I still don't understand why Chen Fan wants to tell me this.

"What happened to Lin Dong in the end?" I asked.

Chen Fan did not answer me directly, but suddenly held my hand and said hurriedly: "Only you can help me with this matter!"

I'm confused, what does this matter have to do with me?

"Do you still remember that when we were young, you got a serious illness one time – do you still remember why you got sick?"

Chen Fan's words silenced me, and my brain began to recall the incident hidden deep in my memory. Immediately afterwards, Chen Fan said: "No one believed you at the time. They all thought you were too young and were frightened into confusion. After this weird thing happened, I didn't sit still and wait for death – I found a Someone who is proficient in yin and yang theory told me that people usually think that this is a ghost hitting a wall. In fact, this kind of thing is much more harmful than a ghost hitting a wall. It will only confuse people for ten minutes at most. It won't have any real impact on people. But in the situation I encountered, a ghost haunted me. After the ghost confused me, it could better absorb my own yang energy. Power cannot get rid of the ghost's confusion. There is only one way to solve it, and that is to find a person with an extremely special destiny to stay by my side. This kind of person's horoscope is so special that ghosts can't even tell whether they are their own kind. I am like this. It’s safe to be with people.”

When Chen Fan said this, his eyes became very eager: "After hearing this, I quickly asked him, how can I find someone with such a fate?"

"Such people must have experienced something like this, but they managed to escape unscathed. Think about it, who around you has experienced something like this?"

When Chen Fan said this, I already understood.

Chen Fan and I grew up together. When I was very young, I once played outside too late and it was already dark when I wanted to go home. The light in the corridor was broken that day. As a result, no matter how hard I climbed up the stairs, I couldn't find my home – my home was only on the third floor. I thought I had entered the wrong unit building, so I wanted to go down. But no matter how I go down, the stairs never end. In this way, I was trapped in a narrow corridor, and no one opened the door no matter how hard I knocked, and I finally fainted. According to my parents, an uncle who worked the night shift found me and sent me home. After that, I got seriously ill. Everyone thought I passed out because I was sick. No one believed me at all.

"Do you remember? No one believed you at that time, so you told me about it. After the master told me, I thought of you. According to the master, ghosts will not always fight against the wall. You were trapped, but you didn’t come out for a long time!”

"But I was found fainted in the corridor by an uncle in the end. If I were the kind of person with a special fate you mentioned, I would have been able to save the day. But I was not only found by others, I even fainted. "

"No matter how special you are, you were just a child at the time. It's most likely that you fainted not because of a ghost, but because you were frightened!"

I couldn't say anything else, so I could only sit silently on the sofa and stare at Chen Fan.

"Now, only you can help me." Chen Fan said, taking out a piece of paper from his bag, "The master said that as long as I write my wishes on this piece of paper, and then light a candle at midnight White Candle, the ghost that has been pestering me will appear. When it sees you next to me, it will treat you as one of its kind. It will think that I have been targeted by you and let me go. None of this will do you any harm. Only you can help me now!"

Chen Fan looked at me with a pleading look on his face. We grew up together. Although we have less contact after going to college, we were once better off after all.

I thought for a moment and nodded with difficulty.

Seeing me nodding, Chen Fan stuffed the piece of paper into his bag overjoyed: "The master also said that this matter cannot be done in a place with strong yang energy. There is a wasteland not far from here, and we are going to do it now where to."

It seems that Chen Fan already knew that I would agree to him. So I packed up and went out with him.

He took me further and further, walking for about an hour, and finally stopped in front of a wasteland.

"Okay, let's get started now." I was already very tired and wished that Chen Fan's ghost summoning ritual would end soon.

Chen Fan nodded and smiled at me – this smile didn't seem to represent "relief" or something like that, but more like a conspiracy had succeeded.

Then, I saw him reach into his backpack and take out a black hammer!


Just when I was confused, Chen Fan's hammer hit me in the head.

I didn't have any defense at all. I just felt a sharp pain and staggered to the ground. I covered my bleeding head and looked at Chen Fan in disbelief.

At this time, my head hurt, but my consciousness was still clear. I saw Chen Fan's face full of tears.

