Appearance Of Seven Fairies

This is when the Seven Fairies appeared and saved you. Soon, the news that the seven fairies appeared and gave away the medicine spread throughout the villages. Five miles away from Liujia Village, there is a fairy temple. People rush there to make wishes, recover, and ask for medicine. When people saw this stubborn old man who never believed in ghosts and gods, they burned incense and worshiped immortals so sincerely. More and more people come to the Fairy Temple to make wishes, fulfill wishes, and ask for medicine. Everyone should stop believing in gods, ghosts, and immortals.

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little Fairy

This fairy is really small, only equivalent to a small puppet! Depressed, he returned to the palace and never mentioned his adventure under the old Bodhi tree in front of anyone. From then on, the prince and the fairy met every night under the old lime tree in the forest. As soon as they reached the foot of the Bodhi tree, the little fairy disappeared… The prince married a beauty with brown hair and black eyes.

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The evil thoughts came together, as if the big devil from the past had reappeared. Even though they were as close as sisters, it was no wonder that Yao'er was inexplicably scared just now. Ever since their meeting at Foguang Pavilion that day, Yao'er could not have imagined that this was the true appearance of Lord Ling Xiao, let alone that he would even invite the four brothers of the Demon Family to help him out. "So what…" Little Demon put down his long skirt, murmured in response, and ignored Yao'er. … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Long Ghost Stories>Browse Articles Long Ghost Stories

Lu Dongbin Playing Peony

It is said that Lu Dongbin, one of the Eight Immortals, was named Chunyangzi, and was said to be a native of Tang Jingzhao. In the legends about him, apart from Jianghuai killing dragons, Yueyang playing cranes, inn drunkenness, etc., there is also the theory of playing peony flower fairy. After a while, the Queen Mother ordered the Peony Fairy to present a flat peach to the Great Immortal. Fairy Peony came to Lu Dongbin hesitantly. Fairy Peony looked back and saw that it was Lu Dongbin. She hurriedly covered her face with her sleeves and said, "You, do you know the fairy rules?" Lu Dongbin said, "Really. When the Queen Mother saw the two great immortals talking about love, she said: "For the sake of the two immortals, the peony will not die, but it will be driven out of the Western Paradise and reduced to the common people! … Continue readingLu Dongbin Playing Peony

Changing Shoulu

Listening to the ever-changing Shoulu Zhuang Sheng, I couldn't help thinking. The fortune teller in my hometown sentenced me to death. Today I met this "living fairy", so why not try it again to verify how this Shoulu is? 4. Shoulu turned around and Wang Sheng rejoiced: "The one who retires will be blessed! Look at your face full of yin (yin virtue and blessing) today. Not only have you added blessings and longevity, but you have also raised your salary. The fortune teller took a look at Zeng Sheng and sighed. He sighed and said: "A person's life, wealth, misfortune, and fortune are actually changing. Those who do good will naturally increase their blessings and longevity, and those who do evil will undoubtedly lose their blessings and shorten their lives. … Continue readingChanging Shoulu

Fairy’s Fate

He said: “There are good monsters among monsters. Those who do not harm people are good monsters. After all, the human world is the place where people live. Monsters should go to practice with peace of mind and reincarnate as soon as possible. Ten years ago, I went to a forest with my master to kill demons.” , there was a little fairy hiding in the tree, the master didn’t find it, because I didn’t practice very much, but I found it, but I let it go, because its eyes are so kind, I thought it was just a ghost…” Yong Zhen Laughing wildly: “I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it to become so vicious now! … Continue readingFairy’s Fate