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During the Republic of China, warlords divided the country. Many antiques came out from the Qing Dynasty's relics, and the ancient mirror in Zhang Rui's hand was also obtained through this process.

The ancient mirrors are exquisitely crafted and elegantly carved. As soon as Zhang Rui saw the mirror, he couldn't take his eyes away from it, and later paid a high price for it.

Zhang Rui gave the mirror to Zhu Yuwei, who was about to become his bride. Zhu Yuwei got this mirror like a treasure. She holds it in her hand every day and takes it with her wherever she goes.

Half a month later, Zhu Yuwei disappeared mysteriously. Zhang Rui panicked and ordered people to look for him, but he couldn't find him. Finally, he scanned around her house and finally took the ancient mirror home to miss her.

Another half month later, Zhu Yuwei's body was found in the river some distance from home.

After a government investigation, Zhang Rui was informed that Zhu Yuwei had committed suicide because she had not been in contact with anyone during this period and had walked there alone.

How could Zhang Rui believe such ridiculous rhetoric? He had known Zhu Yuwei for a long time and knew her temperament, and the two were getting married again. How could he commit suicide?

Zhang Rui returned to his residence and stared blankly at the mirror that Zhu Yuwei never left before his death, looking around, trying to find some clues. But after looking at it for a long time, Zhang Rui seemed to be glued to the mirror. He wanted to look at it every day and couldn't leave his hand after looking at it.

He stared at his frowning face in the mirror, but in the mirror he raised the corners of his mouth and smiled slightly. Zhang Rui's world gradually only left him, his mirror, and himself in the mirror.

One day, Zhang Rui threw down the ancient mirror and rushed out of the room. He ran barefoot regardless of his family's obstruction. He ran for a long time and finally came to a river.

Zhang Rui leaned over and looked at himself on the water and smiled. At this time, a mist-like thing surrounded him, and his face in the river looked ferocious. Zhang Rui fell into the river when he was scared. He couldn't swim, so he sank after only a few flops.

A few days later, the family found Zhang Rui's body, settled the matter, and buried him, but the ancient mirror was missing.

After a few months, things calmed down. The ancient mirror appeared again at the auction, and everyone rushed to bid.

Later, an elder bid for this thing at a high price. When he took the mirror, the seller said: "This mirror is a bit evil." The elder smiled and said: "I know what is in this mirror, and I also know what you are playing with." What a trick."

The mirror seller was startled and just about to run away, he was caught. The elder cut the mirror seller's hand with a knife and dripped blood on the mirror. A sharp neighing sound came from the mirror. Then a mass of something that looked like mist but not mist escaped from the mirror, and the mirror seller screamed and died.

The elder was Zhang Rui's father. When he learned that something happened to Zhang Rui in the city, he hurried over from his hometown. Then he heard some strange things about Zhang Rui from his servants, and he got a general understanding. This was their country village. What he said is what the Mirror Immortal said. Said to be a mirror fairy, it is actually a kind of thing that is born of the obsession of the person who uses the mirror. It is formless and stateless, born from the human heart, but it can also confuse the human heart. The mirror seller sealed the thing with his blood and sought wealth and death, but he didn't want to be bitten by the thing himself.

Today, the thing sealed in the mirror has been released. If left alone, more people will be harmed, so Zhang's father asked someone to investigate the history of the mirror.

After a while, Zhang's father learned that the mirror originated from the Ming Dynasty and came from the obsession of an unpopular concubine. She felt sorry for herself in the mirror all day long in the cold palace, and later drowned in the palace lake. After that, someone took advantage of it and turned it into a mirror monster. Over time, it caused disaster.

After finding out which generation it was from the Ming Dynasty, Father Zhang had an idea. One night, he lit candles in the house. Put a mirror in the house, take the emperor's picture scroll, unfold it in front of the mirror, and say: "Shenzong is here to see you." Then burn the picture scroll to ashes. A woman's face suddenly appeared in the mirror, her eyes shed tears, and then gradually became blurry. Suddenly, a mass of something that looked like mist but not mist emerged from the mirror, making a sharp sound, as if it was making a death struggle, and finally gradually dissipated in front of the painting.

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Rating: This story centers on an ancient mirror and depicts a plot full of mystery and horror. The fates of Zhang Rui and Zhu Yuwei are influenced by the ancient mirror, showing the distortion of human nature and the strange power of mirrors. At the end, the elder used fire to burn related items to lift the curse. This is the most terrifying ghost story in history , showing his determination and wisdom to fight against evil forces. Overall, the story has ups and downs and a strong atmosphere of horror, making it a fascinating ghost story.

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