Death From Eating Fish With Shelled Eggs Chapter 48: Tongue Leakage

In fact, this kind of lice is not a living thing at all. The Huang Pizi refined the inner elixir as big as a blood egg during his lifetime. After his death, his flesh and intestines did not turn into flesh and he gave birth to countless lice. They were knotted by his spirit, like the seeds in a magnet. Mother beads are usually attached to corpse hair like skin flakes. They come alive when angry, and cannot be extinguished by water or fire. They specialize in absorbing the essence of living people and then replenishing them in the mother beads. … Continue readingDeath From Eating Fish With Shelled Eggs Chapter 48: Tongue Leakage

Soul-saving Scalpel

I picked up the knife and looked carefully at the light, and it turned out to be two lines of small characters: "The doctor uses magic to save people, and Shiren saves souls. Sure enough, the fat man heard us say that he would not live for a few days, and he was as frightened as a dog seeing insects." The fat worm with the medicine was crying, crying, and said that he knew that Lin’s grandfather had a scalpel, and the holder of the knife could cure any stubborn disease. After returning, Lin asked me, the last sentence on the scalpel—“Shi What does "benevolence save souls" mean? … Continue readingSoul-saving Scalpel