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murder napkin

Guo Shuhua, who was in bed No. 2 in dormitory 502, was strangled to death by a napkin.

The people in the same dormitory did not discover this horrific scene until they got up in the morning. Guo Shuhua's eyes were protruding and her orifices were bleeding, and her tongue was hanging out. She was no different from the hanged man on TV. There were no marks on her neck, but it was wrapped in a napkin.

Then, the news spread that there was a ghost in the school. Now that the evening self-study has just ended, several girls in dormitory 503 next door are discussing this matter in fear.

"It must be a ghost! How could a normal person be strangled to death by a napkin?" Miao Qian said.

"I think Guo Shuhua had some kind of nightmare and was scared to death in the dream. The napkin was just a coincidence." Liu Fangyu is an atheist and insists on his own opinion.

"It's over. I still owe Guo Shuhua a movie. Do you think she will come to me to collect debt?" He Jia, the timidest one, shuddered and hugged her arms tightly.

"Maybe she will come to you to watch a movie tonight, hehe." Song Huisi, who was in bed No. 2, smiled mischievously.

He Jia grabbed a roll of napkin next to her and threw it at her: "Worry about yourself, you are also in bed No. 2."

Song Huisi ducked away and rolled her eyes: "I'm bored, go to sleep!"

A few girls played around for a while, then turned off the lights and went to sleep. The dormitory fell into darkness.

I don't know what time it was at night, but there was a sudden "plop" sound. He Jia woke up from her dream, turned on the light, and screamed: "Ah! Someone is dead, help!"

Song Huisi fell off the upper bunk and lay motionless on the ground, with a napkin wrapped around her neck.

Liu Fangyu and Miao Qian also jumped out of bed. After calming down for a while, the three of them stepped forward and gently pushed Song Huisi, but Song Huisi had no reaction. Everyone carried her to the bed again, pulled the napkin around her neck, and Liu Fangyu pressed her chest several times. Song Huisi coughed and finally woke up.

"I'm scared to death!" He Jia covered her chest, "What's wrong with you? How can such a big person fall off the bed while sleeping?"

Song Huisi gradually woke up, and a flash of fear suddenly flashed in her eyes: "I saw a ghost!"

"It's a ghost, it's a ghost that's hurting me!" Song Huisi sat up and said, "I was drowsily sleeping, and suddenly a female ghost came over. I asked her what she was doing? She said she wanted to strangle me. I asked her again why. ? She said that everyone sleeping in bed No. 2 on this floor will die and no one can escape!"

He Jia hugged Liu Fangyu who was beside him and asked, "What happened next?"

Song Huisi paused and then said: "Then I wanted to run, but I couldn't. The female ghost took a roll of napkins and kept wrapping it around my neck. My breathing became more and more difficult, and then, Don’t know anything anymore.”

Song Huisi touched her neck with lingering fear, and everyone looked at each other in confusion.

"Bang bang bang" In the fourth story of Gui Wuju , there was a knock on the window. The four of them looked up and exclaimed together. Outside the window was a young woman with a thick napkin wrapped around her neck, looking at them.

Feng Shui teacher

"Is this a human or a ghost?" He Jia couldn't stop shaking. Liu Fangyu looked at it carefully: "Of course it's a human being. The thing wrapped around her neck is plaster."

Liu Fangyu opened the door, and the man walked in and asked, "Has anything weird happened in this dormitory?"

Song Huisi looked at the visitor in confusion and asked, "Who are you?"

The man smiled: "I am a Feng Shui teacher in the Department of Architecture of our school. My name is Tang Jie."

"Tang Jie?" Liu Fangyu also smiled, "No wonder it looks familiar. By the way, Teacher Tang, what's wrong with your neck?"

Tang Jie sighed and said, "Just call me Sister Tang. I'm not much older than you. My neck, I guess you won't believe it, was… injured by a fall while catching ghosts."

Several students were startled.

"Is there really a ghost in the school?" Liu Fangyu asked.

"Could the teacher lie to you?" Tang Jie said with a smile.

The atmosphere in the dormitory became much more relaxed, and Song Huisi explained the situation just now again. While looking around, Tang Jie nodded and said, "Guo Shuhua's death was caused by this ghost. Just as Song Huisi said just now, everyone sleeping on bed No. 2 on this floor is in danger."


Tang Jie continued: "This ghost used to be a student here, named Miao Wenxiu. Before she was alive, she slept in all the No. 2 beds on this floor. Now…she is back."

Song Huisi trembled into a ball again: "Teacher Tang, am I not dead?"

