Seven Fairies Divorce

On this day, the Jade Emperor was discussing matters with the gods in heaven. Suddenly, he saw the seven fairies running towards her with disheveled hair and crying, shouting that her father should make the decision for her and divorce Dong Yong.

The Jade Emperor asked his daughter urgently: "Why is this? Aren't you and Dong Yong living well? You were in free love at the time. I thought Dong Yong was an alien and I didn't agree with your marriage. I didn't want to leave an eternal infamy in the world." A few years ago, I was forced by your mother, so I had no choice but to approve your marriage, and I also made Dong Yong's "conversion" and let him become an immortal. Otherwise, wouldn't you be separated from each other and look forward to seeing each other?"

The Seventh Fairy said: "That's true, but Dong Yong only knows how to plant and water the fields. Seeing that others have made a lot of money, living in foreign-style buildings, riding cars, eating fresh food, and playing fancy games, he doesn't know how to learn a craft to make money. As a result, the family was completely destitute, and even the money for my children’s schooling was shamelessly borrowed from my mother. I scolded him for being useless, but he ignored me and even beat me when he got anxious. Do you think this is justified?”

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A fairy novel about refining ghosts and corpses_The heroine of refining ghosts and cultivating immortals_"Refining ghosts and cultivating immortals"’/>

The Jade Emperor mocked: "At first you said that love between husband and wife is both bitter and sweet, but now you can't blame others." He sank his face and said, "My father forbids you from divorcing Dong Yong. Do you think divorce is a joke?" ? If this spreads out, it won’t be a big joke!” The Seven Fairies threw themselves into the Jade Emperor’s arms and sobbed: “In the past, it was all because my daughter was young and ignorant, and blindly pursued…unrealistic love, which made a lifelong mistake. Who knew the feeling of poverty is so unbearable!" The Jade Emperor was not moved by his daughter's tears, but also reprimanded him. The God of Thunder, who was present, said: "The Jade Emperor, please wait a moment to blame the Seven Fairies, the Seven Fairies , the Demon Refiner and the Cultivation of Immortals , the heroine. I think Dong Yong is really ignorant of current affairs. , he was supposed to be grateful and diligent when he became an immortal, so that the Seven Fairies, mother and son, could live a good life. Unexpectedly, he turned out to be so ignorant. It is really hateful and hateful. Ruoyi’s bad temper would have killed him with a thunderbolt."

The Jade Emperor pondered for a moment and said: "I love you, you can't say that. It's difficult for an upright official to deal with household affairs. Let's understand it in depth first." When the gods saw that the Jade Emperor was so reasonable, they were very moved and said repeatedly: "My emperor is wise. !" Chang'e, the female secretary of the Jade Emperor, interjected: "Why do trivial matters matter? I don't need to worry about the seventh sister's affairs, let Chang'e take care of them." The Jade Emperor thought about it and felt that he had no good solution at the moment. , let her go.

A fairy novel about refining corpses_"Refining Ghosts and Cultivating Immortals"

Chang'e felt that the main slander about the Seven Fairies was the word "poor". If the Seven Fairies were to become rich, she would not be divorced. However, how can the Seven Fairies become rich overnight? Chang'e suddenly remembered the renovation project of the Lingxiao Hall in the imperial palace, and she immediately had an idea.

Chang'e came to Dong Yong to give him advice. I saw Dong Yong, dressed in coarse linen and linen clothes, walking in with a depressed expression, looking very embarrassed in front of Chang'e, who was dressed in silk and brocade. Chang'e said: "I heard that Dong's consort has been having some discord in his family recently?" Dong Yong burst into tears before he spoke: "It's not about money." Chang'e said considerately: "Nine times out of ten, couples quarrel because of money, you You should work harder on money so that your wife and children can live a good life." Dong Yong said aggrievedly: "Who doesn't want to be rich? But I am a farmer. I have no special skills and I don't know how to flatter others and speculate in officialdom. I can only farm and weed, carry water and water vegetables, how can I make money from outside?" Chang'e said sympathetically: "I have a small business here, and I want to help my consort, but I don't know if he is interested?" Dong Yong stood before him. As soon as the light came on, he hurriedly urged Chang'e to tell her where the wealth was, and vowed that if there was money to be made, she would not hesitate to go through fire and water.

