Appearance Of Seven Fairies

There is a young man named Liu Quan in Liujia Village. One day when he was picking mushrooms in the mountains, he was accidentally bitten by a poisonous snake on his left foot. The whole leg swelled up. My left foot didn't dare to touch the ground, and it hurt terribly when it touched the ground. He had no choice but to find a wooden stick to lean on and hop back on one leg. The mountain road was already rugged and difficult, and it was even more difficult for him to jump with one leg. Sometimes he accidentally touched his injured foot, which made him scream in pain.

Just when he was at his wits end, the clear laughter of women came from the mountain. He turned around to look at the heroine who was refining ghosts and cultivating immortals , and saw seven beautiful girls floating down from the mountain, and came to him after a while. A girl looked at him and asked: Why was he bitten by a snake? Liu Quan said: Yes. The girl said: Squat down. Let me show you. As soon as Liu Quan squatted down, several girls squatted down around him. Some checked the wounds; some rummaged through the boxes. A girl took a tube and drew out a lot of black blood from his wound. She didn't stop until she saw red blood. Another girl took out a packet of medicinal powder and applied it to his wound, then wrapped it up and said, "Okay, you can go home." After that, the girls walked away talking and laughing.

Liu Quan stood up and felt that his feet no longer hurt. He limped back with a wooden stick. When I first entered the village, I met Aunt Li who was quick to speak. Aunt Li asked him what was wrong. He told the story of being bitten by a poisonous snake and meeting seven girls who treated him. Aunt Li said: Liu Quan, you are so lucky. This is when the Seven Fairies appeared and saved you. Otherwise, you can come back alive?

Coincidentally, on the same day, Li Erzhu from the village was cutting firewood on the mountain and injured his left hand. He also met seven beautiful girls and an old man with white hair who bandaged him with medicine and gave him a pack of medicine.

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The novel about the protagonist who refines ghosts and cultivating immortals_The heroine who refines ghosts and cultivates into immortals_The novel about immortals who refines ghosts and corpses’/>

Some people say that these seven girls must be the seven fairies. The old man with white hair must be Taibai Jinxing.

Soon, the news that the seven fairies appeared and gave away the medicine spread throughout the villages.

Five miles away from Liujia Village, there is a fairy temple. People rush there to make wishes, recover, and ask for medicine. They offered incense and made offerings to the heroine, who was refining ghosts and cultivating immortals. They knelt on the ground and kowtowed to the goddess.

There was an old man named Liu Laoshuan in the village who was born to be upright and stubborn and never believed in evil. One night when he was driving his carriage back from other places, he passed by the Fairy Temple. He glanced into the temple and saw that the temple was filled with incense and the altar table was filled with tributes. He stopped the car, walked into the temple, pushed down the incense burner, overturned the altar table and said: I want to see what spirituality the fairies have. After saying that, he walked out of the temple gate and caught the car to continue walking back. Suddenly, a woman's voice came from behind: Master! Wait a minute, pick me up! He thought: What's the point of this nonsense, if there is a woman sitting in my car? Ignore her. Instead of stopping, he drove faster. But before he had gone far, his stomach hurt, and he couldn't straighten up. He quickly stopped the car, squatted on the ground and screamed while holding his stomach. At this time, seven girls came up from behind and surrounded him. Some took his pulse and some checked with stethoscopes. Then he took out the pills from the medicine box and fed him, and he was fine after a while.

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Liu Laoshuan returned home and told his wife about the incident. His wife scolded: That’s right! Who asked you to recruit the seven wild fairies? This is the punishment the fairies give you. Let’s see if you still believe it in the future? Liu Laoshuan said: I believe it, and I will go to make offerings and offer incense tomorrow.

At dawn the next day, Liu Laoshuan rushed to the Fairy Temple to offer incense, make offerings, and kowtow sincerely. When people saw this stubborn old man who never believed in ghosts and gods, they burned incense and worshiped immortals so sincerely. More and more people come to the Fairy Temple to make wishes, fulfill wishes, and ask for medicine. As a result, the farm work in the fields was delayed.

One day, people were lining up to worship the immortal, and an old man with white hair came. Behind him were seven beautiful girls. ah! Isn't this the Taibai Venus and the Seven Fairies? People knelt down and kowtowed. When Taibaijinxing saw it, he shouted loudly: Everyone, get up! I'm not some white gold star. They are not the Seven Fairies either. I am a professor at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and they are my students. I used my summer vacation time to take them here for internships and inspections. When I met some injured people, I helped bandage them. I didn't expect that there would be such a big misunderstanding. There are no ghosts or gods in the world. Everyone should stop believing in gods, ghosts, and immortals.

It turns out that this is the case, and people understand it now.

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