Tang Jie patted her shoulder: "Don't be afraid, the devil is as high as the road. The Feng Shui I teach is to help everyone avoid evil and seek good luck. It will be dawn soon, and you will not be in danger for the time being. . I will come to your dormitory in the evening and help you decorate some items to ward off evil spirits."

Tang Jie said goodbye, and the girls didn't dare to sleep anymore. They all sat on the bed with their thoughts on their minds, talking to each other one by one. Song Huisi expressed concerns about Tang Jie's magic and power. After all, she is also a young person. He Jia and Miao Qian were also dubious about Teacher Tang's words. Only Liu Fangyu turned on the computer and searched for information about Miao Wenxiu.

"No!" Liu Fangyu suddenly muttered to himself, "No, this is wrong!"

Midnight blank paper man

Several people gathered around. Liu Fangyu moved the mouse: "Look at this post. Miao Wenxiu died a year ago and was strangled with a napkin. But that night, Teacher Tang also slept in their dormitory. If Teacher Tang is really a Feng Shui expert, Miao Wenxiu will Won't die."

Song Huisi and the other three thought for a while and nodded.

Liu Fangyu picked up the napkin that she had just pulled off Song Huisi's neck and looked at it carefully: "If Miao Wenxiu's ghost really wants to harm people, it can just strangle them to death. Why use napkins? I look at these papers, I'm afraid It’s a prop, used to hide people’s eyes.”

Song Huisi touched her ears and said, "You mean there are no ghosts?"

"There are ghosts in people's hearts." Liu Fangyu's words were unpredictable.

"Then what should we do?" He Jia was anxious and scared, stamping her feet, "Stop talking so much and come up with an idea quickly."

Liu Fangyu raised her head and said to Song Huisi: "Tonight, I will sleep on your bed!"

The four girls talked about it, and it was dawn. There was nothing to talk about during the day. We went to class and had dinner as usual, but everyone was worried and frowning.

As soon as the evening self-study was over, Tang Jie arrived at Room 503 on time.

She hung some red silk knots with strange patterns on the window and behind the door beside the bed. The red silk knot still exudes some faint fragrance. After the arrangement was completed, Tang Jie repeatedly told everyone that no one should sleep in bed No. 2 tonight.

Liu Fangyu kept thanking her: "Teacher Tang, thank you for your hard work. Don't worry, we will all listen to you."

But as soon as Tang Jie left, Liu Fangyu lifted the quilt and got into bed No. 2.

"Otherwise, you'd better not sleep on bed No. 2…" Song Huisi said, "It's too risky."

"Don't worry, my life is tough. Turn off the lights!" Liu Fangyu pulled the quilt and yawned.

In the darkness, Song Huisi, He Jia, and Miao Qian looked around with their eyes open, their teeth making a slight clashing sound. Only Liu Fangyu snored slightly shortly after going to bed…

In the second half of the night, the wind gradually became louder.

A piece of white paper floated in from the gap under the door, silently. Then, another one, and another one…

Liu Fangyu, who was sleeping on the upper bunk of No. 2, was condescending. She squinted her eyes and watched the scene nervously. She had been pretending to sleep. In the dark dormitory, there are more and more blank papers. Finally, these pieces of white paper started to fly in circles, and then slowly gathered together, automatically folding into a white paper man!

Paper figures, life-size. It was floating towards Liu Fangyu's bedside.

Liu Fangyu's palms were sweaty and she bit her lips desperately to prevent herself from making a sound. She wanted to see how the paper man would deal with her.

The paper man approached the bed, lowered his head, and his pale face was clearly visible.

At this moment, Liu Fangyu jumped up, lifted up the quilt, covered the paper man's head, and shouted at the same time: "Catch the ghost!"


In the chaos, someone turned on the light.

"The ghost is inside the quilt, and I covered it with the quilt!" Liu Fangyu fell down from the upper bunk, with the quilt underneath her. Song Huisi and the others were trembling and did not dare to step forward.

Liu Fangyu lifted the quilt by herself. The paper man was still there, but it had been crushed and lay lifeless on the ground.

"Is this a ghost?" Song Huisi and others gathered around. Liu Fangyu nodded and began to look at the "paper ghost" in front of him. This is a paper figure made of many pieces of A4 paper. What sticks the paper together is not paste or staples, but blood!

What's even more evil is that there is a head drawn on each piece of paper: it has eyes, but no eyeballs; an open mouth, but no teeth; it looks like a human, but also like a ghost.

"How could this happen?" Liu Fangyu was stunned. Yesterday, she searched for Miao Wenxiu's photos on her computer. This sketch of an avatar becomes weirder the more you look at it. The facial features have the characteristics of Miao Wenxiu, and the outline is somewhat similar to Guo Shuhua, who died the day before yesterday in dormitory 502.