He cried bitterly: "I don't want to kill you, but I really have no choice. I did go to the master, but what the master told me was two ways: one is to find a special person like you. The person with destiny will protect me at all times, but this is simply impossible; and if I ask you to take my place, as long as I offer you as a sacrifice, everything will be fine. What the ghost wants is not the human body, but the yang energy in the human body. The reason why the ghost does not harm you is not because it regards you as the same kind, but because it cannot get close to people of your fate – but if you are harmed. If you’re seriously injured, that’s totally fine!”

Chen Fan said, hurriedly placing the paper and candles on the ground. I know that Chen Fan will not kill me, he will draw out the ghost and let the ghost drain my yang energy. The blow he hit me only left me injured and unable to drive away the ghost – I seemed to have seen my own death, but was unable to stop it.

It suddenly occurred to me that when I asked Lin Dong what happened in the end, Chen Fan suddenly changed the subject.

I think this story is true, but Chen Fan changed the protagonist: it was not Lin Dong who entered the house with the hammer, but Chen Fan: As for the door repair thing, he must have made it up. After Chen Fan saw the post, he really thought it was the ghost caused by Lin Dong. As long as he killed Lin Dong, he would be fine. But when he found out that the matter was not over after killing Lin Dong, he went to find the master, and then he found me.

I looked at Chen Fan's twisted face in front of me, and the hatred suddenly disappeared, replaced by deep pity!

Chen Fan thought wrong about this from the beginning: the person with this fate is not me, but Lin Dong.

The truth of the matter is that Chen Fan was haunted by the ghost without knowing what happened, so he was trapped in the corridor. It was Lin Dong who rescued him.

After reading the post, Chen Fan did not think that he was the one who attracted the ghost. Instead, he thought that it was Lin Dong who attracted the ghost. Then he thought that Lin Dong, just like the person in the post, used some method to divert the ghost's attention and let the ghost haunt him-this is why Lin Dong appeared so promptly and "rescued" him .

So, Chen Fan, blinded by fear, killed Lin Dong.

But then he found that the ghost was still haunting him, even more powerful than before. As a last resort, he had to find someone who was proficient in Yin and Yang.

The man told him how to solve the problem.

He recalled that incident in my childhood and took it for granted that I was the one with a special destiny, so he found me.

My consciousness gradually blurred, and I couldn't help but feel waves of bone-chilling coldness. I know that the ghost summoned by Chen Fan must be haunting me, and it is sucking my yang energy.

Under the dim light of the candle, I suddenly thought of something. I raised my head with difficulty and looked at Chen Fan.

"If I hadn't been desperate, I wouldn't have done this. I've told you the truth and let you die knowingly. Don't blame me!" Chen Fan shouted at the top of his lungs.

I smiled bitterly.

If I still have the strength to speak, I will tell him that Lin Dong is the one who has been protecting him with his own destiny. But he was accidentally killed. And I am an ordinary person like him, and I have no idea what happened in my childhood. What's more, if I really have that kind of special fate, I will definitely be unscathed after the ghost hits the wall. How could I get seriously ill?

Of course, I will also tell him the thing that scares him the most: what will the ghost do next after it sucks my yang energy? After all, he was the first person the ghost haunted. Without Lin Dong's protection, he was just a piece of meat on the chopping board.

This place is about to change from two living people and a ghost to a ghost, a corpse and a living person – no, soon it will be two corpses and a ghost.

The lack of doors in a claustrophobic space is not scary enough. What is really scary is wanting to escape but having no way!

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This story is full of suspense and horror elements. Starting from the disappearance of Chen Fan, it gradually unfolds a story about friendship, betrayal and supernatural power. Chen Fan's experience makes people sympathize, but the choices he made out of fear and despair are hard to accept. The concepts of ghosts and yang energy in the story add a mysterious and ancient touch, making readers not only feel the fear of the characters , but also feel awe of the unknown power.

The climax of the story lies in Chen Fan's betrayal of me. He tried to offer me as a sacrifice to the ghost. This behavior not only revealed his indifference to life, but also reflected his state of losing his mind in despair. However, the ending of the story is a greater irony for Chen Fan, because he mistakenly killed the person who could really protect him, and he himself could not escape death.

Overall, the story is a test of human nature under extreme circumstances and an exploration of supernatural beliefs and fears. It reminds us that when facing the unknown and fear, we should stay rational and not easily make decisions that will harm others or even ourselves. At the same time, the story also reminds us that true protection and security come from understanding and respecting others, not sacrifice and betrayal.

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