A novel about refining ghosts and refining corpses_The heroine of refining ghosts and cultivating immortals_"Refining Ghosts and Cultivating Immortals"

Chang'e saw that the work was about to begin, so she said: "The renovation project of Lingxiao Palace is about to start. We are looking for a construction team. I think you can also recruit a construction team to take over a piece of the project. Isn't it a piece of cake to make a big fortune?" Upon hearing this, Dong Yong hurriedly shook his head and said: "This can't be done. How can I rely on contract work with nothing? Besides, the palace renovation project needs to be tendered. There are already more than a dozen construction companies bidding and competing. It may be even harder to get this project!" Chang'e said confidently: "I will give you technology and funds, and I will secretly give you the lowest bid during the bidding. I am not afraid that you will not win." Dong Yong could hardly believe his ears: "Is this possible? But… why are you helping me like this? ?" Chang'e said: "What's wrong? I have the final say with the Jade Emperor, and we will award the project to whoever likes it. If you want to say why I help you, it's all because I'm soft-hearted. I pity you for being poor, but you just take it along when the time comes. My moon palace just needs to be tidied up." She paused for a while and said meaningfully, "my moon palace really needs to be repaired." Dong Yong nodded as if he understood.

It turns out that the Jade Emperor recently visited the mortal world and found that there has been a lot of construction work in the mortal world in recent years, and many magnificent high-rise buildings have been built. Compared with the palace at home, it is much shabby, and it is not even as good as the tombs of rich people. Very unbalanced. He wanted to build a new palace, but the cost was astonishing, and he was afraid that some old immortals would get in the way, so he discussed with Chang'e a workaround and changed the construction to renovation. Although it is a renovation, the size of the palace will be increased several times, and the investment will be huge. When many construction companies heard the news, they swarmed in like mosquitoes smelling blood. They each looked for ways and joints to win the project. It was like eight immortals crossing the sea, each showing his magical powers. In order to show fairness, the Jade Emperor held an open tender, but it was actually a secret operation of his own. So Chang'e came up with the idea of ​​killing two birds with one stone and contracted the project to Dong Yong. This way she could not only help the Seven Fairies get out of poverty and please the Jade Emperor, but also sail with the wind and take the opportunity to repair her own moon palace.

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A fairy novel about refining ghosts and corpses_The heroine of refining ghosts and cultivating immortals_"Refining ghosts and cultivating immortals"’/>

Dong Yong got a good job from Chang'e and rushed back to his hometown of Dongjia Village overnight, raised a banner to recruit workers, cobbled together a "Dong Construction (Group) Corporation", and appointed himself chairman and general manager. Then I went to Chang'e to imitate the bidding document of other construction companies, made a construction plan, and successfully won the bid. Dong Yong knew clearly that his own "Dong Company" could not handle the project, so he subcontracted it to other construction companies and collected the profits himself. On the day when the foundation was laid, Dong Yong, under the instruction of Chang'e, invited the Jade Emperor and the gods to cut the ribbon in person. Amidst the sound of "cracking" firecrackers, the project started, and the atmosphere on the construction site was so lively!