"What should we do now? Do we want to inform Teacher Tang?" He Jia asked, pointing to a pile of paper on the ground.

Liu Fangyu pondered for a long time, then suddenly his eyes lit up and he whispered to Song Huisi and others. "Is this okay?" Song Huisi asked hesitantly.

"It will definitely work!" Liu Fangyu was full of confidence.

Song Huisi dialed Tang Jie's phone number. Half an hour later, Tang Jie arrived at Room 503.

"How could this happen?" Tang Jie was surprised.

Liu Fangyu was sleeping on the ground and didn't know anyone else. Tang Jie knelt down, pinched the person, and poured cold water on him. After struggling for a long time, Liu Fangyu still didn't wake up.

"Send to the hospital quickly!" Tang Jie dialed 120 in frustration.

Tang Jie took the three students in Room 503 and sent Liu Fangyu to a nearby hospital. Just after arriving at the hospital, Liu Fangyu suddenly woke up and kept giggling "hehehe". No matter what you ask her, she just smiles.

The doctor said he was overly frightened and needed hospitalization. After settling down with Liu Fangyu, the four of them returned to school together.

On the way back to school, Song Huisi's cell phone buzzed, and a text message came from Liu Fangyu: "Teacher Tang's right middle finger is wrapped with a band-aid. Let's test it."

Song Huisi glanced at her and saw that it was indeed the case. She not only admired Liu Fangyu's carefulness and realistic acting, but also took the time to observe these details.

Suddenly, Song Huisi caught Tang Jie's right hand by surprise and said, "Teacher Tang, I'm really sorry for you this time!" She said, squeezing and shaking it.

"Oh, please be gentle." Tang Jie withdrew his hand, "My hand is broken and it hurts a little."

"I'm so sorry, I'm sorry." Song Huisi quickly apologized, "I didn't notice your hand. By the way, Teacher Tang, how did your hand get injured?"

"Uh…" Tang Jie was startled, "I'm just chopping vegetables. I'm fine now."

After receiving the feedback, Liu Fangyu said word by word on the phone: "She is lying. I think she is the real ghost!"

Zhong Kui

Liu Fangyu's analysis cannot be said to be unreasonable. Tang Jie is not married, lives and eats at school, and never cooks. How can she cut vegetables? Moreover, Liu Fangyu has obtained important evidence. As soon as Tang Jie and the others left the hospital, Liu Fangyu returned to normal. She took out a piece of A4 paper that was torn off the paper figure and tested her blood type.

The test results confirmed Liu Fangyu's guess. The blood on the paper belongs to Tang Jie. Tang Jie belongs to a rare blood type. She donated blood to save lives last year. She was interviewed by a TV station and is known to many people in the school.

Liu Fangyu determined that all strange things were related to Tang Jie.

Now, she is strategizing and commanding like a general. In the evening, Liu Fangyu changed her clothes and hairstyle, put on a peaked cap and slipped back to school. In front of Tang Jie's dormitory door, Song Huisi was waiting anxiously.

"Tang Jie just went to the cafeteria, hurry up!"

Liu Fangyu nodded, took out an ear pick and a steel needle from the keychain, pointed it at the keyhole, fiddled with it a few times, and the door opened. Song Huisi looked on in shock.

"My dad is a locksmith, so I can consider this a skill passed down from our ancestors." Liu Fangyu smiled proudly and ducked into Tang Jie's bedroom. Song Huisi closed the door from the outside, looked around, and left quietly.

The light in the room was dim, Liu Fangyu didn't dare to turn on the light, and opened his eyes wide to search around. This is a one-bedroom house, and the living room furnishings are plain and simple, nothing weird. Liu Fangyu gently opened the bedroom door.

The moment he entered the door, a tall figure rushed over from behind the door, and the scimitar in his hand drew a bright light!

Although Liu Fangyu was brave, he couldn't help but be shaken when faced with such a sudden attack. She didn't dare to call, and she forgot to dodge. She just subconsciously covered her face…

The knife struck Liu Fangyu on the back of his hand.

The strange thing is that Liu Fangyu didn't feel any pain. After a long time, she opened her eyes and found a grimace staring at her.

Liu Fangyu was startled again. With a push, the man with the grimace fell backward and leaned against the wall, motionless. Liu Fangyu let out a long breath. It turned out that this was another paper man!

However, this paper figure is in the shape of Zhong Kui. He holds a knife in his left hand and a hammer in his right hand. His beard and hair are all very fierce. The paper knife is made of tin foil and looks shiny and silver, just like the real thing.

