Lu Dongbin Playing Peony

It is said that Lu Dongbin, one of the Eight Immortals, was named Chunyangzi, and was said to be a native of Tang Jingzhao. In Huichang, two Jinshi failed to win, wandering the rivers and lakes, following the Han Zhongli to grant the alchemy formula, and becoming a fairy. He once lived in seclusion in Zhongnan Mountain to practice, and later traveled around. In the legends about him, apart from Jianghuai killing dragons, Yueyang playing cranes, inn drunkenness, etc., there is also the theory of playing peony flower fairy.

According to legend, Lu Dongbin traveled all over the world and came to Tongbai Mountain, which is known as the Golden Court Cave, with its beautiful mountains and nine peaks . He took a closer look, and it turned out that it was a pangolin making trouble.

Annoyed, Lu Dongbin quickly summoned all the mountain gods to discuss a plan to capture the pangolin and save the people. All the mountain gods said: "This monster has five thousand years of Taoism, and it has mastered the art of overturning mountains and seas. We are no match for it. I hope the immortal will tell the Jade Emperor to send heavenly soldiers and generals to catch this monster quickly, save the people, and protect the mountains and forests." .”

Lu Dongbin laughed and said: "A small pangolin is acting as a mischief. I don't need to disturb the heavenly soldiers and generals. I can conquer it by myself." All the mountain gods thanked and left.

After the mountain gods left, Lu Dongbin thought to himself: "This monster is powerful with sorcery, how can I subdue it? I also uttered big words for a while, if I don't suppress this monster, wouldn't the mountain gods laugh at me!"

When Lu Dongbin was thinking, Taibai Jinxing said to Lu Dongbin: "If you want to subdue the pangolin, you must use the magic needle of fixing the mountain. This magic needle is a jade hairpin on the queen mother's head. If you can borrow it, you can succeed immediately." Lu Dongbin said: " How can it be done, the jade hairpin is the Queen Mother's favorite thing, I'm afraid no one can borrow it." Taibai Jinxing said: "This is not difficult. The Queen Mother has a personal maid – Fairy Peony, she has long been thinking of the world. , if you can touch her heart, this matter will be settled."

The next day, the Queen Mother held a peach feast at Xitian Yaotai, and invited all the immortals to the banquet. LV Dongbin and Taibai Jinxing set off on a cloud and went to the Peach Festival together.

At the Pantao Party, the sound of the piano was melodious and the dancers were graceful. Immortals from all walks of life drank happily. After drinking for three rounds and serving five dishes, the Queen Mother ordered her maid, Peony Fairy, to pour wine for all the great immortals. When Peony Fairy poured wine for Lu Dongbin, Taibai Jinxing touched Lu Dongbin with his arm. Lu Dongbin knew this intention, so he took the opportunity of receiving the wine glass and squeezed Peony Fairy's hand lightly. Peony Fairy's heart moved, her face blushed, and she bowed her head and retreated.

After a while, the Queen Mother ordered the Peony Fairy to present a flat peach to the Great Immortal. Fairy Peony came to Lu Dongbin hesitantly. Da Baijinxing kicked Lu Dongbin with his toes, and when Lu Dongbin was picking up the flat peaches, he pressed the peach plate down heavily, and the Peony Fairy's wrists softened, and her face was ashamed like a peach blossom. She lowered her head and hurriedly walked towards the Yaochi through the back door. Lu Dongbin followed closely.

The Peony Fairy went straight to the edge of the Yaochi, staring at the blooming peonies by the edge of the pool and meditating. Lu Dongbin quietly stood behind Peony Fairy and said softly, "Peony Fairy, are you enjoying the flowers?"

Fairy Peony looked back at the legend of the Eight Immortals , saw that it was Lu Dongbin, and hurriedly covered her face with her sleeves and said, "You, do you know the fairy rules?"

Lu Dongbin chuckled and said, "Not only do I know the fairy rules, but I can also read your mind."

Peony Fairy shook her head. Lu Dongbin stepped forward and said, "You envy the world, don't you?" The Peony Fairy slowly lowered her head again. Lu Dongbin said with emotion: "The world is so beautiful. There are beautiful mountains and rivers everywhere, and the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant. I have traveled around the world, and I have seen many famous mountains and rivers, scenic gardens, such as the beautiful scenery of Suzhou and Hangzhou, the strange peaks of Mount Tai, the fairyland of Penglu, and the peonies of Caozhou… …it is truly beautiful, ten times better than heaven"

The Peony Fairy raised her head slowly and said softly: "Really?" Lu Dongbin pointed with his finger and said, "Peony Fairy, look over there, there is a young couple happily plowing and sowing seeds. If you look over there, there are a couple of lovers admiring the flowers in the garden." Lu Dongbin looked back and saw Peony Fairy still standing there staring at the couple, so he said, "Peony Fairy, if you don't enjoy The happiness of the world is really the greatest regret."

Fairy Peony said hesitantly: "It's not easy to go down to earth. The fairy rules are so strict, how can you get your wish?"

Lu Dongbin smiled slightly: "Peony Fairy, if you have this intention, I would like to help you."

Peony Fairy blushed and said shyly, "Is it true?"

Lu Dongbin said: "Really. However, I also want to ask you for a favor."

Peony Fairy said: "What can I do for you?"

"Lend me the jade hairpin on the Queen Mother's head."

"Oh, what can I do? The jade hairpin is the queen mother's favorite thing, and no one can borrow it." Fairy Peony said in embarrassment.

Lu Dongbin took a few steps forward and said, "Please look here!" Through the clouds, Peony Fairy saw Tongbai Mountain area full of collapsed houses, men crying and women howling, a sad scene.

The Peony Fairy hastily closed her eyes and said, "Oh, the people are so pitiful."

Lu Dongbin said: "The Tongbai Mountain area used to have beautiful mountains and rivers, lush forests and abundant food. It is only because of this pangolin that it has become such a miserable scene! I want to use the Queen Mother's jade hairpin to get rid of this monster pangolin."

Peony Fairy said anxiously: "I would like to help, but—"

Lu Dongbin was overjoyed to see Peony Fairy agreeing to help. After giving instructions like this, he handed a fake jade hairpin to Fairy Peony.

In the early morning of the next day, after the queen mother finished her bath, she asked Peony Fairy to comb her hair, and Peony Fairy took the opportunity to replace the jade hairpin. Hidden in the sleeve, came out and handed it to Lu Dongbin.

Lu Dongbin came to Tongbai Mountain with the Dingshan Shenzhen, and quickly captured the vicious pangolin.

After Lu Dongbin punished the pangolin, he and Taibai Jinxing rushed to Xitian Yaotai to return the Dingshan Shenzhen, and asked the Queen Mother to forgive the Peony Fairy for stealing the jade hairpin.

When the Queen Mother learned about it, she was delighted, shocked and angry. Although she should be rewarded for eliminating harm for the people, the Peony Fairy was always by her side, and she was so disrespectful of dignity. "For the sake of the two immortals, Peony will not die, but she will be driven out of the Western Paradise and reduced to the common people!"

In this way, the people of Tongbai Mountain lived and worked in peace and contentment again, and Peony Fairy also realized her wish of longing for the world.

Later, in order to remember Lu Dongbin, people also regarded the story of Lu Dongbin playing peonies to eliminate harm for the people as a good story, which has continued to this day.

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