One day, the Jade Emperor suddenly remembered the divorce of the Seven Fairies, and asked Chang'e how the matter was going, and said that it was better not to divorce. Chang'e smiled and said: "Now, even if you force Qimei to divorce Dong Yong, she will not divorce her." The Jade Emperor was about to ask the whole story, but the Seventh Fairy suddenly ran in, crying and saying that Dong Yong wanted to divorce her. , she disagreed, Dong Yong beat her. The Jade Emperor was confused when he heard this: "It was you who proposed the divorce earlier. Isn't Dong Yong's agreement just in line with your wishes? Why are you unhappy again?" The Seven Fairies cried: "Before, it was before, now it is now, now Dong Yong Yong has made a lot of money and we are about to live a good life. Who wants to divorce?" The Jade Emperor was even more confused: "Then why is Dong Yong getting divorced again?" The Seven Fairies said: "Dong Yong contracted the Lingxiao Palace project and made a fortune. Cai, who spends his days eating, drinking, having fun, and playing horses and fighting chickens. He recently hired a female secretary. What kind of female secretary? Isn’t she just a mistress? The two of them play together like a couple every day and don’t even go home. I say him, he Not only did he not listen, he also beat me, and now he threatened to divorce me." Only then did the Jade Emperor understand. He thought bitterly in his heart that Dong Yong is really a hateful guy, so he said, "I didn't expect that Dong Yong would be such a villain. , he will wait until the father fixes him. But the secretary is the secretary, how can she be the mistress? Don't talk nonsense in the future." The Seventh Fairy knew that she was so angry that she accidentally offended her father and sister Chang'e. She couldn't help sticking out her tongue, her face Also red. But when her father said that she wanted to deal with Dong Yong, the Seventh Fairy became anxious again and said, "Father, as long as I don't divorce him, it will be fine. Don't punish him harshly." Chang'e on the side interjected: "This is easy, there is a way to solve it. The bell must be tied to the bell, Dong Yong was promoted by me, and he must not listen obediently to what I say."

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A fairy novel about refining ghosts and corpses_The heroine of refining ghosts and cultivating immortals_"Refining ghosts and cultivating immortals"’/>

While several people were talking, suddenly there was a loud rumble behind the palace, like thunder, which frightened the Jade Emperor so much that he staggered. He couldn't help complaining: "This old man Lei, you are making thunder and rain." It’s time to say hello in advance. It’s getting more and more outrageous to always say hello first and then say goodbye.” At this time, Taishang Laojun ran in in a panic and said breathlessly: “It’s not good… something serious is wrong! I’m inspecting Ling. During the Xiaodian project, I accidentally sneezed, and a hole collapsed in the newly built hall, killing many workers. I have long said that such a big project cannot be handed over to Dong Yong, who does not understand construction, but you don't Listen, this is a good time. Let's see how it ends." After Chang'e heard this, her face immediately darkened and said, "What do you mean, Mr. Dong? Dong's construction company was selected through public bidding. According to you, it seems that It seems like the Jade Emperor cheated." Taishang Laojun sneered and said: "Chang'e, don't force yourself on the Jade Emperor. In this case, you should find out how Dong Yong bid and who chose him. I see here There must be something fishy in the head." Chang'e still wanted to argue, but the Jade Emperor didn't think it was right, so she stopped her words and said, "Okay, okay, it's too early to draw conclusions now, so Chang Aiqing will take the lead in organizing an investigation team. Let’s investigate first, this accident is shocking, we must get to the bottom of it, and the person responsible, even the King of Heaven, must be punished according to law.”

After Taishang Laojun and Chang'e left, the Jade Emperor said sadly to the Seven Fairies: "Now, if you don't want to divorce Dong Yong, you have to divorce him!"

The seven fairies asked puzzledly why. The Jade Emperor said: "Don't you understand this? The Lingxiao Palace project caused such a big scandal. It must be Dong Yong's fault. I wanted you and your wife to earn two, but I didn't expect that the house built by this guy can't stand one." Sneeze, you are still tied to him in this situation, and even I will be implicated. Now I have no choice but to destroy the relationship out of justice!" "But my father…" What else did the Seven Fairies want to argue? The Jade Emperor shook his head and said seriously : "There is no need to discuss this matter. Dong Yong must be brought to task, otherwise I will not be able to explain to the gods!"

Seeing that their father's tone was so firm and there was no room for maneuver, the Seven Fairies couldn't help but burst into tears…

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