Liu Fangyu put the Zhong Kui statue back in its place and continued to look for clues. Opening Tang Jie's desk drawer, there was a neat stack of A4 paper inside. Liu Fangyu flipped through it, and sure enough, on the back of each piece of paper, there was a portrait drawn – it looked like a human and a ghost, both like Miao Wenxiu and Guo Shuhua's head.

Know people, know faces, but don’t know hearts! Liu Fangyu said something in her heart.

The footsteps outside the door came closer and closer, and stopped abruptly in front of the door. Knowing that Tang Jie was back, Liu Fangyu closed the drawer, lay down, and hid under the bed.

Tang Jie didn't notice anyone entering the room, turned on the light, walked straight to the desk and sat down. Liu Fangyu huddled under the bed, just enough to see her actions clearly.

Liu Fangyu saw Tang Jie open the drawer, take out the stack of paper, and then tear off the band-aid on his right hand. With a gentle moan, the smell of blood spread to Liu Fangyu's nose.

Blood was dripped on every piece of paper. Tang Jie stood up, lit seven incense sticks, and inserted them into the mouth, ears, eyes and nose of the paper man Zhong Kui. Then he knelt down and said softly: "Success or failure depends on tonight. Please bless me!"

Capture the demon

The lights in the room went out, and Tang Jie turned around and walked out.

Liu Fangyu crawled out from under the bed and sneered. She walked up to the paper man Zhong Kui and reprimanded him with a righteous expression: "As a ghost hunter, you actually helped the tyrants to perpetrate the evil, do you know your crime?"

Zhong Kui was speechless.

"Since you don't speak, you are admitting your guilt. Well, I will sentence you to death!" Liu Fangyu pulled out the incense stick and threw it on the ground, then stepped on it a few times, and then tore up the paper man without ceremony. Poor Zhong Kui was shattered into pieces in an instant.

After killing Zhong Kui, Liu Fangyu hurriedly slipped out of Tang Jie's dormitory, walked to the small park behind the library with his head lowered, and hid behind a rockery stone.

There are rumors on campus that this small park is in the wrong location, has bad feng shui, and can easily attract evil spirits, so few people come here. Moreover, it was still early, so Liu Fangyu estimated that Tang Jie would not take action at this time, so he would hang out here for a while and wait for the time to come, so he could give her a personal share of the stolen goods.

I sent a text message to Song Huisi and received a reply soon: "It's still early, we are chatting, there is no movement, don't worry."

By the time it was twelve o'clock, Liu Fangyu was hungry and sleepy. Just as he was about to send another message to ask about the situation, a strange sound came from behind him. The voice was not loud, just like singing, but also like crying.

Liu Fangyu gently walked around the rockery.

Under the moonlight, a "female ghost" with disheveled hair sat on the ground with her back to the rocks, waving her hands constantly and muttering something…

It's Tang Jie!

Liu Fangyu was shocked, followed by a burst of ecstasy. This is a great time to expose her!

But then I thought about it, no. Now that he has her under control, he still can't prove anything. After all, this is not a murder scene. Tang Jie can easily say: "I am studying Feng Shui."

For a time, Liu Fangyu's mind was running through thousands of times. After calming down for a moment, Liu Fangyu shouted in her heart: No! Tang Jie is doing this. I don’t know what it’s like in the dormitory now!

Sneaking around Tang Jie, Liu Fangyu ran towards the dormitory.

He rushed up to the fifth floor in one breath and ran to the door of Room 503. Fortunately, nothing happened, and the bedroom was quiet.

Looking down, Liu Fangyu found a stack of A4 paper placed in front of the door.

Picked up the A4 paper and knocked on the door. Song Huisi and the three of them had already gotten out of bed. They looked at each other and asked at the same time: "How are you? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Liu Fangyu raised the A4 paper in her hand, "Follow me, I will take you to hunt ghosts!"

Song Huisi and He Jia started to tremble again: "This… that?"

Liu Fangyu stamped her foot: "Ghosts are harmless to people, but ghosts can hurt people's hearts. If we don't catch her, we will have no peace for the rest of our lives. What's more, she is not a real ghost, just a villain who knows some magic."

"Okay, let's go together!" The three people's fighting spirit was aroused, and they each put on sports shoes, and also brought flashlights and fruit knives.

The four people got off the dormitory building and went straight to the small park.

After walking a few steps, I heard a shrill scream coming from the direction of the small park: "Ah!" This sound was like a sharp black lightning, shocking and terrifying.

the truth

The four of them were stunned for a moment, then quickened their pace and rushed towards the small park. Behind him, students from other dormitories followed one after another.

Tang Jie fell to the ground, her hair disheveled and dressed in white. Her hands and feet were twitching, and the expression on her face was extremely painful. Liu Fangyu rushed forward and helped her sit up halfway: "Teacher Tang, what's wrong with you?"

Tang Jie waved her hand and pointed at her neck. There was still a cast around her neck, and there was no abnormality. "What's wrong with your neck? Talk, Teacher Tang." Liu Fangyu said anxiously.

Tang Jie suddenly put her middle finger into her mouth, bit it hard, then took out her finger and wrote a few words on Liu Fangyu's clothes: QQ code, which is a phone number.

"What do you mean?" Everyone was guessing when they saw Tang Jie's neck tilted, his tongue sticking out, his right hand hanging down weakly, blood still dripping from his fingertips…

"No, something happened to Teacher Tang!" A burst of frightened and panicked shouts resounded throughout the school night.

The school leaders and the school doctor arrived in a hurry. "Quickly, cut the plaster on her neck!" the female school nurse shouted to the surrounding students.

A few brave boys stepped forward, took the scissors from the school doctor's hand, and with all their efforts, finally cut through the layer of plaster.

After peeling off the plaster, Tang Jie's neck was wrapped in a napkin!

Feeling helpless, the school doctor slowly shook his head. Later, the ambulance took away Tang Jie's body.

Liu Fangyu and others returned to the dormitory with their heads lowered and heavy hearts.

"What does the last word written by Teacher Tang mean?" He Jia asked.

"Maybe there is a secret about this in her QQ, and she is telling us the QQ password." Liu Fangyu turned on the computer, "Who knows Teacher Tang's QQ number?"

"It's on the school forum."

I found my QQ number, entered Tang Jie's mobile phone number in the password field, and logged in successfully.

The background of the space turned out to be a mourning hall. The wreath read: "Miao Wenxiu, my best student, have a good journey."

When I clicked on the private diary, there was only one article: "The Devil's Confession – Why wasn't I the one who died?" 》

If I die, please publish this diary to the public.

I am a Feng Shui teacher invited from outside the school. Many students think that Feng Shui courses are nonsense. In order to increase my popularity and increase students' interest, Miao Wenxiu offered to cooperate with me in performing a cruel trick. In order to increase the realistic effect, I deliberately chose a bad day. Who knew that it was self-defeating and I really encountered a bad day. Miao Wenxiu left just like that.

Because the day of her death was a day of great evil, her soul became an evil spirit. I know she died with a grudge and will definitely come back to me. So, when Miao Wenxiu’s anniversary came, I used the excuse of a cervical spine injury and put a plaster ring around my neck. Although some precautions were taken, unexpectedly, the innocent Guo Shuhua died.

I made paper figures and drew heads on the paper because I wanted to win over Miao Wenxiu and Guo Shuhua. Maybe there was a mistake in my arrangement, or maybe my magic power was not enough. The paper man did not sleep on bed No. 2 as he wished, nor did he merge with Miao Wenxiu when her soul came.

But it's okay now. I am a creditor. Once I die, both Miao Wenxiu and Guo Shuhua will put aside these grudges and reincarnate with peace of mind.

My death has nothing to do with anyone. When I first started studying the Fa, my teacher once said, "Those who study the Fa must have a right heart. If the heart is not right, it will cause a lot of harm!"

One wrong thought and eternal regret!

Tang Jie's masterpiece.

After reading the diary, the four girls were stunned.

After a long time, two lines of clear tears fell from the corners of Liu Fangyu's eyes: "It turns out that I had misunderstood Teacher Tang all along. If I hadn't been so smart that I tore up the statue of Zhong Kui in her room, Teacher Tang would not have died! Damn you, It’s me, it’s me!”

He Jia hugged Liu Fangyu and advised with a choked voice: "Fangyu, don't be like this. Life and death are determined by fate. Didn't Teacher Tang also say that this matter has nothing to do with anyone."

The four girls hugged each other and cried together…

—Wonderful ghost stories are all in the ghost house:—


The story cleverly combines ordinary elements of campus life with supernatural phenomena, creating a tense and mysterious atmosphere. Through the interaction between the girls in the dormitory and Tang Jie's character setting, the story shows the complexity of human nature and the exploration of unknown fears. The plot has ups and downs, horror and reasoning intertwined, making it thought-provoking. The final reversal of the story reveals the truth behind it, making people feel a sense of sadness and sympathy after the fear. Overall, this is a story that combines horror, suspense and emotion, giving readers an intense and profound reading experience.

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